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With the continuous adoption of providing more and more facilitation to customers, on-demand ordering apps have become a substantial need today. Providing customer convenience is considered a top-most priority to drive an effective yet profitable approach. So, this blog is referred to as a complete guide for online ordering app development.

You cannot deny the emerging idea of serving customers in their own space. In recent years, the online ordering concept has been booming steadily, especially affected by the pandemic situation.

For general reference, online ordering or on-demand app is a mobile application designed that allows customers to order tangible or intangible services online and get them delivered to their doorstep.

The most considerable examples are Swiggy, Uber, UrbanClap, and this list goes on. Before we understand online ordering app development and market launch, let’s get aware of how these on-demand apps work first.

How Do On-Demand Ordering Apps Work?

Online ordering apps comprise an almost similar set of practices and backend processes. However, there could be minor process variations when you come up with an idea for online ordering app development.

For instance, a food delivery app may comprise additional process steps than a cab booking app. To practically understand how an on-demand ordering app works, let’s understand by considering the idea of a food delivery app.

The process starts when a customer wants to order food using a food delivery app. Here are the steps involved:

  • The customer opens the app and places their food order.
  • The app sends notifications to the restaurant selected by the customer and placed the order from.
  • The restaurant confirms and starts preparing the order. Meanwhile, the delivery of the order is assigned to the nearby delivery personnel to ensure seamless customer delivery.
  • When the food gets ready, the delivery executive collects the order to deliver to the customer’s door.
  • The app earns money or commission every time a customer places an order and gets their order delivered to their preferred space.

Now, what are the potential business models that one can consider while deciding on an online delivery app development? Let’s get aware of this.

(Business Model)

Different Considerable Business Models For Online Ordering App Development

Building and launching your dream app for on-demand delivery could be a smarter decision. Understanding the potential business models may help to successfully implement this idea.

Business to Business (B2B)

B2B business model is applied when you want to develop an app where neither the service providers nor the service takers are the end-users. They both act as a facilitator and are responsible to facilitate the service to the end users.

Business to Consumer (B2C)

When businesses connect to end-users to directly serve or facilitate them with the product or service delivery at the end-users convenience, we call this B2C business model. For instance, Dominos and Amazon. However, Amazon acts as a B2B business model too.

Consumer to Consumer (C2C)

When there is a need to connect end users with the end-users to drive business, this concept falls into the C2C Business Model. This is the way whereby a user sells or serves their products or services to other users by leveraging the on-demand apps. Etsy and eBay are the most considerable examples of the C2C business model.

Potential Uses Cases for On-Demand Delivery App Development

With continuously increasing user anticipations and market expansion, no industry domain could remain untouched with on-demand delivery applications. Here are the possible use cases that ensure the distinctive use of on-demand apps.

Food Order Delivery App

Online food delivery app development is the most popular use case in this category to deliver food in real time. End users are relishing the way of getting their food ordered online at their convenient space. For instance, Uber Eats is a well-turned brand name that reserves its popularity in terms of online food delivery.

According to globenewshire, the online food delivery market is expected to reach $161.74 Billion by the year 2023. 

Grocery Ordering & Delivery App

Online grocery delivery has become a proven convenient way of getting the delivery of grocery items for today’s busy end-users. Instacart can be counted as a definite example of online grocery delivery.

Gift Items Delivery Apps

Gifting items delivery is also gaining popularity steadily as a user can order gift items with either real-time or same-day delivery efficiency directly to the receiver. This domain is further expanding continuously to ensure the delivery of more and more potential gift items.

Healthcare Apps

When it comes to the healthcare part, it comprises two sub-use cases further. One can go for Healthcare on-demand app development either to connect doctors and patients in real-time or to ensure door-step medicine or equipment delivery.

As per statista, the healthcare mobile app market is expected to hit $50 billion by 2025.

Home Services

People these days seem more fascinated when they can avail of homely services at their preferred convenience by simply browsing and booking leveraging the single app interface. These apps are being used by worldwide users for the terms like cleaning, salon & spa, wellness, packer & movers, and more.

Travel Solution Apps

When it comes to travel solutions, users are addicted to on-demand cab or ride-booking apps to carry out their day-to-day step-outs. Uber is a well-known name in this segment whether to carry out shorter rides or vacation rides.

Key Features For Online Ordering App Development

Since the On-demand ordering app comprises three different modules and hence requisites to implement features distinctively for each module. Let’s define features individually for each module.

Potential Features Of Customer Module


This is the very initial feature that you need to imbibe. This feature allows your customers to sign-up and login further to start exploring your products and services.

Profile Create/Update

Facilitate your customers with profile creation or profile updation features. Allow your customers to fill in their complete name, address, contact number, preferred payment method, and more.

Search Option

Search feature is a vital feature to include for online delivery mobile app development. With this feature, you equip your customers to search the product, services, or information containing pricing, payment, details, policies, and more.

Ordering Placing/ Service Scheduling

When the user/customer selects the products or services, they need to get redirected to the order placing or service scheduling page. They can be allowed to place orders or schedule services in real-time or later as per their convenience.

Payment Facilitation

This feature section is created to facilitate your users with different payment options from different online payment modes to cash on delivery.

Real-time Tracking

This will help your users to track your delivery flow from order preparation/packing to final delivery. They can track the delivery personnel while on the way to know how long their order will take to get delivered.

In-app Calling/Messaging

Optionally, you can provide this functionality to your users to connect and interact with the service providers or delivery individuals whenever they face any issues.

Push notifications

Push notifications can be coded to keep your users updated with real-time order status, modifications, or delivery schedules.

Customer Support

This feature can be used to provide timely support or help to your customers/users when they raise an issue or seek help related to their orders or service.

Reviews & Ratings

Through this feature, you can allow your users to rate and review the products and services they have availed from you.

Key Features For Admin Panel

Overall content Management

An essential functionality to facilitate app administrators to manage the entire content of the app. This content update includes updating information related to products/services, pricing, availability, working hours, and more.

Order Management

Again a crucial section for admin panels to grab all the order-related data containing delivered orders, ongoing orders, feedback, payments, etc.

Payment Management

To manage payments, commissions, or stakeholders’ payments, this feature can be included to simplify the admin panel.

Seamless Features for Delivery Personnel

Account Creation

This feature can be kept to allow the delivery personnel to account creation and for ensuring login wherein they can also see their services provided along with payment details.

In-App Messaging/Calling

In-App messaging or calling features can assist the delivery executives to connect with the users if they need to ask for directions or while reaching the doorstep to deliver the order or service.

Push Notifications

Push notification features can be inserted to notify the delivery guy when they receive information about the order/service delivery to the user optionally with accept/reject facility depending on the domain app.

GPS Configuration

This is the most vital feature that helps the delivery personnel track the location/directions to reach the user’s address that they need to deliver the order or provide service in real-time.

These features can be coded considering the general or common needs. Depending on your customized feature requirement, they may vary. To know your customized ones, iWebServices can help.

Challenges Involved While Developing Online Ordering Applications

To ensure the success of your on-demand delivery application, you are required to input all the potential efforts along with associated challenges. Here, we are unfolding the challenges that you need to understand and overcome for successful market app launching.

Knowing Market Scope

When you decide to develop your app, it is required to do adequate market research in terms of targeted geo-locations, how your competitors are performing in the market, and how you can ensure your footprints in your desired marketplace.

Evaluating Right Targeted Audience

While deploying your online ordering app, it is crucial to evaluate your targeted audience first to initiate your marketing strategies and start attracting your targeted customer base.

Budget Analysis

Considering your desired budget, planning your investment part is essential since your investment won’t be limited to the app development, deployment, and final launching; you will be required to promote, customize, or integrate your app in later stages. Hence, analyze your budget accordingly.

Finding Right App Development Partner

When it comes to getting your online ordering app development idea developed, the next step is – finding the right app development partner to design your user/domain-specific interface, develop the required/customized functionality, and launch the quality-assured app within a committed time frame.

How To Develop Your On-Demand Delivery Application?

Come Up With Your App Development Idea

Initially, you need to come up with your firm idea of developing an online delivery app. You should have the following answers:

  • Purpose of your online ordering app development
  • How it will serve your users/customer base.
  • Desired geo-locations wherein you are willing to launch.

Know Your Users’/Customers’ needs

Once, you come up with the app idea, identify your targeted users’/customers’ and their needs. Do some market research or online study to know your future customer’s opinions, for instance, whether your targeted users are ready to start using your app or not. Do you think your targeted people are willing to pay while making use of your app?

If you think this could be a hustle experience for you, consulting with your online ordering app development partner can help.

Understand The Market Competition

To validate your idea, analyze your targeted market, know your competitors, and how your competitors’ apps are performing in the market. To serve better and reserve your app space in the market, analyze the lacking aspect, find gaps, and get your app developed accordingly. Again, if you want to leave this responsibility to your app development partner, they can truly help.

Find A Trustworthy Partner

Once you are ready with the backend research part, it’s time that you need to find the right app development partner who can strategically undertake your project and can deliver as anticipated.

To ensure so, you can go through the online directories of trusted market players in the app development domain. Once you come up with shortlisted names, perform their background check to validate and finalize.

Required Team To Work On Your Project

After finalizing your online delivery app development partner, you need to know, following are the professionals required to be associated with your dream project:

  • Front-End Developer
  • Back-End Developer
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Project Manager
  • QA Expert

MVP Structure

Now, it’s time to understand your app structure and project initiation. Rather than developing your app equipped with all the advanced features and functional navigation in one go, it’s better to go with minimal features through MVP (Minimal Viable Product) structure.

Initially, you can launch your app with basic or minimum required features and once your app gets substantial space in the market, you can launch the absolute idea of your app. This will help to understand your app’s performance in the market built with required yet minimal functionalities. It will also help to understand the allied gaps to be fulfilled that are not served by your competitors to ensure your app’s success.

How Much Does It Cost For An Online Ordering App Development?

To reveal your online ordering app development cost, we need to understand your app idea first along with navigation counts and level of functional requirements. Further, you need to share the app domain you choose and the complexities involved combined with the quality assurance part. Once you share all of your app development requirements, we can give you an exact idea.

Anyhow, we can provide you with a rough idea for online delivery app development. Your on-demand delivery app can cost you $40,000 to $150,000. Depending on your specific project needs, interface design, and functional requirements, we can quote you the best potential estimated cost for your app development needs.

Why Choose iWebServices for your On-Demand Delivery App Development?

Selecting the right partner for your on-demand delivery application development could be a fruitful deal for your business. Here is how partnering with iwebservices can help to implement and validate your app development idea.


We believe in serving high-end engagement to our clients. As we adhere to an agile working methodology, thereby, listening to your timely inputs and continuous feedback is our core responsibility. We ensure that we are eternally available for you whenever you are in need.

Data Security

iWebServices ensures your data security and reliability. We never disclose your app idea or share your app/business information with any third-party without your sole consent. Keeping your data or information secure and confidential is our primary responsibility.

Real-Time Support

To ensure reliability, quality assurance, and timely project delivery, we grant and assure you of real-time support and assistance. You can seamlessly connect with us with 24/7 efficiency.

Team of Experts

We are a team of dedicated experts to quickly understand your concerns and respond accordingly. We are in the market to develop, deploy, and launch your dream app comprising all your required and customized functional capabilities.

Transparent Approach

We never believe in hide & seek policies with our clients. We keep all the things and policies transparent with our clients as we do not comprise hidden terms & conditions in any form.

Use Of The Latest Technologies

We never compromise in terms of using the latest tools, emerging technologies, and imbibing advanced industrial practices wrapped with modern working methodologies to ensure seamless, accurate, and client-satisfactory delivery.

Summing Up!

In this blog, we tried to cover end-to-end information about online ordering app development for your reference. To grab further information, you can connect with our experts for valuable consultation for your next project, i.e. online delivery app development. We are here to serve the bespoke solution that you anticipate.

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