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When it comes to native mobile applications, these are highly expensive and thus not affordable for every business. This is the reason why progressive web app development is getting popularity among businesses and offers them a better opportunity for growth with higher customer engagement and outstanding performances.

Before getting into details and also why you should hire a progressive web app development company, it’s important to know about progressive web apps.

What is a Progressive Web App?

Popularly named as PWA in the short form, progressive web apps are basically websites that adopt the latest web standards and can be easily installed on users’ devices and let them access various cutting-edge features and functionalities that are available only for a traditional mobile application.

In other words, a PWA is able to deliver a complete app-like experience and helps businesses seize multiple growth opportunities with maximum user engagement. PWA is basically a modified version of a web application that is blessed with various native features like push notifications, offline functions, etc.

The most interesting thing about PWA is that it, in fact, prompts those of desktop users using Chrome browser, they often get prompted to install the application, when visiting the website.

Benefits of Progressive Web App Development

Let’s discuss here several advantages of progressive web app development, which increased its popularity among both developers and businesses.

Easy to Update

The app update is something that is highly required to gain the attention of users. The app updates involve integrating new features, functionalities, debugging, etc. It takes a lot of time and effort.

Users, on the other hand, need to download the latest version of the application to use the new functionality and benefits.

Meanwhile, the process to update the progressive web app is quite easier. Any changes that web app developers make on the website can automatically get updated with the application. Users don’t need to download and install the application.

Highly Safe and Secure

The safety and security of an application are highly important and also serve as an encouraging factor for users to download and install the app. If we talk about the safety of progressive web apps, it is developed by leveraging features like HTTPS, which makes the app highly secure.

Offline Connectivity

Offline connectivity is known to be a great feature of those of native applications. When it comes to progressive web applications, it includes offline functionality and helps users access various important data.

PWA is blessed with service workers, which help the app function even without an internet connection and thus gain a competitive edge over those of other native applications. The service workers run as a background process and also include various URL caching capabilities.

Synch with Device Features

One of the greatest attributes of the progressive web application is that it can easily sync with the hardware and software of the user’s devices, including camera, GPS, etc. It improves the usability of a PWA and thus makes it highly engaging.

The hardware integration ability of a progressive web application makes it a feature-packed app. This ability of such an app makes it popular among users who can access multiple cutting-edge features such as push notifications, biometric authentication, motion sensors, etc.

Enhanced Performance

A PWA is far ahead of other applications, in terms of performance. In other words, it delivers native alike performance and is highly famous among users. The main reason is that such an application leverages the power of both service workers and accelerated mobile pages (AMP).

AMP is blessed with quick and reliable web components to load fast. These components are known to be highly fast. So, those websites leverage the combination of both service workers and AMP to are fast and thus load quickly.

Need Less Storage Space

If we talk about native apps, which are large-sized apps and thus require huge space to be installed on users’ devices. And this is the reason why the abandonment rate of a native application is higher compared to other applications.

When it comes to progressive web applications, it is basically a website that users can access in the form of an app. It doesn’t require much storage space on devices.

Enhanced Page Loading Speed

When a progressive web app development company upgrades to a progressive web application, they need to do it from scratch. It clearly indicates that one will not only get the benefit of service worker caching, you will also be able to remove scar tissue that generally slows down the website.


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