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For path-breaking developments in the market of mobile apps, the growth of Android makes it a must-have for Mobile App Design Services. Some of the factors that Android developers consider are opportunities for personalization and the not-so-strict policies of the app store. No matter what the reason is for choosing Android, you should focus on all those factors that enhance the chances of its success in a highly competitive market.

One of the reasons for the popularity of the Android app is its ability to outsmart the iOS market as it is available in different devices of all prices, forms, and shapes. Moreover, the software of Android amalgamates the best components. Here is a look at some of the best practices that can drive Android forward.

1. Usability of User Experience and User Interface design

Not many developers are familiar with the difference between the usability of apps and user experience. When you Hire Android Developer, be sure to find out that they focus on users and how effectively it can fulfill their requirements. Users do not like the concept of multiple apps with little or no use, as it hampers the core function and features of the app.

Some of the factors that determine the usability of the app are proper navigation, visibility, error management facility, and use of device resources. When Mobile app developers focus on usability, they can make the end-users happy, and when satisfied users contribute to the success of the application. Therefore, testing the usability of an app should stay at the center point of every Android app development.

2. Fixing the eyes on User Experience and User Interface

Although there is a similarity in User Experience and User Interface Design, the approaches are distinct when it comes to the process of Android application development. The User Experience includes various components, such as usability, functionality, and branding, and the effort is to make it seamless for users and meaningful as well.

The UI Design, on the other hand, tries to create an interface, which is attractive and creates an overwhelming experience for users. Moreover, the User Interface creates a rewarding experience for users. When you look forward to soothing and innovative elements, you will successfully amalgamate user experience and user interface that fulfills the objectives of users. An excellent UX and UI design must move without any hindrance through a wide range of Android devices to create a varied experience for users. Not only does a beautiful app attract the attention of users, but the versatile usability overwhelms users and retains them.

3. Maintaining code quality and including unit tests

It is essential to maintain the quality of code in each portion of the app. Besides this, experts recommend running the unit tests on Android devices. The functional tests help in checking the functionality of the app.

4. Using Android Studio

Their availability is extensive when it comes to keyboard shortcuts as they help in simplifying life and enhancing productivity. Furthermore, the developers can focus on the feature of Instant Run, which helps in reducing the time between the updates of the app and moves further updates to the app without making the changes.

5.Including functional User Interface apps

The functional tests assess the functionality of the app from the viewpoint of users. Using Android Instrumentation is necessary if the application does not interact with the applications.

Choosing appropriate tools

It is always a challenge to select the best tools for Android app development in the given system. Which is better, the old technologies or new devices with high-end features? A few years back, Java was the preferred language for the Android app, but today more developers focus on Kotlin. The reason for the popularity of Kotlin is its effectiveness and speed when compared to Java. It is necessary to choose the tools, and some tools are heavy enough and do not apply to big projects. Therefore, you can replace these tools with a lighter version of tools to fulfill the purpose.

Delivering the updates 

It is necessary to improve the security features of Android apps and extend the functionality of the app. However, you should not make the users overwhelmed with significant changes. The method of gradual release allows the development teams to release those functionalities to specific users at times to accelerate the work of mobile app development without enhancing the risk.

Finally, you should try to find out how your app can generate value for the business. While developing an app for your business, you must try to improve, such as assigning mobile apps to sales representatives to allow them to do the job more effectively.

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Arpana K

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