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Information and Technology is a continuously evolving sector with rapid change in end-user’s desires and demands. Among the pool of developments, Kotlin has emerged as a booming success. It is gaining popularity within the developer’s circle, and there is increased demand for Kotlin android app development. This article aims to provide essential tips to hire Kotlin developers.

What Does Kotlin Mean?

Kotlin is an open-source programming language created to run natively on the Java Virtual Machine and is now officially supported by Google for Android applications development. Kotlin, being less than a decade old, has been rapidly growing and also became the third most loved language in the year 2019, according to Stack Overflow’s annual survey. It includes object-oriented and functional programming functionality.

Why Should You Choose Kotlin for Your Next Android App Development Project?

Now, let’s talk about why you should prefer Kotlin. Well, for starters, Microsoft endorsed this programming language, but there are other reasons too.

It minimizes the coding efforts.

Kotlin is reputed for diminishing the size of efforts put into developing android applications. It clears up more time to market the product because lesser time is taken to create the code using Kotlin android app development. The marketing and operating phase is given more attention as the production phase is less complicated and efficient. Even the costs are minimized, and the developers are provided with leeway to do things independently.

A 40% decline in the amount of coding is seen when developers use Kotlin instead of JavaScript. Hence, giving effortless and trustworthy conduction and revision of the code.

It is more secure

Kotlin android app development is much more secure as it guards against common errors in programming like execution blunders or device failures – types of crashes often occur in Java programming. If you choose to hire a Kotlin app developer, there is less room for mistakes and catastrophes because of the safety and stability factor that comes with Kotlin.

It is an open-source programming language.

From the year 2012, Kotlin has been an open-sourced programming language. The platform is updated regularly. Thus, developers can rely on the vast Kotlin community for support, which is an added advantage that Kotlin offers.

Essential Skills for a Kotlin Developer

Kotlin related skills

  • Procedural programming
  • Null safety
  • Lambda functions
  • Objects, classes, and abstract classes
  • Kotlin as a scripting language

Other related skills

A few other skills that a hired developer should possess are :

  • Android app development
  • Data storage on memory-limited devices
  • Website back-end scripting
  • Functional programming
  • Object-oriented programming (OOP)
  • The unique features of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM)
  • Testing and debugging Kotlin programs
  • Kotlin standard library and the Java Class Library
  • Enterprise, commercial, and open-source projects

Interview Question You Can Consider Hire a Kotlin Developer

  • What are the reasons Kotlin is preferred over Java and JavaScript for application development?
  • Define data class in Kotlin.
  • State the difference between Val and var.
  • Describe the process for null safety in Kotlin.
  • Define coroutines and their uses.
  • List some disadvantages of Kotlin.
  • Describe the use of arrays in Kotlin.
  • Compare Open and public in reference to Kotlin.
  • What is an init block?
  • Show how to create Singleton classes.
  • Compare launch/join and async/wait in coroutines.

Expert Tips to Hire a Kotlin Developer for Your Android App Development

Go through previous projects

Previous works of Kotlin developers are highly vital to the hiring process. It gives you a better overview of their procedures and the kind of software they usually use. Authenticating the developer’s skills, application features, design process, and the time is taken to complete the project are also crucial factors.

This helps in recognizing the perfect fit for your app project. Reviews and suggestions of other customers that went through the same process can also be an option to verify developers.

Look into client reviews.

Customer reviews and past projects are an excellent way to validate and confirm the resources and skills of a development team. Only looking at the project requirements is not enough to select a Kotlin app development company. Post-project completion handling reflects a lot about the development service provider. Learn more about former clients’ experiences and their experience with the developer you want to hire.

Cost confirmation

Price is what defines the whole result of app development. The cost determination and calculation profoundly depend on the type of project. Come to a common consensus for the costing and make sure you get the right costing as prices may differ depending on the team’s experience and skill level.

Ensure the quality

Quality is something that cannot be compromised upon while working on any app development. If you hire a skilled team, quality is the top priority. This is the sole reason why Kotlin app development services providers need to be highly knowledgeable in their field. Before confirming the hiring, go through their methodology and their working style and output.

Ask for post-development support.

Consulting service from the developers after being handed over the complete project is quite common. Back-end operation of the application even after the completion of the project can be highly sensitive. You can ask the team about post-development support and ensure that they do not back out.


The entire process of hiring the best Kotlin app developer is delicate and needs to be handled without any flaws. Any blunders can lead to massive problems in between project completion. The needless flow of time and money is something that no organization can afford. Hence, to minimize this loss, it is essential to choose the correct developer for your cause.

Get in touch with iWebServices today to hire the best suitable Kotlin developers that comply with your needs.

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