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Since the introduction of Swift in WWDC 2014, it has been popular and the most preferred programming language for developing a range of iPhone apps. Though Objective-C was good enough for building quality iPhone applications, developers leveraging this programming language often have to perform a lot of coding work.

It requires a lot of time and thus makes iPhone app development highly complicated as well as expensive. So, the main objective of Apple behind introducing the new programming language was to simplify the task of iPhone development and thus make it affordable. So, every business can afford to have it.

If we talk about Swift, it is highly safe, easy to grasp, and of course, advanced when compared to its predecessor. This is the reason why many developers are of late inkling towards leveraging Swift when it comes to iPhone application development.

Top Reasons Why iPhone App Developers Prefer Swift

In this blog, we are going to discuss what makes Swift the most preferred language for iPhone app development. So, you should always hire an iPhone app development company that promises to develop a smart app leveraging the Swift language. Take a look.

Easy to Learn

Those who wish to leverage Swift language for creating an iPhone application need to have a good command of the language. So, developers who are beginners or seeking to use Swift for creating iPhone applications need to have a good command of Swift language.

iPhone application developers have to import a completely separate library for creating a functionality like input/output, string handling, etc. for a simple test of coding every time.

Apple has minimized the process with the process playground feature that enables developers for experimenting with code when it comes to Xcode directly. This will be helpful for them in outcomes quickly even without any kind of extra activity.

Easy to Maintain

It is another reason why Swift is becoming the most preferred choice among developers. The new programming language called Swift basically uses LLVM and Xcode, which is able to perform the incremental build by automating everything while discovering dependencies within the code.

Besides, the programming language is also blessed with the ability to combine the implementation file along with the header file, which is also called the table of content. Therefore, it doesn’t create the necessity for two separate files.

This also prevents developers from spending less time, when it comes to bookkeeping since Swift is known for having the ability to reduce boilerplate code and thus also invest more time, especially when it comes to the creation of the app logic.

Easy to Code

When it comes to coding, Swift gets an edge over its predecessor called Objective-C.  An iOS app development company often finds it quite easier to code with the new programming language.

With an easy and clear syntax pattern, Swift, in fact, simplifies the coding for building iPhone applications and thus lets developers get rid of complications involved in the process of creating mobile applications.

The other major characteristics of Swift are that it also doesn’t include any symbol or semicolon at the end of each script. It lets engineers perform development work hassle-free and smoothly.

Apart from this, Apple has also developed and introduced advanced compilers for the new programming language. It minimizes the developer’s efforts in creating iOS apps by eliminating all complications involved in iOS app development.

Besides, it also makes iPhone application development object-oriented in nature by letting developers accomplish even the complex job within the set time frame implementing easy coding practice.

Easy to Adopt

The other reason why Swift witnessed its vast popularity among iPhone app developers is that it comes with a greater level of interoperability with Objective-C. So, iPhone application developers can easily build apps leveraging Swift code, functionalities, features, etc.

Swift code tends to easily function with those of various Objective-C files and lets developers use these in the same project. More and more, developers also can enjoy the greater flexibility of accessing the Objective-C API.

Apart from this, the new programming language also offers greater simplicity and readability even without performing less coding work to being light and compact.

Support Dynamic Libraries

When it comes to dynamic libraries, these are basically the chunks of code that tend to easily link to iPhone applications.

Though these are external elements, these come with the app. These are available for users especially when they download the application from the app store.

Earlier it was not easy for iOS developers to add dynamic libraries. The credit goes to none other than Swift for making it easier and now they can do it conveniently to add libraries to mobile applications developed on the iOS platform.

Besides, the new programming language is also quite useful in reducing the size of the application and also making it light with the use and link of external code.

Highly Modern

Being an open-source programming language, Swift is blessed with advanced framework infrastructure, compilers, debuggers, etc. The technology enables mobile app developers to perform coding quickly and smoothly with the use of simple syntax.

Apple, on the other side, also worked on memory management and simplified it with the help of Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) programmers. In order to develop a mobile application, it uses Cocoa for the application development framework.

Besides, Swift is also known for its great ability to be easily intermixed with Objective-C with the support of the collection, module, blocks, etc. of those of old technologies. Besides, it can also easily minimize the friction between both Objective-C and the new programming language.


So, above are some of the greatest attributes of the new programming language Swift, which has become the top-most programming language for developing iOS applications.

While hiring iOS app development services, make sure that the iPhone app development company you are going to hire is comfortable with the use of Swift for creating iPhone applications.

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