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From the advent of Android to the modern-day trends, this operating system for mobile phones has shown revolutionary trends. Although the Android OS is more than a decade old, it is still one of the most innovative mobile technologies to storm the world. Quite naturally, you can come across more innovative trends in 2020 as far as Android app development is concerned. The future of Android app development shows a lot of potentials, and the onus of this promising trend is the inclusion of the latest technology. If you want to stay competitive and stay ahead of your business rivals, it is necessary to follow the trends of Android app development in 2020.

Here is what you need to know about the latest trends in Android apps.

  • Making the Apps Smarter with Machine Learning 

The inclusion of Artificial Intelligence has removed the changes from those tasks that were unimaginable until a few years back. According to research, Artificial Intelligence, or AI, as it is popularly called, can enhance every organization’s productivity by about forty percent. Overall, AI plays a vital role in the evolution of the Android app and brings numerous changes in the realm of mobile application development.

When it comes to AI, the companies developing Android apps can develop better and smarter applications and infuse modern technology. No wonder, landmark recognition, scanning of barcode, and labeling are some of the other functions that Android apps can perform with ease, thanks to technological advancements. Besides, the Android developers can also utilize image leveler with Artificial Intelligence for the classification of the images for semantic segmentation.

  • IoT and Kotlin

The Internet of Things or IoT presents within the Android mobile apps aid the connectivity to all those gadgets that are IoT enabled. Furthermore, Android apps have invented Home Automation for the users of smartphones as they can conveniently control their home electronic devices. It is estimated that IoT is becoming the next boon and a smart choice for most Android users.

The year 2020 is the era of Kotlin, and it is the latest trend to embrace for Android application developers. Kotlin can help in building the most enticing apps that create an enriching experience for users. Therefore, Kotlin is here to stay when you consider the trends that are likely to dominate the development of Android apps. Today, every Android app developer can utilize Kotlin for its plethora of Android extensions.

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  • Implementation of Beacon Technology

The Beacons technology refers to wireless transmitters that are small and leverage Bluetooth technology to send signals to smartphones and nearby areas. The ability to transmit and connect the information to the smartphone devices makes it easy to search based on locations and provides guaranteed accuracy. If you are looking forward to marketing technologies out of the store, you can enhance your shop’s footfall. One of the reasons to invest in Beacons technology is its cost-effectiveness, and more app developers are likely to use this technology in 2020.

  • Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is a relatively new technology that emerged in 2018. However, there must be reasons that it is still one of the trending technologies that developers involved with Android apps are likely to use. The technology is growing in magnitude, and the industry is also shaping up well. One of Blockchain’s most important aspects is its ability to prevent the breaching of data, and it does not allow anyone to create fake documents on the ledger. With an overwhelming number of hackers trying to steal your data from your credit cards, making the mobile payment apps blockchain-enabled is crucial.

  • Chatbots

The customers are in love with chatbots due to the fast response and answering facility available 24×7. If you study the latest statistics, over 55% percent of businesses insist on using chatbots, making it one of the trends of Android app development in 2020. There are various easy ways to make the best use of chatbots, such as improvement in customer support, which is a key aspect for businesses to shine. For human workers, responding to the queries of customers can take over ten hours, but chatbots can respond immediately.

  • Using Multiplatform

With a surge of using Flutter, Android app developers can create durable, attractive, and authentic apps containing a single code base in iOS and Android.

The Final Tip

Today, businesses need to understand the targeted audience by leveraging the trends in Android app development. When you hire Android app developer, you need to make sure that they can use the latest trends in app development to deliver the result your business desires. Using the best trends in developing Android apps allows you to stay ahead of your competitors.

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