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One of the challenges that organizations face today is choosing a suitable platform to host the apps. Today, creating an excellent app is not adequate for the success of the business as it must stay available on a platform that addresses the requirements of your target audience. From a financial perspective, it is a better option to select one platform that helps make the most of the investment and provides a generous ROI.

The present generation has gone mobile, and people use their smartphones until they fall asleep. For every mobile user, the day begins with smartphones when many of them visit the various messaging apps and check for the latest social media updates. According to reports, people spend more time while engaging with mobile devices than on any other activity throughout the day. There is one thing users cannot skip, and that is using different mobile apps.

Of the two major players, namely Android and iOS, the following are the reason for investing in Android app development.

Reaching the global audience and making market research easy

In the digital technology age, about eighty percent of users can access internet technology when browsing the apps on their mobile devices. The user’s preference is to create a seamless experience within a unified platform when finding the information they need. With features, such as enhanced user experience, services, and excellent user interface on one platform can push the customers instead of searching around for websites.

For every business, market research is an important aspect that promotes business growth, and mobile apps are responsible for gathering data about customers and their preferences. The collection and analysis of data are significant from the point of view of sales and marketing. It provides adequate information about the origin of users, their likes and dislikes, and the areas of their interests. Using Android apps for market research is an essential aspect of business development.

  • Extensive visibility and customized services

You are aware of the level of engagement with customers, so companies should not step back from creating business apps to make their brands more visible. Additionally, the presence of the logo of a company on the home screen of customers of prospective customers reminds them of specific brands, which in turn makes your services more accessible. Therefore, whenever they require products or services that you sell, your brand will immediately come to their focus. No wonder the plan to hire Android developer is one of the primary considerations of a company that wants to reach out to the audience.

The android mobile apps can make it easy for you to identify the requirements of customers as you can access the data you need about them. Once you get all the data related to your customers, it becomes easy to analyze them and to customize the services to address their needs. The more is the customization; the higher is the inclination of customers towards your brand.

  • Low investment and opens-source software 

Unlike Apple, which requires high charges of yearly registration, the cost is much lower in the case of Android apps. Despite the low investment you make for Android apps, they are capable of high returns in the long-term. Apart from this, the charges of hiring Android developers are lesser than iOS, which makes this platform financially viable.

Android is open-source, which implies that developers need not worry about royalty and licensing expenses. Moreover, there is a huge community of Android developers that can interact with each other to learn more about the latest and updated versions of this platform. Therefore, the developers can configure the apps according to the requirements. On the whole, Android apps are more convenient and yield high returns for developers and companies.

  • Enhancing customer engagement and popularizing the brand name

The Android apps create an easy and smooth user interface for engaging users and for retaining them. Similarly, users love the experience of learning about your business through the applications. One of the primary reasons businesses focus on Android apps is their ability to engage customers through a personalized experience.

Besides, these apps allow businesses to collect real-time data for the growth of a business. With the data they collect about businesses, the modification of products and services becomes easy. Furthermore, through mobile apps, you can inform customers about the latest offerings and deals based on their feedback and the interest level.

Go mobile

Online presence indeed is one of the most significant aspects of every business today, but sticking to social media pages and websites cannot bring the results you desire. Investing in Android mobile apps can open new avenues for your business and motivate your customers to respond to your products and services.


Mahabir is the founder and CEO of iWebServices. He specializes in guiding startups, enterprises, and Fortune 500 companies through their digital transformation journeys. Under his leadership, the company has developed over 1300 digital products, including mobile apps, SaaS platforms, and advanced AI and blockchain solutions. Mahabir's passion for technology, adaptability to emerging tech trends, and visionary leadership qualities have positioned him as an influential figure in the pursuit of digital product investment.


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