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If you are a newbie in mobile application development, the process of choosing the correct tool may feel a bit intimidating. There are so many mobile app design tools on the internet to choose from. However, the use of mobile app plugins can make the development effortless in 2021.

A plugin, to put it simply, adds a feature or capability to your app. It’s much easier to install an interface plugin than to create an app design feature from scratch. These mobile app modeling software and plugins have the potential to generate thousands of applications. Your mobile app design company may be the one yet to utilize it.

Nevertheless, whether you want to build your app or have partnered with a tech company for it, here is the list of top 10 mobile app plugins that you can utilize in 2021.

Home Page Grid Layout (Creator: BuildFire)

  • The degree of success is very much associated with the appearance of the app’s homepage. It must be neat and professional in appearance with smooth functionality.
  • Home Page Grid Layout plugin can generate an impressive intuitive homepage that is completely tailored according to the requirements of your app.
  • The app’s home page buttons will guide users to the precise position you want them to see. You can render this homepage as fundamental or as complex as you wish using the grid-style layout.

Cascade Gallery (Creator: Peter Azmy)

  • The Cascade Collection plugin is a fantastic way to improve the look of your mobile app.
  • You can show a picture surrounded by five adjustable circles using Cascade Gallery. The image smoothly transitions into a custom-made gallery of responsive images.
  • A restaurant app is a perfect example to describe with. The featured graphic can be the business log, and the slideshow can show off various parts of the menu, such as lunch, dinner, happy hour, or cocktails.
  • If you like to leverage the power of visual content for your app, you can suggest your mobile application design service provider include this plugin. The best part is it comes at a nominal price of $19.90.

Image Gallery and Info Slider (Creator: BuildFire)

  • The image gallery and info slider plugin are among the top mobile interface app featured in 2021. Some plugins are intended to show images, while others are designed to display details. With this plugin, you can do both.
  • To display pictures or photos in your app, you can utilize the image picture Gallery. Alternatively, the plugin can be used to provide details or a mixture of photographs and instructions on a slide-by-slide basis.

Google Slideshow (Creator: BuildFire)

  • Explore the Google Slides plugin if you want to present photographs and facts in your mobile app.
  • Among other software creation resources, Google Slides stands out for its simplicity and the broad range of presentation themes.
  • Hundreds of fonts, graphics, and the option to insert video material in the slides are all included in the plugin. Also, you can definitely suggest this one to your mobile app design company as this is free of cost.

Choice Homepage (Creator: Alex Case)

  • The Choice Homepage plugin introduces a new layer of versatility to your app.
  • You may use Choice Homepage to provide a question prompt that appears on the screen before the user hits the home screen. This is a fantastic way to allow customers to leverage their app experience.
  • When a user chooses an alternative, it is saved automatically. As a result, consumers will not be promoted every time they launch the app.

WebView (Creator: BuildFire)

  • The WebView plugin adds a distinct feature to your app.
  • Usually, when an outbound link from the app opens in a browser window thus, taking you away from the app. This external link takes forever to load and is not convenient. Therefore, it is something that you should consider resolving if you are planning to design a mobile app in 2021.
  • WebView helps you to access online content while retaining the feel of a native app.
  • For connecting websites, records, and anything else you can think of, this is a perfect choice. This mobile app design plugin is entirely free.

YouTube (Creator: BuildFire)

  • Including video content is one of the most potent ways to create a successful, user-friendly app. Instead of reinventing the wheel, use the YouTube plugin to link your YouTube channel to your app.
  • It is a reliable method to add video content to your mobile app.
  • When you add a new video to your youtube channel, it immediately appears in the app. This provides the smartphone consumers with a new browsing interface with all your new content, which is ideal for those of you developing a media and entertainment app.

Optimized Format Media RSS Feed (Creator: Millennial Tech)

  • For new programmers, proper optimization is a common issue in mobile app growth. You want to have all these various elements in your app, but they will degrade its efficiency if they aren’t incorporated correctly.
  • The Optimized Format Media RSS Feed plugin will assist you with this. As the name suggests, this plugin will automatically customize the content for your traditional media RSS Feed.

WebView Pop Service (Creator: Pixel Plugins)

  • An alternate option to the WebView plugin is Pixel Plugin. From the user’s perspective, there isn’t much of a variation between the two plugins.
  • Both plugins allow the software to open and view external links inside it automatically. There is some difference in terms of backend viewpoint but nothing significant enough to choose one over the other.

Questionnaire (Creator: BuildFire)

  • This Survey plugin was created to increase app user interaction. It lets you prepare quizzes and polls for the utilization in numerous ways.
  • Business owners can use this plugin to get reviews on the app or the consumer experience and satisfaction with the company.
  • Questions improve the consistency and efficiency of the app from a design standpoint. The plugin works in tandem with the app, making it extremely sensitive as users complete the questionnaire or vote in a survey.


In 2021, creating an app on your own is easy, thanks to plugins and application development software. For that objective, we have concentrated upon design-oriented plugins for this guide. When it comes time to create your app, these resources will make your life a lot simpler. We hope that this article has provided users with insightful information required to design a smartphone application.

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