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When you try to embark on a path from where your business can come closer to your target audience, you should build the presence of your brand on the mobile phone. Building a feasible and robust solution that lets your customers stay hooked to a brand makes them loyal. If you are planning to build a user base that sticks to your brand and drives revenue all the way, a progressive web app becomes useful. To make the customers happy, you can start building mobile apps or developing websites that resonate with mobile devices.

While the first option is result-driven, it requires a substantial investment for businesses. Quite naturally, the second option is more fruitful, which not only convinces your users but makes it more efficient. Is the progressive web app the ultimate solution for your business to grow? The points below can describe.

What is PWA?

Before you build PWA’s for our business, it is essential to focus on what it is and how it can support your enterprise. The PWA replicates the appearance and feel of mobile apps but operates inside the browser. One of the reasons that this technology is gradually gaining afield these days is its potential to let customers browse mobile websites but provides an experience similar to a mobile app.

Choosing Progressive Web Apps

While you have come across a comparative analysis of native and progressive web apps, both of them are different in their approach. While a little bit of comparison can work between the two, you should not go overboard. However, businesses should not go over to spend a massive amount on any of these options without assessing, which is a better alternative for engaging customers and increasing revenue.

For instance, PWA is a suitable option when you focus on real-time or interactive content that requires regular updates. Even if the content utilizes the method of a push notification, you can use progressive web apps. Therefore, financial, news and weather sites are some of the sites that need to depend on PWA’s. In other words, the sites that need to engage visitors on a daily basis can also depend on PWA’s.

Features of PWA’s

Once you are familiar with the features of PWA’s., you may consider progressive web-app development for your site. Here is what you need to know.

  • People can use PWA’s online and offline and also on low-quality networks.
  • Although progressive web apps feel like apps in real, they are not, and users love the navigation and interaction of apps.
  • They are always up-to-date due to the updated process of service workers.
  • Search engines can quickly locate the PWA’s, and users do not need to download it every time.
  • The apps come through secure sites, so there is little scope of tampering the content on the site.
  • The users can keep the apps on their home screen and avoid the hassle of visiting the app store.
  • No complicated installation is necessary for PWA’s; you can easily share it through URL.

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When to Install Progressive Web Apps

Here are several reasons why your business may require the support of progressive web apps. However, before you know the reasons, reviewing the statistics is essential. Reports suggest that consumers tend to download very few apps every month, and most of them expect the web pages to load within two seconds or less. Therefore, consumers may not even look at a site again if it takes more than three seconds to load. The solution to engage your customers online is through progressive web apps.

The reports suggest that more and more consumers feel frustrated with the app, so the app they download should contain something that benefits them or provide a memorable experience. Furthermore, the loading time of web pages needs to be very fast and stay away from obstacles to make the user experience more refined. Finally, more searches source through mobile devices, so companies not only need to focus on the functional website but enrich the user experience irrespective of the device they use.

  • The PWA’s are four times faster, with ten times more data.
  • Businesses can enhance the web app experience doubly with one PWA for multiple channels and devices at a lower rate.
  • The PWA’s are more searchable and discoverable than the rest.

Summarizing the Requirements

The progressive web apps amalgamate the best of mobile and web apps and make your website just like an app. Therefore, using the PWA’s suitably can make your site more engaging for the target audience.

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Arpana K

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