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Ignite the Game with our State-of-the-Art Sports App Development Services, Pioneering the Industry

We've got you covered for all kinds of tasks - our sports app development services can handle any need, whether it's for a sports team or corporate requirements. Our advanced fantasy sports app development company in India is revolutionizing the world of sports app development that we're currently leading.

Custom Sports App Development

Being the best sports app development company, we are always ready to build custom sports apps that cater to a wide range of needs within the sports industry.

Fantasy Sports App Development

We bring the thrill of virtual reality fantasy sports to sports fans by developing an app with our talented fantasy sports We bring the thrill of virtual reality fantasy sports to sports fans by developing an app with our talented fantasy sports app developers in India.

Sports Betting App Development

As a leading sports betting app development company, we build an open sports betting app with enhanced features and user-friendliness to ensure a great betting experience.

Sports Training/Coaching App Development

Avail our fantasy sports app development services to create an app that provides mentors and athletes with the appropriate training and coaching solutions.

Sports Betting Software Development

Our sports betting software development company can create sub-streaming sports betting software solutions for effective and safe gambling operations.

eSports Mobile App Development

Be ahead in niche industries that are developing at a fast pace like eSports through custom app development services by iWebServices.

Sports League Management App Development

Move sports league management to the application level and make it easy to manage with our user-friendly sports app development solutions.

Sports Live Streaming App Development

With our fantasy cricket app development company's help, you can easily provide reliable live sports streaming connections, either local or globally, through live streaming apps.

Sports App Maintenance and Upgradation

Revive a sports app that is well-performing and related to the trends with our maintenance and upgrade services.

Sports App Consulting Services

IT industry consultants with sports applications development experience will consult and guide you through complex processes.

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Our passion for diverse technology solutions and interactive customer-centric services have enabled us to serve in over 30+ countries.

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Types industry We Cover Custom Sports App and Software Development

Our sports-centric applications and fantasy sports software development company covers a wide range of industries to bring your sports app idea to life.

Fantasy Sports Industry

At iWebServices, we can help you build a digital platform to maintain the fantasy sports needs of your favorite games, including football, basketball, baseball, and so forth. Our team has the competence to engage fantasy sports lovers and can build apps like Dream11, My11Circle, etc.

eSports Industry

Esports organizations battle with complex challenges, from managing complex tournaments to optimizing player performance while captivating their audience. We help this industry demand with tailored eSports digital solutions that can adapt to its ever-evolving landscape.

iGaming Industry

For those looking for bespoke app development solutions in the iGaming field, we are specialists in the making of the best digital product that addresses the concern. Our team offers high-quality solutions for eSports betting, gaming (casino games), or any other platform, with the necessary technical expertise to see your ideas born.

AI is implemented into our sports apps’ backend, providing the end users with features such as game prediction intelligence, improved athlete tracking, and functional training planning.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML)

The app with the ML component in it can learn from users, respond to preferences, offer live analysis, and boost the user experience by making relevant content and recommendations.

To make sure that things are working properly, we develop a digital solution that manages meshing data services, ticket selling, and engagement via blockchain tech for strong security & transparency.


AR, VR, Metaverse

Join us in AR, VR, and metaverse as our experiences bring fans to the center of all the sports action. By giving them a chance to get immersed in the sports world.

Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

The internet technologies we use, especially big data are the source of our apps. From these, our users get reliable performance metrics, and trend analysis for sports people, sports teams, and fans alike.

Data Analytics


For our sports apps, we adopt cloud technology and provide scalability, flexibility, and stable performance for all users to have the best user experience without any disturbance.

Drive Your Fantasy Game App to the Winning Lane with These Cutting-Edge Sports App Features

With the most advanced features, we develop Fantasy Game Apps that include-

Admin Features

  • League management
  • Admin login
  • User management
  • Revenue management
  • Bonus cash management
  • Reward point
  • CMS system
  • Match management
  • Real-Time Analytics

Participants/Users Features

  • Develop fantasy team
  • User authentication
  • Search and filter matches
  • Create tournament
  • Join tournament
  • Reward
  • CMS system
  • Real-Time Analytics

Advance Features

  • Real-Time Score Updates
  • GPS tracking
  • Live match score
  • Push notification
  • Real-time analytics
  • Ticket Booking
  • Augmented & Virtual Reality
  • Big Data
  • Live Streaming
  • Social Media Integration
  • Wearable integration
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Realtime Chat

Gear Up for Success with a Custom Sports App Development! Partner with Us to Create Something Extraordinary!

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We Follow a Transparent Sports App Development Process

Our sports app development process is the easiest and most efficient way to get your sports app developed.

Requirement Gathering

We begin by deeply comprehending your objectives so that we can provide the best possible services for your sports app project. This phase is the core of the whole development process since it defines the concept and objectives of the future system.

Conducting a Focus Group Study

To make sure that the fantasy sports application is well compatible with your target market we carry out a focus group research. We get a lot of useful recommendations from the target user and on this basis, we can create a high-quality product for the market.

Building Wireframes to Carve Out the Visual Models

We create the use case wireframes that have the details of the content layout, interface, and navigation of the Sports app. We then shall be able to see an app structure and where changes are possible in that phase we can do the adjustments.

Solidifying It Through User Experience Design

We pay particular attention to user experience (UX) thinking of a sports app easy-in-use, and appealing. Our designers devote full of concentration and skill to come up with a simple and eye-catching design.

Building the Bespoke Solution in Agile-based Sprint Models

We apply an agile approach that is based on frequent development milestones, where we develop the sports app in short sprint cycles. This method supports changeability, adaptability to new concepts and provides feedback at each stage of implementation.

Continuous Integration and Development

We are an ever-changing organization, and therefore, continuous improvement is at our core. We integrate sports app new features often but refine and improve existing functions so that we are never behind the curve of technology.

Deployment on Production Environment

Once the development phase is over then deploying the dating app on the production environment with all the proper indulgence to make the transition to the live environment smooth and seamless.

Continuous Support and Maintenance

In addition to work on the battlefield, we do not finish our task with deployment itself. We consistently offer you the required help and maintenance so as to make your dating app function seamlessly, stay current, and be safe.

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Why Hire iWebServices as Your Best Sports App Development Company?

Whether you are an organization, a sports team or a sports people or someone who is looking to make some twists in the field, we are the best choice to help you with digital transformation solution. Here are some reasons why we are the most trusted fantasy sports mobile app development company in India.

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  • Industry-Tailored Sports App Solutions

    Our team of experienced app developers is committed to developing industry-specific sports apps and web solutions that address the unique needs of your target demographic.

  • Strict NDA Signed

    At iWebServices, we are ready to sign a tight Non-Disclosure Agreement that will keep your secrets safe while undertaking any sports app development projects.

  • Cost-Effective Solutions

    We are committed to offering you top-notch sports digital products that are worth your money and left with no regrets when you have invested in them.

  • Transparent Processes

    From project timelines to developmental milestones, we always keep you informed. You will also have 100% visibility over the sports app development process.

  • Time-Zone Friendly

    The team we have is approachable and accommodating along the way to ensure the fantasy sports app development process is uncomplicated and time-efficient.

  • Fast Turnaround Time

    Streamlined development processes and agile methodologies enable our custom fantasy website development company to realize a rapid turn over time without any trade-offs on quality.

  • Own Source Code and IP Rights Protection

    Keeping your app's integrity and security is our top priority, so we follow strict protocols to guarantee confidentiality, security, and ownership of the source code.

Our Sports Application Development Tools and Frameworks

We utilize appropriate tools and frameworks for developing a sports app, whether it is for the frontend, backend, or cloud solutions.

Ready to Bring Your Sports App Vision to Life? We Can Help!

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Transparent Project Management

We have one dedicated #projectmanager who is assigned to us. He’s consolidating all informations from his team members. That makes things very efficient when it comes to #communication because our weekly calls were getting re-consolidated based on all project activities without and that is perfect.

Valentin Herring

Fairly Accurate Estimate

I felt that iWebServices were able to give an estimate that was fairly accurate and were able to hold on to that estimate in terms of when things were done.


Very much appreciated

Very happy with the services provided so far, looking forward to the end-product.

Mr. Campbell

Creativity At Its Best

iWebServices has been so helpful with throwing some ideas around and adding a touch of creativity to them. They’re extremely good at following directions. They’re a 10 out of 10.

Jennifer Dion

Diligent, Prompt, Hardworking

It has been a very exhilarating experience. They’re very diligent, prompt, hardworking, and creative. And I hope we can bring Universal Casting on social media soon.

Hamman Shafie

Great Work on Game App Development

They've done great work and I strongly recommend iWebServices for any kind of web design service requirements. It was a pleasure working with them.


Great Work On Live Streaming App Development

They have been very responsive to things I have asked them to help me with my mobile app and their insights have provided invaluable information, which I think will make this a very competitive and widely used application.


Extreme Professionalism, Excellent Work

It was excellent working with them. I thank them for their professionalism, despite our cultural differences. I believe we can work extremely well together.

Sari Skott
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