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The travel industry has become one of the fastest growing industries. Mobile app development allows the travel industry to deliver high-quality services with an opportunity to expand their business by making traveling more appealing and accessible to the consumer.

It can be used to build brand recognition through a direct marketing channel.

In order to promote their brand, travel agencies should go mobile to provide travelers with the easy-to-go interactive user experience. An interactive mobile app can contribute to a brand’s lasting effect by increasing awareness among its consumers.

It helps in providing an all-in-one solution.

Most of the travelers are looking for convenience and good deals. Travel companies can integrate everything from booking tickets, hotels, to car rentals or by helping the agencies attracts more consumers by offering a personalized approach to their customers with their own Mobile App.

It can be used to collect user data.

A mobile solution presents an opportunity to collect and analyze user data, by looking at what users buy, book, or search for and when they do it most often. This data enables companies to implement their customized marketing campaigns, offers, and services. Analytical tools as YOUBORA, Akami and Flurry can help in organizing and analyzing the data collected.

It enables Mobile marketing automation which boost sales.

Apps can also be used to promote special products and offers via in-app purchases. For example, push notifications can boost sales for discounted flights and hotels or to alert users about last calls on special offers. Notifications can also be coordinated with email blasts, in-app messages, or an App Inbox to build a marketing campaign that reaches both inside and outside of the app, hence moving the users through the marketing funnel.

Collaboration with existing tools enhances the user experience.

Depending on the features that the app publishers want to include, there are various possibilities to collaborate with already-existing solutions to offer users a better service. Brands such as, Expedia, Skyscanner, TripAdvisor, Yelp, OpenTable and Google Map have their application program interfaces (API) that new apps can use in their development. Third-party API can save time during development and increasing more trust among users.

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Mobile App can increase the modes of revenue streams.

A perfect strategy can greatly increase revenue. Following are the various app monetization methods:

  • In-App Purchases. By collaborating with the service provider who sells tickets, hotel rooms etc and the publishers can get a percentage on each purchase, hence creating a new revenue stream.
  • Locating Sponsors and Business Partners. Finding a partner with a similar customer base can create an integrated experience. If your logo appears on one of your partner’s applications, this could potentially open your business to a whole new sector of customers.
  • In-App Advertising. Relevant ads from business partners (such as hotels, cab services, restaurants, and local places of interest) can increase the number of users who would be happy to click on such personalized ads. Mobile apps can be used to advertise anything from a local restaurant to a unique place to attract potential tourists who are willing to pay for new travel experiences. A percentage of sales from these purchases is shared with the app publisher
  • Source Code Distribution. The publisher can license their app source code to various companies to generate more revenue from the app.

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