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With the raging coronavirus pandemic, businesses are looking to expand but do not have the workforce to do so. However, with so many people unemployed and looking for jobs, businesses have started hiring remote employees to take care of the workforce problem.

These remote employees work from distant locations that are usually away from the main office and contribute to the completion of work through cloud servers and online mediums.

If you are also a business that is looking to hire a remote web developer for your business, this blog is the perfect one for you. We will go ahead and show you the steps in which you can hire a mobile app developer for your development business in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to hire remote developers

Understand why you need remote developers

In these testing times of the coronavirus pandemic, there are a lot of reasons why you might hire a remote team to develop mobile and web software for you.

  • Companies don’t want their work to stop and their clients to leave them. In this economic crisis, every single kind of revenue is deeply crucial, and companies are not ready to lose out on business. At the same time, companies also have to be vigilant about the health of their employees and hence, make sure that workplaces are safe. Here, the requirement for remote workers who do not come to workplaces becomes important.
  • Remote working uses technology that makes working more efficient and effective. When this happens, work gets completed faster and faster, making development better and more productive.
  • Remote teams are flexible to the needs of the customers and the company. Changes to the requirements and necessities of the clients can be made very easily and with a lot of ease, making development more efficient and productive for both the company and the consumer.

Find a destination for recruiting remote workers for your company

There are a lot of places where the recruitment of remote workers is most profitable. There are many factors that go into deciding which destination is the most profitable for you to hire remote workers for your development job. Some of the top choices for countries where you can hire developers are India, Brazil, Ukraine, and Canada.

These places have developers who can code and write software or perform software testing on your programs remotely, working through cloud servers and the like. If you are a company that does not want to expand overseas, you can also look for software developers or web and mobile developers in your own country and find them through social media or other hiring channels.

Understand the difficulties that you might face

There are a lot of companies out there that have employees working for them remotely. A large percentage of these companies are mobile and web development companies that have the choice of having people work remotely for them and not come to the workplace. However, there come a lot of challenges with hiring a remote team or a remote employee. These might be cost-related difficulties, problems related to the fulfillment of clients’ requirements, and time management.

However, in this current time of the pandemic, there are undoubtedly a lot of other advantages of hiring a remote team. Hence, before taking a decision, you have to decide whether getting a remote team that works for web and mobile app development is worth it for you in the long run.

When hiring a remote developer for your project, look for qualities like reliability and return on investment

You should not make the mistake of choosing your remote developer in a hurry. Have a closer look at the projects they have been part of before, how many successful partnerships they have been an active part of, and the challenges they have taken up in their career.

Once you select them, let them know the exact requirements you have related to your work and the kind of field you are working in. Find out whether there are chances of a lack of communication with your developer and make sure that it is solved as soon as possible. Lack of effective communication can result in much greater problems like lack of coordination with regard to work and missed deadlines.

Precise steps required to hire a remote developer for a project

  • Keep accurate information about the requirement of the project at hand so that it can be sent out to prospective employees when they ask for it. It is necessary for you to have a list of requirements or necessities ready for potential candidates to see and go through.
  • Filter out the resumes until you find something similar to what you are looking for in a remote developer with regards to qualifications and work experience.
  • Take an interview and get to know the candidate better.
  • Establish clear and effective communication channels with your developer and create a free-flowing communication channel for seamless connectivity with your office or other co-workers.


Hence, here are some of the steps that you need to take in order to hire a remote developer for working on your web or mobile development project. First, you need to ensure that hiring a remote employee or developer will indeed make your company better and your clients happier.

Hiring remote developers for your web or app development project also entails sharing intellectual property with them; something you should not do until you have an ironclad contract in place first.

After this is done, you must ensure that the developers you are hiring are qualified according to your standards and have considerable work experience that will help them collaborate with your clients better and have better online workplace relationships with their co-workers.

In this difficult time with the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, it is important for you to realize that hiring remote workers to work on your web and mobile development project is one of the best things you can do to ensure the health of your employees in the workspace.

Dalina Scott
Dalina Scott

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