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Apple devices and gadgets are very popular among individuals all over the world. These apps are developed using Swift programming language to provide an edge to these apps by various Swift app development companies. Swift is an intuitive and powerful language for iOS, iPad, macOS, and tvOS developed by Apple Inc. and the open-source community.

Earlier the programming language of Apple devices was Objective C but it has some loopholes and faced many challenges. Hence, Swift was developed and is loved by the iOS developers due to its modern features.

Hire a Swift developer with the best skills and expertise to create appealing Apple gadgets for your customers. Swift coding is safer and produces software that runs very fast.

New and innovative features in Swift Programming Language

Below-mentioned are some of the features of Swift that every Swift app development company must have in their developers-

Great First Language-

Swift code is fun and interactive, so the Apple developers created a free curriculum for the educators to teach Swift language both in and out of the classroom. Swift has now opened doors for even novice people in the world of coding.

Even if you are in school or college, you can easily explore Swift by downloading Swift Playgrounds, an app for iPad. You can do this kind of exploration if you are even a first-time coder in Swift.

Designed for safety-

Swift language wipes out whole classes of perilous code. Variables are constantly modified before use, arrays and integers are tested for overflow, memory is consequently accomplished, and authorization of exclusive access to memory prepares against some programming errors.

Swift also intensely uses esteem types, particularly for generally utilized sorts like Arrays and Dictionaries. Another security feature is that of course Swift items can never be nil. The Swift compiler will prevent you from attempting to make or utilize a nil object with a compile-time mistake. This makes composing code cleaner and more secure and shields your applications from crashes.

Interoperability with Objective C-

Swift has many new and advanced features and one of them is interoperability with Objective C. That means, Swift code can be easily used in the existing Objective C files in the same project. It can be easily adopted in Objective-C API and implement new functionality in your app.

Compatible with Binary-

Swift 5 is the latest version of Swift and in Swift 5 you don’t have to change any code of your Swift 4 version of the compiler. The advantage of the new Swift 5 feature allows you to start using the new compiler and migrate your files accordingly.

Swift 5 is also easily compatible with the binary codes, which means that you need not include Swift libraries in current and future OS release apps. Now let your application run in the trending Swift library version without recompiling. This feature not only makes the development of your apps simpler but also reduces the app launch time.

Fast and Powerful-

Swift is the successor of Objective C and C language, it was actually built to run faster. It uses the high-performance LLVM compiler technology to transform its code to native code.

The Swift library and syntax have been designed in the most possible way to write your code simply. It also provides many object-oriented features such as protocols, classes, generics, giving Cocoa and Cocoa Touch developers the presentation and authority they want.


Swift is the outcome of the decades-long experience of the Apple platform for creating various iOS apps. The Swift parameters with names are given in clear syntax which makes its APIs very easy to maintain and read. Another interesting feature is that the developers need not use a semi-colon(;) in their codes. To support the worldwide programming languages and emoticon, Strings are Unicode-correct and utilize UTF-8 based encoding to improve execution for a wide assortment of use cases.


Swift programming language is an open-source platform that is built for everyone. It has a large community of active Swift developers as well as other developers to contribute their combined knowledge to make Swift even more interesting. There is even a large range of podcasts, blogs, conferences, and live sessions with developers where they share their experience to make Swift more powerful.

Package Manager-

The Package Manager of Swift is a sole cross-platform tool for creating, running, testing, and packaging your Swift libraries and executables. Swift packages are the most ideal approach to circulating libraries and source code to the Swift group. Arrangement of the package is written in Swift itself, making it simple to design targets, announce items and oversee package conditions. The Swift language itself creates the Swift Package Manager and is included in the Swift open source project.

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