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There are a lot of factors that play a crucial role in making your mobile app successful with higher user engagement – the user interface is one of those. A well-crafted interface easily tantalizes the sense of users and makes your application most lovable among users.

So, you may be thinking of the elements that make UI design of any mobile app astounding, right? Well, there are several key principles such as consistency, spacing system, typography, hierarchy, spacing system, etc. that a mobile application UI design company follows to make user interface of a mobile application alluring.

Apart from following key principles for UI design, designers also need to implement the latest trends that redefine the appearance of your app and make it user-friendly and advanced. Let’s discuss here some of the most popular UI design trends that the majority of mobile application design service providers follow.

Mobile Application UI Design Trends that are Expected to Evolve in 2020

Simple and User-Friendly

No matter what kind of mobile application you are going to develop, a simple user interface is required to make it engaging. In other words, a simple UI design makes your mobile app more meaningful. As users love to engage with those mobile apps bestowed with easy to use interface with limited elements.

An experienced mobile app UI design agency always follows important factors like open screen space, minimum elements, etc. to create an awesome user interface for your mobile app.

Design for Bigger Screen

With the launch of larger devices both for iOS and Android users, the trend of using large-screen devices has grown over the past 3 to 4 years. In the year 2020, the majority of mobile application design service providers are expected to follow this trend and will craft user interface design for the device for a bigger screen size.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Implementing AI in your mobile app’s UI design makes the entire design quite interesting and engaging. The major advantage of implementing this technology in your mobile app design is that it makes the user interface of your app intuitive. In other words, your app can easily predict every action of users and suggest them the right option accordingly.

Voice-Activated UI

Users of late prefer to use voice-activated search option rather than typing texts for the same. The credit goes to Google for offering voice-based search feature. The growing use of voice-based search features drew the attention of mobile app designers to a greater extent and they now carve voice-activated UI design. The voice-activated UI design trend is one of the major app design trends in 2020.

Opacity of Icons

Transparency of navigation or icon is something that also determines the user interface design of your mobile application. It is going to be the hottest mobile app UI design trend that the number of mobile application development services providers are expected to follow.

Implementing the design trick like this one makes the interface of your mobile application sophisticated, elegant, and user-centered. With the use of transparency effects in a proper way, a mobile application development company can easily craft an interesting space for text or can also focus on certain specific elements.


Typography has been the most popular UI design for the last many years and will remain as the top-notch trend even in 2020. A scalable and adaptable typography comes with an ability to influence the overall look of your app and can make design eye-catchy. A large number of mobile application UI design service providers frequently implement this practice for typography.


Animation is another major design trend for mobile UI that can redefine the overall beauty of your mobile application. Using animation in the app’s user interface makes it interesting and engaging for the number of users.

Animation tends to lighten up the navigation, offers a great visualization effect, use of parallax design, etc. to deliver a better user experience.


Above are some of the latest mobile app design trends that are expected to gain ground in the year 2020. So, if you are also planning to develop a new mobile app or to modify the design of your existing app, you need to get in touch with a mobile application development company that follows these trends.

Kumar A
Kumar A


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