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Mobile applications have brought about changes in the way people work, shop, and communicate. Several technology advancements affected app development in 2020 and 2021, ultimately assisting small, medium, and big businesses in extending their company growth. 

We already understand how much new technology trends are focused on business success, therefore staying on top of trends is critical. Let’s take a closer look at these 5 mobile technology trends for 2021.

Technology-based on Location:

Your location is being tracked by your cellphones and tablets. That isn’t a hidden fact. With your consent, mobile applications may also track your whereabouts. When you install a new app, it will ask for permission to access your location.

You will receive an access request each time you download a new app. Without granting them access to your location, you may not be able to utilize some applications to their full capabilities. The trend of location-based mobile apps isn’t going away anytime soon.

AR and VR:

Augmented reality is already real. Face filters on Snapchat and Instagram are one of the greatest instances of this. As a result of the popularity of these apps, more companies are attempting to integrate augmented reality into their mobile technologies.

Mobile apps that employ VR and AR technology provide unique experiences for consumers while also assisting businesses in improving revenue.

AR & VR, mobile app development trendy technologies are utilized for training work and customer applications in various sectors such as healthcare, public safety, gas and oil, tourism, and marketing. Mobile App Development for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Apps is growing in popularity across the world.

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

Our mobile environment has been infiltrated by artificial intelligence. Some of these may be known to you: Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant are all examples of AI.

All of these are instances of artificial intelligence that may already be loaded on your mobile devices. In addition to these well-known types of AI, mobile applications are increasingly incorporating software such as speech recognition to enable hands-free use and, as a result, improve the user experience.

Developers and marketers utilize AI technologies to understand more about their customers. Businesses are attempting to increase income by utilizing this data to generate relevant advertising that is targeted to certain audiences.

Bots (chatbots):

Most organizations like to use chatbots in business-mobile applications since they assist to improve customer experience. You’ll be able to provide your customers with services 24 hours a day, seven days a week if you use chatbots in your mobile app. 

If you operate a company or an organization, your primary motivation and growth will undoubtedly revolve around your customers. Hiring a chatbot app developer from a reputable and approved mobile app development company may help you reach out to potential customers more swiftly and simply. This mobile technology trend will increase your company’s growth and return on investment by 25%.


Blockchain is a well-known mobile app innovation that has revolutionized app development and benefited businesses. This technology may be included in mobile apps to improve security, tracking, and quality assurance.

Several payment apps choose Blockchain technology because it ensures safe and faster transactions. 

This technology is used in mobile apps in a variety of areas, including healthcare, tourism, retail, and banking. It is also expected that in the next few years, the popularity of such a technology trend would skyrocket.

Apart from the above 5 mentioned trends in Mobile Services, there is one more trend which could modify a lot of our daily Mobile usage. This revolutionary trend is 5G Wireless Technology.

5G Wireless Technology:

5G technology is the most recent innovation in the mobile industry, and it will improve the responsiveness and agility of wireless interfaces. The entire amount of data that is sent through wireless broadband connections can travel at enormous speeds like 20 GBps with high network speed thanks to this mobile app development’s current technology.

It is not only one of the leading technology developments in mobile app development services, but it will also be very important in 2021. If you want to include this high-level technology into your mobile app, you need to hire mobile app developers since this will help you get better results.


Mobile applications are used by businesses to do a variety of functions such as selling, buying, and advertising services. However, if we’re talking about company development in 2021, startups, SMEs, and large corporations should concentrate on developing and deploying technology-based mobile apps. 

Not only will this assist companies in making the best option, but it will also assist enterprises in increasing production.

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