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iWEBSERVICES is one of the most promising full-service Web & Mobile App Development agency, having a global presence. Driven by a strong team of seasoned professionals including Conceptualizers, UI/UX Experts, Experienced Web & Mobile App Engineers, Frontend & Markup Developers, we provide everything that your business needs for a complete digital transformation. We construct digital presences that convert from the get-go. We work with organizations all over the world and in all industries, from SMEs right through to corporate goliaths.


Our passion for diverse technology solutions and interactive customer-centric services have enabled us to serve more than 1000+ clients from 30+ countries to date.

Our Case Studies


We designed this OpenCart based eCommerce website & respective Android & iOS Apps that are published in both the stores. The Website and apps offer a variety of in-trend clothing options for Islamic apparels and the apps, specifically, reflect an action-packed buying experience for its users.

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Self Assessment

The app supports individual learners who want to accelerate their learning transfer and or change behavior and effectively apply it to their particular situation whether that be within work, education or life. The app so does it through a series of intrinsically connected assessments and training programs within it. We have designed and developed this app that runs both on Android & iOS Devices.

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iBeacon & GPS

We designed and developed this App that connects to BLE Beacons and GPS devices to continually transmit the location to the host. Primarily, this app is to track one’s precious assets like wallet, cellphones, Vehicle keys etc. that one fears the most about losing. When you are away from the assets, the App notifies you. We have developed an easy to configure quick wizard within the app itself that lets a user get started in less than 2minutes.

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Negoshe is an App-based platform that connects vehicle owners to garages near-by. Coupled with contemporary ratings & review based hiring process, the platform lets the vehicle owner choose the perfect mechanic for the job. The app uses Geo-fencing, In-App purchases, Wallet based payment transactions and live tracking to enhance the overall user experience.

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Nudo represents what’s called a true social network among fitness freaks. We have designed and developed this Android & iOS Apps for Fitness community where one can host fitness events and invite others to join. Integrated with In-App payments, ratings & reviews, automated calendar scheduling, music streaming and many such features, the app offers a great overall user experience.

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Social Network

We designed and developed this social network that is free from news channel and in actual, a networking platform. The platform allows its users to share memories with friends while also connecting to a network. The app promises a 100% true networking experience through a series of closely tied features specifically built for the purpose.

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Travel & Hospitality

Get innovative and cost effective solutions for managing & marketing your travel and hospitality services. Leverage technology along with the power of the internet and go online to cater global clients with utmost ease and efficiency.

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Job Search

SnagPad is a learning and management job search platform that motivates individuals to look for work as well as help manage job leads throughout the process. By bringing job leads to SnagPad, strategizing and then applying, the likelihood of getting a job increase. The platform is available on Web, Android & iOS. We have been an active development partner to SnagPad since 2011, designing & developing since then.

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The Unity3D based Poker engine was designed and developed by our Game Developers. This 3D poker game differs from other Poker games available in the market with customized gameplay algorithms, that makes the game more transparent and certain than probable. Hole cards and community cards are not hidden anymore. With many other innovative poker rules, the game beats the Poker Domain.

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Learning Transfer

Chalenj is an integrated Web & App based platform that allows organizations to create customized challenges that address a learning and/or behavioral need. Chalenj leverages game theory to engage users to go through a set of daily tasks that lead to knowledge acquisition and behavioral modification. The tasks are short, fun and engaging activities that span over a prescribed period of time.

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The Docs Around the Clock e-Health platform offers the transmission of health-related services through telecommunications technology. The platform utilizes Video Conferencing, Sensors/Remote Monitoring, Data Management, AI Technology and Smart Devices to provide practical healthcare anytime, anywhere, even while traveling abroad. The platform functions in over 20 languages as a Smart Dashboard. The platform provides alerts for critical information relating to Clients, Caregivers, and Health Professionals both domestically and globally.

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Bill Payment

We designed and developed this Web & Android-based platform, specially targeted for the Indian subcontinent. The portal and apps are designed to process utility payments through multiple payment processors, facilitates 3-way pre-paid recharge mechanisms through App, Web & bi-directional text-based messaging services, flight & hotel booking engines, insurance bill payments, bus booking and many other such services.

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Real Estate

We designed and developed this IHMS & SalesForce integrated Real Estate portal for Philadelphia’s top Real Estate Company. The solution allows home buyers to customize their houses to their styles in real-time. The portal integrates to SalesForce CRM and Mark System’s IHMS construction software to offer a 360-degree home buying experience.

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Instant Messaging

We designed and developed this Instant Messaging App that runs on both Android & iOS and basically has all the features that WhatsApp or Telegram has. In addition to the features, the App lets users create community-specific groups like FaceBook.

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Health & Wellness

We have custom designed this Responsive WordPress website for Yoga & Wellness programs. The website integrates to payment gateway for easy online session booking and calendar management at the backend.

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This Web & App based platform named “iRecruitMe” connects Locums & Practitioners. A Practitioner on the platform uses Web, Android or iOS App to post jobs and availabilities directly to the database of professionals (locums), track & manage booking requests, provide feedback to other members, process invoices and receives personalized offers from industry suppliers. A Locum, on the other hand, can search for bookings, track request status, raise invoices and perform other activities in the system.

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Travhos is a responsive website custom designed and built upon WordPress. The website suggests luxury travel packages based on users travel preferences and also offers bespoke travel planner experience for its users.

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We love technology-driven businesses for their sheer passion and drive towards changing the world. Which is why, we work with them as their interim CTO and help them build innovative products and services so that they can effectively solve real world problems

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We bring in the required competency and flexibility that helps in realizing the market potential and growth for the startups, by developing ideal web & mobile based software solutions.

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We love hearing the next million dollars idea. We gather all specifications, analyze all project details and put up a project plan together that has a list of deliverables and timelines aligned to each deliverable. Once everything is apparent, we’ll kickstart the development work at our end.  We ask you questions about your objectives, your audience, and the problem you’re trying to solve. And then we suggest a solution that works.

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Excellent apps require expertise and art to provide outstanding outcomes. Strong execution includes strong research into how things should be done. Your Project Manager will set up the team and assign responsibility on to different roles – UX Expert, HTML Programmers, Certified Web Developers, Database Administrators, Android Developers & iOS Developer,  and Quality Control Executives. After the team is formulated,  a project is created in our Project Management tool and you are supplied with the details of it. The Project is then divided across individual taks that have a due date and are assigned to individuals responsible on it.

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At iWebServices, we always ensure transparency. While our highly skilled & experienced programmers take on your project, they update their daily activities to the Project Management Tool wherein you are informed of the progress of the project. Thus, you are always kept abreast of the development going into your project. We strictly follow Version Control Systems, CI/CD (Continuous Integration – Continuous Development model), and Secured Access protocols while your project is under execution. On the due date of a task, you are provided with detailed information on the status and access details to our staging server, if necessary. With every release of the product, your Project Manager works with you on for feedback.

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After the project goes through various sprints and tasks get closed along with your feedback being implemented, a final integration testing takes place. The entire build is verified to meet all the business requirements, checked intensively for meeting all functional needs and tested across multiple devices and systems for usability, availability & load speed before its actually confirmed for beta release. Our skillful Quality Control Team & Project manager work closely in this phase so nothing falls through the crack. The outcome from this process is a fully functional Web Portal / Mobile Apps ready to be launched.

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This is the time to raise the toast. You see your idea transformed into a fully functional app and is available on Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore. We help set up your beta tester group to check the app out so you can announce it to the rest of the world.

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We grow when your business prosper. And, we make sure no stone is left unturned to make that happen. After the big launch event, your audience will start using what you built for them and there comes a list of wishes that you have to prioritize and act upon in order to stay ahead of your competition.  We are always at your back to give you that edge so your business continues and evolve every day.

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What people say about us

  • John

    I’ve worked with iWebServices on a number of projects and wouldn’t take my business anywhere else. They’re efficient, effective and innovative on how they approach things. The culture of the team is customer first and they get things done. I started with a website and graduated to an app. The depth of their talent is unquestionably the best in the business.

    on June 22, 2018
  • Daniel

    Highly recommended team to work with.

    on June 14, 2018
  • Rensley, NicoBeacon

    In a few words very professional and accurate. I would recommend people to work with them. Very satisfied with their jobs.

    on April 25, 2018
  • Carolyn, Empowered Achiever

    We’ve been working with IWebServices for 5 years or so now working on a wide range of tools… from websites, to assessment tools, a learning management system and more recently development of an App.

    Always professional and we’ve developed a close relationship over time.

  • Mark Crowther, Scrifterly

    From start to finish the engagement with the team was professional, cooperative and supportive. The project manager quickly got in touch, set up access to a project management tool for myself and the team and connected on Skype. Checking in each day via Skype and responding to queries I was able to monitor the progress of the steps being worked on and give feedback, that was responded to in every case.

  • Alexander Jones

    The team delivered good work and provided useful suggestions throughout the project. Communication was great. They took the project seriously by using project management tool. They were also being flexible with my schedule and took time to hop on Skype at times that were convenient for me. Besides, they brought up any concerns they had that came up while developing the site and we discussed about it to move the project forward. I would recommend iWebServices to others and I plan on working with them again in the future


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