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The coming of smartphones have changed the way people view the world. Estimates suggest that there are over two and a half billion users of smartphones across the globe. According to studies, most of the time people spend on their mobile phones is on apps. However, billions of apps across the globe can create dilemma in the minds of users, and it is here that the UX/UI design can set the apps apart from each other. While the UI grabs the attention of users immediately, the UX can leave an enduring impression.

UI Design

The graphical framework of a mobile app is its user interface or streamlining the complex ideas in the mobile app is its user interface. It incorporates the screen presence and the buttons on which the users click, the entry fields if the text, the text itself they read, the sliders, and all those points through which the users interact with the app.

The UI design creates the appearance and the feel of the user interface of the app. While developing the UI design of a mobile app, it is essential to consider the shapes of buttons and color schemes. Therefore, the app UI design needs to resonate with the single and combined visual elements together.

UX Design

When UI design creates the first element of attraction for users, the next step is the user experience. The reason for which the users interact with the app is the user experience. When any apps interacts with the users, it must convince the user that they can achieve their tasks successfully when using it and need not struggle while using it.

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The Combined Effect

The user interface includes everything that users can view during their interaction with the apps. With the UI developed successfully, the connection between the users and the app becomes seamless, enjoyable and smooth. A good UI can go a long way in retaining the customer and makes the readability, uniformity, usability of the app design perfect.

On the other hand, the UX design surpasses the function of a smooth user interface. Usually, the UX of an app is behind a successful experience of users through smooth navigation, versatile color schemes, responsive designs, and various other factors. The primary reasons to have an improved UX is turning the users into trusted customers.

Significance of UX and UI Design

UX/UI re two of the most significant elements of any mobile app and contributes to its success. According to studies, a well-designed UI can boost the conversion rate of an app to about two hundred percent, so a whopping ROI is what leads businesses transform their UI and UX design. A perfect UX design is the length of time any user spend while completing the transaction. For instance, the time that is required for completing a purchase from an e-commerce store is what makes a good UX design. Therefore, it is essential to conduct appropriate research before the development of an app. Quite naturally, a good UX design comes analyzing the competitors. So, it goes beyond how any user would feel about a product or service.

One of the most significant concerns of UI designers is how the product appears and the layout of visual components. The primary goal of an app to become successful is the engagement and feeling it creates with the users. Therefore, a good UX design helps in enhancing the reputation of a brand and the business status that allows the users to seamlessly navigate through the app and find out its options and features.

Here is what you need to know about the functionality of the UX/UI design.

  • Attracting Users

Every mobile app needs to create an impression on the users. A well-defined mobile app grabs and retains the attention of users and helps in ensuring how much time people are likely to spend on the app. So, the more appealing the design, the greater is its engagement with users.

  • Enhancing the Users

Every company investing in robust UX/UI design needs to make the customers happy and boosts the brand. The tendency of the people to approach a brand depends on whether it can keep them happy and defines why people should work towards improving the design of a mobile app.

  • Ensures Customer Satisfaction

A mobile app with powerful UX/UI design provides the customers with content that is readable and easy navigation, which in turn improves customer satisfaction.

  • Join the App Stores

When you incorporate impressive UX/UI design, it is easy to get the opportunity to become a part of the app stores. If your priority is to stand at the top among the other apps in the app store, your UX/UI design should be bold.

Due to millions of mobile apps, the development of mobile applications comes with numerous challenges and tough competition. While every business needs to have an app, the UX and UI design are responsible for making the app successful.

Kumar A
Kumar A


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