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Today, a website is not enough to cater to your business needs and help you in serving your customers properly. Getting a business application is something that has become quite necessary for entrepreneurs nowadays irrespective of their business type, size, market, target audience, etc.

If you are planning to develop a web app, then you need to be fully aware of some great advantages of web apps, including improved efficiency, 24/7 accessibility, high-level of security, easy to customize, ease of installation and maintenance, etc.

The most important thing is that you need to be focused on choosing the right platform for building your web application. Just like mobile application development, one needs to be clear about which platform they are going to target to create their web apps.

Therefore, it’s highly important for you to get details about some popular platforms for web development. When you hire a dedicated website developer, make sure he/she leverages these to create web apps to cater to your specific businesses needs.

List of Popular Web Development Frameworks



CodeIgniter is one of the most popular platforms for web app development. It is popular for being easy to use and also for featuring a great toolkit for creating web applications. The great attribute of this framework is that it is lightweight and blessed with great documentation that is quite easy to understand.

Blessed with various libraries, CodeIgniter is easy to grasp and deploy. With CodeIgniter, you will be allowed to use scripts accompanied with core libraries. Based on the MVC-based framework, the framework lets developers enjoy great flexibility in developing mobile applications.

Ruby on Rails (ROR)

Ruby on Rails (ROR)

As an open-source web app framework, Ruby on Rails is based on a server-side web app development framework that is also used to create an application to a wider extent. It’s another web app development platform based on the MVC framework and offers a complete default structure of the database.

Some popular web apps such as SoundCloud, GitHub, etc. are created by leveraging this platform. Besides, its vast community lets developers get true guidance in app development while getting proper solutions to the issues that they come across during development.



AngularJS is another important platform that one can consider for web app development. As a JavaScript and an open-source framework, AngularJS is managed by none other than the leading online search engine Google and its developer community.

Leveraging AngularJS developers can enjoy the flexibility of extending their HTML vocabulary for website development. Those who are looking to develop travel apps, video streaming apps, eCommerce apps, weather apps, social media apps, or others can opt for this platform.

AngularJS is also popular among both developers and entrepreneurs for loading time and is also perfect for testability.


Popularly known as a pre-built Node.js framework, Express.js lets developers create server-side web apps while ensuring it is quick, smart, flexible, and scalable. The major benefit of developing applications with Express.js is that it lets your web developers create a high-performing web application integrated with cutting-edge features.

Whether you are looking to build a single page or multiple page web application, Express.js is an appropriate option for you in all cases. Coded in JavaScript, Express.js lets developers program easily to code top-quality web applications.


An object-oriented framework, Zend is an open-source web app development framework. The most interesting thing about this web app development platform is that it supports multiple vendors and databases.

More and more, it is also blessed with a highly flexible caching subsystem that gets support from different backends. With Zend, one can also harness the benefits of AJAX and JSON. Therefore, it provides a complete benefit for both developers and their clients.


If you are looking for a full-stack framework for your web app development, you can stop your search on none other than CakePHP. As the most popular and also comprehensive framework, CakePHP comes with a seamless configuration, which makes it the most preferred choice among developers. It comes as the right option for all those seeking budget-friendly web app development solutions. is another most loveable platform for developing robust and scalable web applications that can help your businesses grow adequately. The framework is developed on common language runtime. It is the right option for everyone seeking to build a large-sized application with less coding.


So, the above are some of the most important frameworks for creating web applications. You need to make a selection of the right framework based on the type of web application you are seeking to develop. And hire web app developer who possesses vast experience in leveraging such a framework.


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