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Progressive web applications are getting up to the peak of popularity with time in terms of user experience. Smartphones are seeping into our lives at such a fast pace that now we need more responsive websites, similar to mobile applications. PWA is a perfect alternative option for native mobile apps, providing the same UI/UX experience, same features, and excellent fast speed during web page loading. Thus, it has become a popular trend in the website development industry as it makes it simpler for marketers to provide a fantastic user experience to consumers.

If a website runs evenly across different devices and automatically delivers the same user experience, it will gain more traffic and a wide range of customer engagement. Hence, PWA development has become an emerging technology in 2021, and you need to have such web apps to power up your sales.

So, are you running your business with the trend? Do you want to launch your web application? Then, you are in the right place. Here, we have listed various PWA frameworks that web developers generally choose for developing advanced web applications. But, before hiring a PWA development company, it becomes essential to define your preferences for frameworks and libraries.

Whatever reasons you have in mind, if you are willing to know about the latest PWA frameworks and libraries, keep reading the article till last.

However, before beginning our discussion on the Top 5 PWA Frameworks and Libraries to use in 2021, let’s first understand what a progressive web application is and why you need it.

Why are Progressive Web Apps important?

PWAs are an advanced cross-platform website application development technology that helps the user install web pages on their desktops, laptops, or mobile phones. Progressive Web Apps runs the web pages on desktops and smartphones smoothly and provides a better page loading experience. It also configures various useful features of mobile native apps and makes the web pages sharable, installable for your device.

Here, you will get a push notification option, work offline option, etc., just like in any other mobile application. It also improves the visibility of your web pages by reducing the loading time.

Plus, we can use this application as a native mobile app or desktop application on our device. That’s why PWAs are becoming popular day by day; some famous brands like Twitter, Trivago, and Alibaba have already started to use such web apps.

This unique application uses various standard and up-to-date versions of web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for delivering a smooth, user-friendly app-like experience while visiting a website. Here, we have mentioned some key features of the ‘Progressive Web Apps’ that make them popular among developers and users. 

  • Completely Responsive


Progressive web apps are responsive as it focuses on progressive enhancement. It provides the ultimate functionality and content to the users, and it does not matter which browser they will use or which device they will use. Therefore, these applications run smoothly on all types of devices and offer a fantastic user experience to all users.

  • Easy to Install


Users can find these applications easily on search engines, and the installation process is straightforward.

  • Enhance SEO for your website


Technically, Progressive Web Apps are websites, so we need to take care of the SEO part. Though, PWA itself can boost the search rankings and visibility of the website and generates more traffic.

  • Automatic Update


In other mobile apps, we need to update them manually, but PWA takes up-gradation automatically. Thus, the applications save our efforts and time both.

The acceptance graph of progressive web apps is continuously rising. Thus, they are becoming a vital part of many online marketing businesses around the world. As a result, nowadays, many entrepreneurs are willing to invest in this progressive web app development industry. Technology can create magic in marketing scenarios; we just need to choose the right technology. You can’t go wrong with PWA, as it has already become the epitome of excellence. Thus, before you finalize a PWA development company for your business, let’s have a look at the top 5 PWA frameworks and libraries which are going to be used widely in the progressive web app development sector in 2021.

Why are Progressive Web Apps important

Best PWA Frameworks and Libraries to use in 2021


React.JS is a PWA library based on JavaScript that helps build the dynamic user interface of an application or website. It uses virtual DOM to faster the rendering process and offers a broader ecosystem and a vast developers’ community along with the continuous support system by Facebook.

The developer can reduce the hassle and time of configuring and setting up the applications and can make the application faster by using react-app packages.

Though, it needs multiple integrations of many additional tools, while Angular.JS provides everything to the developer that they need. Still, React.js has earned the same popularity as Angular.JS. It is also an open-source library based on JavaScript.

Facebook introduced ReactJS in 2013. Still, since then, the popularity of this JavaScript library remains the same. Developers prefer React.JS the most as they can create single to multiple-page apps through the same page’s content loads and changes by using this PWA development framework. It uses JSX to create a PWA solution and connect the HTML structure.


  • It has more flexibility as it uses additional features or plugin packages.
  • The developers can use the same source code for other apps.
  • The rendering process is faster.
  • ReactJS uses different JS libraries for enabling API management.


  • React.JS uses JSX, excluding JavaScript.
  • Implementation is a little bit tricky.
  • Moving from Angular.JS to React.JS code becomes difficult due to JSX.
  • React.JS PWA has reported some functionality issues.

AngularJS Pros and Cons

Google released Angular.JS in 2010, and the fifth version of it was released in 2017. The fifth version of Angular.JS supports PWAs development. It also uses JavaScript libraries for developing reliable PWAs and offers much more ready-made functionalities and features. However, it is the second most popular PWA framework that offers excellent web development solutions. Many PWA development companies and developers use this framework to fulfill the challenges regarding single-page web app development. It uses HTML as its template language.


  • AngularJS has a vast community of experts and developers.
  • The implementation is more straightforward than React.JS as it has clearly defined methods.


  • Developers need to understand the typescript to use these PWA development libraries and frameworks.
  • It is a little bit more complicated framework than the other frameworks.

Vue.JS Pros and Cons

VueJS is a popular open-source front-end JavaScript framework that gets used widely for PWA development. It offers several unique features like simple coding, a high-speed rendering process, and routing.


  • It also uses additional packages just like React.JS
  • Perfect framework for small web solution
  • Fast rendering process


  • Very few Vue.JS developers are available in the market.
  • It does not have a huge support team like other frameworks.
  • With the progressive web apps frameworks, sometimes you may have flexibility issues.

Ionic Pros and Cons

It is an open-source devkit function or SDK which is based on Apache, Cordova, and Angular.JS, PWA frameworks. It is a perfect framework or library option for PWA development and has been getting used in developing more than 5 million PWAs. It provides substantial framework components for iOS and Android app or PWA development.


  • For being an open-source library, it does not charge any purchasing cost.
  • The cost of PWA development with Ionic becomes low
  • It is a perfect web solution for small businesses.
  • It offers a massive library of API access plugins.
  • Anyone can use this framework who are familiar with android or other emerging frameworks.


  • Some updates are required for reworking on existing PWA

Polymer.JS Pros and Cons

Polymer is one more web solution designed by Google. It is intended for developing web apps and written in HTML and JavaScript. It has been used in developing Google I/O websites, Play Music, Google Earth, and other PWA development. It has acquired more than 22,000 stars on GitHub, and over 31,000 people have already downloaded it. The best part of this framework is a developer can understand the source code and use the polymer components like designs or themes during the development.


  • It provides one-way and two-way types of data binding and templating techniques.
  • It offers the best web solution to deal with design peculiarities.
  • You don’t have to modify the source code if you want to make specific changes according to the design’s needs.


  • Repetition of templates
  • Shadow DOM is needed to compact the CSS and JS code with the template.


A developer uses several PWA frameworks and libraries to meet their design or development challenges. In this article, we have mentioned the top 5 widely used PWA frameworks and libraries only. If you are looking for a professional, progressive web application, you can let us know about your needs and preferences; we will help you choose the best framework for your project.

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