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The popularity of smartphones has thrown everything out of the gear and changed the way people deal with things. Quite naturally, smartphones have become one of the essential things today. No wonder new trends in mobile app development have also started proliferating. While the year 2019 witnessed several trends, 2020 has more in store in terms of mobile app development. The mobile app industry changes regularly. Therefore, every industry looks forward to mobile app design services to stay in touch with these changes. Moreover, service providers must apply suitable strategies to assure success. If you study the latest trends in mobile app development, you will find it easy to incorporate them as well.

The following are the mobile app development trends to dominate 2020.

1. Artificial intelligence

Everyone is aware of Artificial Intelligence, and if you follow the predictions, it can grow exponentially in another three to four years. Therefore, more and more industries are trying to embrace this approach. A few sectors, such as medical and manufacturing, have optimized their efforts to boost efficiency through AI, which is possible due to its capacity to capture real-time events precisely.

Trends to Follow Before You Hire Mobile App Design Services

However, the newest effort is the amalgamation of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, which assists in the development of mobile apps. From Android to iOS app development, it is effortless to learn the techniques of app development from the previous data and resolve the troubling issues in real-time. Some of the trends you cannot overlook in AI are the prediction of user behavior, smart camera for identifying the subjects, enhanced battery lifespan, higher level of cybersecurity, and translations of voice and language.

2. Enterprise Mobile Management and Application Performance Management

Enterprise mobile management and application performance management are two of the components that can affect the quality of the mobile app. APM came into the picture to minimize the trends that slow down the performance of apps and also enhance the entire performance of the app. This tool is significant for quality assurance during the process of testing apps. Enterprise Mobile Management is one of those platforms that allow businesses to enable mobile devices with the utmost security and makes the business processes seamless with its assistance in mobile computing. Some of the components of EMM are the security of the app, financial management, and maintenance of apps.

3. Inclusion of 5G technology

When it comes to one of the most popular trends to note in 2020 is the introduction of 5G technology, which can transform the world of mobile devices for keeps. Several app developers are considering using this technology to boost the functionality of apps in terms of speed, Augmented Reality or AR data security, and speed. Make sure to find out the experience of the individual when you hire Android Developer for your business. The development you will notice with the introduction of 5G technology will see more engagement of users with the app. The fast speed of the 5G network is another reason to rely on this technology. Furthermore, the customized network slices can also enhance the responsiveness of the mobile app and speed.

4. The popularity of instant mobile apps

Artificial intelligence

The demand for instant mobile apps is growing rapidly, but they are not only for individual users but for businesses as well. The reason why a company insists on using instant apps for android application development is to obtain a better rate of conversion when compared to regular mobile applications. Moreover, the instant applications are smaller in size, provide a high level of user experience, including the functionalities of a website, and do not consume the memory f the mobile device.

5. Integration of IoT or the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things or IoT is one of the latest concepts, although it is a common aspect of the mobile app sector. Over the period, this concept has evolved to become an industry with which people can control the non-IT equipment through apps re remote control. Due to the convenience, this concept adds to the love of app users, the developers are keen to make their apps IoT-friendly.

6. Introduction of blockchain technology

Using blockchain technology is another trend to observe in the world of mobile app development. This technology helps in the prevention of data breaching and the creation of duplicate documents. For users who are worried about making payments with credit cards. Therefore, a blockchain-enabled app enhances the security of the app. Furthermore, blockchain technology helps in trading on cryptocurrency exchanges and is useful as a service as well.

The takeaway

The apps development trends mentioned above will take the mobile industry by storm. Quite naturally, the year 2020 will also witness intense competition in the world of mobile app development. The Mobile app developers should determine the pros and cons of the trends before implementing them.

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