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Best Frameworks and Tools to Build Progressive Web App


Mahabir Prasad

CalnderJanuary 8, 2019
Best Frameworks and Tools to Build Progressive Web App
PWA is a hot topic in software development since the last couple of years. The reasons for such PWA popularity can be easily explained. A couple of years ago, it must have been a dream for developers to combine together the power of native mobile applications and websites. But now times have changed as PWA brings together the best sides of native and web applications.

Progressive Web App Frameworks

Following are the Best Frameworks for Building a Progressive Web App:

Angular JS

Angular is a robust tool for developing the client-side part of web apps. The arrival of Angular 5 has brought developers a simpler way to create PWA. Angular 5 is now equipped with a powerful service worker for built-in PWA support. The latest version of this framework has several new features for creating responsive and reliable PWA.
This tool enables scalability for a project, so your app can now manage a big scope of data. New CLI commands allow developers to easily turn projects into PWAs.



Developed by Google, Polymer is a lightweight JavaScript framework. It enables mobile developers to create reusable elements that facilitate synchronizing data with devices. Polymer App Toolbox was created in order to simplify the process of PWA development. There is a Tool called the App layout component which allows for creating a responsive design and which thus automatically enables the service worker.
Note: Using this framework increases the size of your PWA and hence the load time.

You will find this article useful: Everything you Need to Know About Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web App Tools

Here is the list of tools that will help you easily create a robust progressive web app.


You can build PWA with React as it is backed by Facebook and provides developers with the ability to share and reuse code. Create-react-app generator automatically generates all the required data for your PWA and all you need to do is only customize it.



This tool was developed by Google in order to improve the quality of web apps. This tool tells you if your web app is ready to become a PWA. When you add your website to this application, Lighthouse measures it on its four criteria and shows problems that you should solve to increase the efficiency of your web app.

Dev Tools

Every browser provides programmers the ability to find and debug web apps on the go. Chrome Dev Tools panel enables modifying and inspecting service worker, manifest, and cache files. The same capabilities are present in the Firefox Dev Tools.



It is another tool created by Google. Workbox includes several Node modules and libraries that enhance the web app performance and facilitate the creation of progressive web apps. In case, if the PWA is ready, one shouldn’t forget to make sure that all requirements mentioned in Google’s PWA checklist are met.

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