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Becoming a mother is the second most pleasing feeling in this world after getting equally loved by your dream boy or man. Isn’t it? Women feel blessed and delighted at the same time and do not leave any stone unturned in taking good care of their child. Though the entire nine-month journey is no less than an uphill battle through which almost every female has to pass through at some or other point in their life, it requires a lot of emotional and physical care for the baby, not just mother-to-be. And since sometimes it becomes too difficult to ensure great care for both individuals due to the busy lifestyle of the working mother or other similar things, it makes sense to have a helping hand at their disposal. And when such a circumstance arises, who can be better than their husband or other family members? But, what if they fail to live up to the expectations of the pregnant lady for some reason? Or they fail to handle any troublesome situation in the expected way? That’s where the need to have a credible pregnancy tracking app pops up.

Yes. And if you are a budding entrepreneur, you can make a considerable amount of money out of pregnancy apps. All you need to do is hire the best pregnancy tracking app development company on the cloud and ask them to build a superb pregnancy application for your organization. Once you do that, you can achieve your money minting goal very easily and help your entity reach the growth level you want.

Now you might be thinking, why should you invest in a pregnancy app only, nothing else? No? So, just for your information purposes, pregnancy tracking apps have been growing at an extremely fast pace for the last few years. In fact, a trusted source has estimated that women’s health apps will boost at a CAGR of 19.45% between 2022 to 2030, resulting in the acquisition of $2.7 billion in revenue. So it is the primary reason to put your hard-earned money in pregnancy tracking mobile app development and reach your monetary goals sooner than later. Perceived? If yes, it is time to hop onto:

What is the use of a pregnancy tracker app?

If you are thinking that your potential consumers will need pregnancy apps only to get health-related tips, then you are not right at this point. Because there are some great pregnancy applications out there that offer medication advice too. For example, the best pregnancy tracker app can give you a brief understanding of your vitamin schedules, precautions, and many more important instructions regarding your medical condition that you might need. That’s not all! Even some pregnancy software displays the weeks and days of pregnancy in addition to disclosing the estimated delivery date of one’s baby depending on their details.

pregnancy tracking mobile app

Why is there a demand for a pregnancy tracking app?

There are no two ways about the fact that pregnancy and motherhood are some beautiful experiences for any lady who is going to become a mother anytime soon. They experience a vast amount of feelings in a short span of time. And such females need to have three important things during pregnancy, such as:

  1. Love
  2. Care
  3. Companionship

What else? They want their babies to come to this world in good health when they take birth. And during this important period in a woman’s life, their better half and other loved ones stay close to them. Still, the catch is that pregnant women cannot accomplish their safe and successful delivery goal without having a good pregnancy tracking mobile app at their hand. And do you know the reason? Well, such applications let mothers check on impulsive overflows of multiple emotions and get accurate responses to countless riddles about their soon-to-be-born son or daughter. For example:

  1. How can the baby be given the best possible care and attention?
  2. What challenges may parents face anytime soon?
  3. What plunges need to be taken to ensure proper growth of the baby?

If a pregnant woman does not get answers to all these queries on time, they will be bothered about the health and safety of their kid big time. Luckily, enough technological advancements has already been done and having the best pregnancy tracker app on the concerned lady’s phone means that this virtual assistant can be accessed 24*7*365 days by them during their 9-month pregnancy. And through this software they can clarify every doubt they might have about their child.

So, if you want to build such an application or software for business purposes right away, it is a smart strategy to team up with an experienced app developer having expertise in pregnancy app creation. Yes. They will help develop your business app focused on pregnancy and make sure it renders the targeted services to your potential clientele smoothly.

What is the standard cost to create a pregnancy tracking app?

A full-fledged pregnancy tracking app development will cost you somewhere around $62,500. However, it is not that you can’t get a pregnancy app if you don’t have such a huge amount in your bank account. Wondering why? Because the cost of creating a pregnancy application could be as low as $50,000 or as high as $75,000 depending on the bells and whistles you want to have in your app.

How to create a pregnancy tracking mobile app easily?

First of all, you must cognize that pregnancy is a very sensitive topic. Yes. And if you are willing to build a business around it in terms of an application or software, your potential service provider needs to perform deep research and learn about every aspect of pregnancy. Be mindful, it is very instrumental for a pregnancy tracking app development company to have sufficient knowledge in this field. Do you know why? Because a pregnancy tracker app is a bit different and complicated from the rest of the types of mobile apps on your phone. For example, a pregnancy app may directly affect emotionally to whoever uses it but that is not the case with other applications.

Therefore, it is necessary for an app developer specializing in pregnancy app building to create such apps extremely carefully. And you will be glad to know that the software professionals of a leading app development entity are so well-versed and knowledgeable that they carry out the research and analysis job properly which helps a lot in validating the idea of the concerned app. And the result? Well, they are able to use the correct approach to develop the application and then implement it accordingly in the exact places.

What’s more? They make sure all the instrumental features and functionalities should be incorporated into your application after having an audience with medical experts. They will build your pregnancy weight tracker application in such a way that your target users will feel emotionally connected to your app. Not only that! They will also ensure your pregnancy app meets all the necessary requirements of a user.

Finally, coming to the UI and UX part. The design section of your pregnancy tracking app should be so appealing that it attracts the attention of the end user within a fraction of seconds. And when it comes to the UX part, it should be top-notch in every aspect. Please remember, if someone is visiting your pregnancy application for the first time, they won’t wish to waste their precious time juggling to perceive tough medical jargons anyway. Also, if the primers posted on your web app or mobile app seem to be tedious and monotonous, the end users won’t spend their valuable time on perusing them.

Thus, everything boils down to the point that you must make your prospective app developer understand the actual needs of your consumers pretty well. Because doing this will help both the app development team and UI UX team to do their job in an effective and efficient manner. This way when your pregnancy app gets developed, the chances are high that it will get you far more engagement from its possible users than you can ever expect.

What are some features that the best pregnancy tracker app must have?

  • Sign up/Login

This is one of the must-have functionalities in your pregnancy application as it makes it a breeze for your prospective visitors to enter inside the application. A developer of pregnancy applications takes advantage of APIs to ensure social media and email id-based registration of users and their login.

  • Calendar 

Another crucial thing that your pregnancy tracking software must include is a calendar view. Yes. With this feature, it is also a great idea to integrate a facility to add notes, set reminders, and type in day-wise data about:

  1. Mood
  2. Symptom
  3. Activity
  4. Medicine consumption
  5. Exercise
  6. Fetal environment
  • Home Screen

Some instrumental elements that must be added to the home screen of your pregnancy app comprise:

  1. A small overview of what does the child look like
  2. Countdown to the date of delivery
  3. Nutrition plans and strategies
  4. Write-ups centered on mother’s health
  5. Primers focused on baby’s developmental stages
  • Community 

During the development of your pregnancy tracking app, it is necessary to ensure that it has an option to get community support for interested females. Wondering why? Well, when women conceive, they become pretty anxious regarding the type of change they might experience in their life in the coming days and how they will deal with that. That’s when obtaining the much-needed guidance and support from other pregnant females out there can help them sail through the troublesome journey easily.

  • Goals

When you partner with a pregnancy tracking app development company, it is imperative to inform them to develop a system for your application using which mothers-to-be can set real-time objectives around:

  1. Sleep
  2. Ideal weight
  3. Workouts
  4. Daily steps
  5. Nutrition
  6. Intake

Additionally, they can also see the progress when it comes to accomplishing these objectives. Usually, these objectives are attached to reminders that allow users to track the progress as the day goes by.


  1. Kick counter and contraction timer
  2. Insights
  3. My profile
  4. Customer support

The bottom line

So, this is what you should know about before moving forward with pregnancy tracking mobile app development. If you keep all these things in mind while taking the plunge of pregnancy app development, the odds are high that you will come up with an outstanding virtual product sooner or later.

However, if you need  any help with your professional pregnancy app creation, just remember the finest pregnancy tracking app development company is just a call away.

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