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iWebServices has come a long way since its modest beginnings in 2011, and today it prides itself on being the most reliable offshore mobile app development company in India. From building simple iOS or Android apps to complicated systems containing rich UI interfaces or real-time components, we always aim for the best. Driven by technological advances, our app developers create user-friendly, stable, and high-quality apps that really speak volumes about our capabilities.

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Our passion for diverse technology solutions and interactive customer-centric services have enabled us to serve in over 30+ countries.


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We Create Digital Wonders Through Custom Mobile App Development Services

iWebServices develops cutting-edge mobile apps for native and cross-platform. Our mobile app development services can help you take advantage of higher business growth options. We specialize in developing native mobile apps for iOS and Android using the latest programming techniques and trends. We have expertise in cross-platform frameworks like React Native, Flutter, Ionic, Xamarin, and others, creating high-quality hybrid apps.


Designing a Mobile App

Our mobile app design services can be fulfilling and worthwhile long-term for your company. We provide simple and quality designs for your applications to ensure that they can generate higher revenues and increase your customer base.


Application Development for Android

We work with you to create the best possible experience for your users, which is why we always provide an Android app development process tailored to your specific needs. Our team of experts works with you to assess your requirements, map out a plan, and build out the app to maximize its benefits while staying within budget constraints.


Development of iOS Apps

We create lightning-fast, scalable, and feature-rich mobile apps that run seamlessly on iPad, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, and other devices while providing a consistent user experience. We design iOS mobile apps using leading technologies such as CoreData, Arkit2, and others. Our iOS app developers are proficient in both Swift and Objective-C programming languages.


App Development For Smart TV

We produce smart TV apps that reinvent consumers' TV viewing experience with innovative functionality and design. We have extensive expertise in developing high-quality smart TV apps for different streaming devices and connected television, including Amazon Fire, Apple, Roku, and Samsung Native.


Automated Mobile App Testing

We plan a proper strategy for your mobile app at iWebServices to conduct it quickly and with impeccable accuracy. Our QA professionals evaluate numerous critical elements such as platform diversity, device variations, multiple connectivity possibilities, etc. Our mobile app testing method also includes the use of automation to the fullest extent possible.

Get the resources and support you need to develop your own mobile app!

Native Apps

The native app development team at iWebServices is experienced in building high-quality apps for all the major mobile platforms. We understand each platform's unique features and capabilities and use this knowledge to create optimized apps for performance and user experience. Our team's constant goal is to improve our process and deliver the best possible product to our clients.

Hybrid Apps

We develop hybrid apps which combine the best of both worlds by blending native and web technologies. These innovative pieces are created using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - wrapping them in a native container to make them versatile enough to access all of the features on any given device or platform. You can't go wrong when choosing this type of app for your company because it targets multiple platforms with just one app. Here is the top hybrid app framework that we use:

Cross-platform Apps

We design and develop cross-platform apps using one codebase that can be deployed to various mobile platforms. These apps are fully functional in terms of user experience, performance, and functionality. Our cross-platform app development team ensures that your app works well on every device, irrespective of the screen size or form factor. And since these apps are built with one codebase, you don't need to worry about making updates across multiple versions.

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We Offer Stellar Mobile Apps Development Services For A Variety Of Industries

iWebServices offers mobile app development services to clients of all shapes and sizes, from tiny startups to giant corporations across multiple industries, including education, healthcare, retail, and media. We understand that every industry has unique needs and challenges regarding digital strategy, and our team of talented developers builds each app according to the needs of the industry.


eCommerce Mobile App

At iWebServices, we know how to create a top-of-the-line eCommerce app for your company. Whether you need an app with advanced security features or one focused on enhancing user experience, we have the perfect solution for you.

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HealthCare Mobile App

Our healthcare apps help doctors, nurses, caregivers, and other medical professionals provide better patient care through easy access to vital information at their fingertips.

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Media & Entertainment

Media & Entertainment Mobile App

Our advertising and media apps allow you to better connect with your customers by serving relevant, personalized content at just the right moment in their journey.

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Ed-Tech Mobile App

Our specialized ed-tech apps allow educators to create a connected classroom of students, parents, and teachers, empowering teachers with real-time information and allowing students access to their assignments, grades, and lesson plans from anywhere.

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FinTech Mobile App

The financial sector is ever-changing, so your technology should also be. iWebServices develops secure, enterprise-level apps for finance companies to help them stay competitive in today's market.

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Retail Mobile App

Our retail apps make it easier than ever for shoppers to browse products, find deals, and order anything they want - wherever they are.

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Sports Mobile App

We develop apps specifically designed for athletes, coaches, teams, and spectators alike so they can get up-to-date stats in seconds without missing a single second of the action.

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Travel And Hospitality

Travel And Hospitality Mobile App

We have created custom apps for hotels, airlines, cruise lines, and more if you are in the travel or hospitality industry. From booking a room to finding nearby attractions, our app development team creates apps that will revolutionize how people think about traveling.

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Supply Chain

Supply Chain Mobile App

In this age of supply chain visibility, there is no excuse for errors. That's why we work hard to build apps that keep track of all your inventory in real-time and send notifications when something changes.

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Our Customized Mobile App Development Process

We've built hundreds of mobile apps for clients, and we know what it takes to develop solid products that succeed in the marketplace. Our expert developers follow our proven mobile app development process from start to finish, ensuring every project meets our client's expectations. Check out how we do things at iWebServices and see if it's right for your project.


Understanding The Problem Statement

Our mobile app development process starts with understanding the problem statement. The problem statement is a clear, concise description of the need that your product or service will fill. This includes thoroughly explaining what the customer needs, why they need it, and how they need to use it.


Conducting A Focus Group Study

We have found that a focus group study is an effective way to gather feedback from your target audience about your app idea and to identify the features that would be most appealing. We conduct these surveys in person, over the phone, or online. Once we've conducted our interviews, we will compile all of our findings into a comprehensive report.


Building Wireframes To Carve Out The Visual Models

After gathering the requirements and creating a rough design, we create a wireframe of how the app will look on mobile. Wireframes allow us to carve out the visual models before developing any actual code. The wireframe is often the first thing that you receive from us so that you can provide feedback about what needs to change or be added.


Solidifying It Through User Experience Design

A well-designed UX undoubtedly has a significant impact on the success of any app, whether it is on the PlayStore or AppStore. It dictates how a user interacts with the app and the experience they receive while using it. With this in mind, our UI/UX designers will focus on the aesthetics and usability of your app. They will use the wireframe and information gathered in the discovery phase to design a mock-up prototype that gives you an idea of the end result. You can approve or suggest changes to this prototype before development begins.


Building the bespoke solution in agile-based sprint models

We have found that agile-based sprint models work best for mobile app development. They are based on an iterative and incremental approach where developers work in short cycles, often delivering new features or updates to the app as soon as they are available. This allows for a high-quality product that is created quickly and efficiently.


Continuous integration and development!

We like to use continuous integration and development, which means we have a lot of developers and designers working on the same project simultaneously. That way, they can each make changes and fix bugs as soon as they're found. We also employ rigorous testing to ensure every app is as high quality as possible before launching it.


Deployment on production environment

Once the app is complete and ready for release, we'll do a final test to ensure everything is functioning properly. After your mobile app has been approved, we'll deploy it to the production environment and make sure all is well. Once everything checks out, we'll push it live to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


Continuous support and maintenance

Maintaining and supporting your app is essential to the mobile app development process. That's why, at iWebServices, we ensure our clients have access to our in-house staff of highly trained engineers who can assist them with app maintenance and problem fixes. We also provide simple update services, so you don't have to worry about updating your material yourself—we'll take care of it!

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Benefits of Working With a Professional Mobile App Development Company

We provide an all-encompassing solution to give your app a chance at reaching its full potential. You can have faith in our team to deliver a result that's worthy of your time and money. Here are a few benefits of outsourcing your app development project to us:

Customized Solution

Our team of expert developers has worked with many clients around the world. This experience has given us extensive knowledge about working well with our clients and providing them with customized app solutions.

Get High-Quality And Bug-Free Apps

We are committed to delivering high-quality, bug-free apps for our clients. We use a systematic approach and discipline in the development process to offer an outstanding solution with every app developed.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Our purpose at iWebServices is to provide affordable solutions for all of our clients. We accomplish this by employing cutting-edge tools and techniques for designing an app, which saves you time and money while being developed.

Team Of Expert Developers

Our development team includes experts who have been in the industry for over 11 years and are knowledgeable about all facets of mobile app development. They can create any type of mobile application needed by today's businesses, large or small.

24/7 Support

iWebServices app development team is always available to clients at all hours of the day & night. Apps developed by us are guaranteed to offer 99.9% error-free performance, and in case of any issues, our dedicated team is ready to resolve them quickly.

Proven Track Record

We have a successful proven track record of developing high-quality and bug-free apps. We have developed more than 500 mobile apps for start-ups and global enterprises. We have a 97% client retention rate, which proves our work quality and expertise.

Fast Turnaround Time

Our quick turnover time allows us to provide our clients with the latest version of their product before they release it. We also take pride in providing frequent updates to ensure that every project we handle is current.

100% Satisfaction

We guarantee that we will satisfy all of our client's needs when we build an app for them. We do this because we want our clients to feel happy and fulfilled, which is what they deserve for trusting us with their projects.

The Ultimate Guide For Mobile App Development

Whether you’re looking to create your first app or you’re a seasoned mobile app development expert, this guide will show you how we develop our apps from start to finish. We walk you through what the process looks like, what we consider important in the early stages of the process, and how we put together everything to make sure it’s polished, ready for launch, and successful!

What Should You Consider When Developing A Mobile App?

Every day, more than 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide use mobile applications. According to Statista, the global mobile app market will be worth $935 billion in 2023.

The growing demand for mobile apps has created a gold rush among businesses of all sizes to get their share of this rapidly growing market. For businesses, a mobile app can be a powerful marketing and sales tool. It can help you build brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, and generate leads and sales. But before you can reap the benefits of a mobile app, you need to create one.

Creating a mobile app is not as difficult or expensive as you might think. There are numerous ways to develop a mobile app, ranging from do-it-yourself (DIY) platforms to hiring a professional mobile app development company. Whatever option you choose, here are some essential factors to look at when developing an app.

Mobile Platform

You may want to consider which mobile platform you want to use before beginning the development process. The two most common platforms include Android and iOS. Android apps can be written with Java programming language, while iOS apps are usually coded using Objective-C or Swift programming languages.

  • If you plan to publish your app on Google Play Store, then go ahead and start working on Android apps.
  • If you want to submit the app for review at Apple’s App Store, then go ahead and work on iPhone apps.
  • Besides, if you want to publish on both stores, you must build both versions and submit each separately as individual apps. You can choose React Native, Xamarin, PhoneGap, Flutter, Ionic, etc., allowing developers to produce cross-platform applications and share codes among different operating systems.


Once you've chosen an operating system, you can start thinking about how much your app will cost. The cost of creating a mobile app is determined by various aspects, including functionality and design.

Of course, costs can vary depending on whether the developer will code everything from scratch, buy templates or just hire someone else to do it for them. All these factors should be taken into consideration when choosing what type of budget is best suited for your project needs.

Type of App That Suits Your Needs

One important thing to note when developing a mobile app is that there are various types available that serve different purposes. It’s vital to pick the one that suits your needs best.

Some popular types include social networking apps, games, camera apps, music players, etc., all of which have their own unique functionalities and features.

App Developer

Once you’ve decided on your budget and chosen a type of app that suits your needs, it’s time to start looking for a developer.

This is one of the most crucial stages because not all developers can develop high-quality design and functionality. You must discover someone who can speak well and estimate how long and how much it will cost to build your app.

So interviewing different developers and reviewing their proposals, you will be able to find the right development team for your app.

What Are The Basic Features Of A Good Mobile App?

There are some fundamental elements that every good mobile app should have. Here is a list of the top features your app should have if you want people to engage with it:

  1. A great design The design of your app will be the first thing that people notice. People will be less likely to use it if it appears antiquated or is difficult to navigate. Make sure your app has a modern look and feel that is simple to use.
  2. Useful content Your app should offer something of value to its users. Whether it's a game, a utility, or a way to keep up with current events, make sure your app has content that people will actually want to use.
  3. Good Resolution A mobile app with a good resolution will look great on any device. People are using different devices with different screen sizes and pixel densities, so your app should be able to adapt to all of them.
  4. Safety People want to know that their personal information is safe when using your app. Include features like password protection and data encryption to give users peace of mind.
  5. Push Notification Push Notifications are an excellent technique to keep your audience interested in your app. It enables you to send notifications to your app's users even while they are not actively using the app. This can be used to deliver notifications about new content, sales, or anything else you want your users to be aware of.
  6. Social Sharing Make it easy for app users to share your content with friends by including social sharing buttons in your app. Facebook, Twitter, and email are all good options to consider.
  7. Admin Panel and Analytics Tools There is no point in having a mobile app if you can't track its performance. Ensure your app has an admin panel that gives you access to key metrics and analytics tools. This will help you track user engagement, understand what features are popular, and make necessary changes to improve the app.
  8. Payment Integration If you are dealing with e-commerce app development, then your app must have the option to make a payment. It will help you to make the payment easily. You can easily integrate the payment gateway or any other payment method.
  9. Search Option If you have a good search feature that makes it easy for users to find what they're looking for without having to scroll through a lot of information, it will go a long way in ensuring user engagement.
  10. Customer Reviews Customer reviews are a great way to build customer trust and credibility. You should allow your customers to leave reviews on your app to ensure that people can see what others think about your products or services.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Mobile App?

The solution is more complex than you may expect. Numerous elements influence how much an app will cost to develop. These factors include the app's complexity, the type of developer you hire (offshore or local), the platform you use to run your app, and many others.

So, to better understand, you should consult with a professional app development company like iWebServices. We will deploy one of our experts to help you understand the cost of developing your app with the specific features you want, research the viability and potential success of your app in the marketplace, and deliver a comprehensive estimate. Let's look at the typical app development cost for a few different apps.

App Type Estimate Cost Time
eCommerce App $50,000-$230,000 1,500h
Business App $50,000-$200,000 1,200h
Food Delivery App $40,000-$150,000 900h
Healthcare App $55,000-$400,000 1,100h
Video Streaming App $80,000-$350,000 1,500h

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Personalized Mobile App Development Services For All Business Types!

When you work with iWebServices, you're working with some of the best mobile app developers in the business. With 11+ years of experience, our team knows how to create functional and visually appealing apps. So whether you need a basic app or something more complex, we can handle it.

FAQs Regarding Our Mobile Application Development Services

Here are a few questions that are frequently asked by our clients. If you need additional information or have any other questions about mobile application development services, feel free to contact us.

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Why mobile app development services are important today for every business?

Mobile app development services are vital for any business nowadays because they give a direct channel for firms to interact and engage with their customers. It can also assist organizations in increasing brand awareness, driving sales and revenue, and improving consumer loyalty.

How to choose a mobile app development platform?

Businesses should consider their specific needs and requirements when choosing a mobile app development platform. Some factors to consider include the target market, the type of app needed, the budget, the platform's features, and more.

Which is the best technology for mobile app development?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. It usually depends on the mobile app type, your business requirements, and the budget you have. However, some of the most common options include React Native, Xamarin, Flutter, Ionic, PhoneGap, Kotlin, Swift, Java, and Objective-C.

What solutions are provided by a mobile app development company?

Well, a mobile app development company can provide businesses with various solutions, including custom app development, app design, app testing, and app maintenance.

What is the difference between cross-platform app development and hybrid mobile app development?

The two basic differences between cross-platform app development and hybrid mobile app development are:

  • Cross-platform apps are designed & developed to work on multiple platforms. In contrast, hybrid apps are developed specifically for one platform but can be used on other platforms with some modification.
  • Cross-platform app development is more complex and can take longer to develop than hybrid mobile app development.

How do I find the best mobile app development company?

To find the best mobile app development company, businesses should research various companies and compare their services, prices, and portfolios.

What is the best eCommerce mobile app development company?

The best eCommerce mobile app development company will understand your business, consumers, and goals. They should be able to create a working eCommerce mobile app that will attract clients and aid in the growth of your organization. Furthermore, when you contact us for eCommerce app development services, we guarantee to match your expectations and objectives.

How is AI revolutionizing mobile app development?

AI revolutionizes mobile app development by allowing businesses to create more personalized and engaging apps. Additionally, AI can help to improve app performance and optimize app functions.

Why should you outsource your mobile app development services?

There are several reasons why businesses should outsource their mobile app development needs, including cost savings, access to skilled professionals, and increased efficiency.

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