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Apple is famous for its highly anticipated iOS updates, and iOS 17 is no different. It comes with a bunch of cool new features that make your iPhone and iPad even better.

Now, Apple hasn’t told us the exact release date for iOS 17 yet. But based on past iOS updates, it’s probably going to be out in September, as usual.

However, here is a tentative schedule for the release of iOS 17:

  • June 5, 2023: Release of the first iOS 17 beta for iOS app developers.
  • July 2023: Release of the first iOS 17 public beta.
  • Mid-September 2023: Release of the final public version of iOS 17.

Now, let’s have a look at what new features are coming with the release of the iOS 17 version before you hire iOS app developers to develop a new iOS application.

iOS 17: New Features

  1. Personalize Your Phone Calls

Personalize Your Phone Calls

You have the power to give your phone calls a personal touch now. Remember when you could choose a photo for your contacts in iOS 17? It would pop up whenever you messaged them. Well, the interesting thing is that now you can do the same thing for your entire call screen. 

Feel free to customize your image and decide whether to share it just with your contacts or with anyone you call. But here’s the catch: the person you’re calling needs to have an iPhone to see your awesome picture. Besides these, don’t forget to add a special message to the card, like your company’s motto or a personal greeting. It will make a killer first impression when you call someone.

  1. All your iMessage apps in one place

All your iMessage apps in one place

With this iOS 17 update, your iMessage apps are getting a major upgrade. No more scattered apps all over your Home screen, because now they’ll all be conveniently consolidated into one spot.

The Messages app interface got a cleaner look, and everything you need is just a tap away. You’ll find all the apps, photos, and camera stuff tucked away nicely behind a “+” button right next to the compose bar.

Hit that button, and you’ll have quick access to the Photos, Camera, Audio, Apple Cash, location, your Messages apps, and even an updated Stickers experience.

  1. Create one-of-a-kind stickers

Create one-of-a-kind stickers

Speaking of stickers, they’ve made some cool changes. Now, all emoji characters can be used as stickers in the Messages app. Although you won’t face any problem using them like regular emoji.

And, the best part is, you can consider using these stickers anywhere you can use emojis, even in those apps you got from the App Store. Also, you can stick them onto images and messages.

In fact, you can turn any photo into a sticker. If you use a Live Photo, your sticker will even be animated.

  1. Leave a message on FaceTime

Leave a message on FaceTime

Another new iOS 17 update is that you’ll be able to drop a video message on FaceTime. What’s that? Well, it’s like reaching out to someone when they’re not available by sending a video clip. 

To leave a message on FaceTime, start by dialing up your friend. Once the call connects, just hit that “Leave a Message” button. From there, it’s all about recording your epic message and then sharing it with your friend.

Moreover,  the recipient will find your message waiting for them in their FaceTime inbox. They can revert back, listen to your awesome voice, or simply delete it. It’s all up to them. 

  1. StandBy 


StandBy is the next-level Lock Screen mode for iPhone users. When your iPhone is charging in a horizontal position, this will automatically kick in, transforming your device into a super-handy information hub.

How does it work, you ask? StandBy cleverly keeps your iPhone’s essential apps and services running in the background, even when it’s locked. You will keep receiving the latest notifications, check the weather, view your calendar, and more without having to unlock your device.

  1. Interactive widgets

Interactive widgets

Widgets in iOS 17 will be interactive. Meaning, with this update, you’ll be able to take action with just a tap.

You can totally do cool stuff with widgets. Like replying to a message, starting a timer, or even adding an event to your calendar without needing to open the whole app. It’s super easy too—just give the widget a little tap, and it’ll open up this cute mini-version of the app where you can take action.

  1. NameDrop


There is another newly added feature called NameDrop. It is to make sharing your contact info super easy and quick. 

With the help of NameDrop, your contact details will automatically show up on the other person’s device. To use this new iOS 17 feature, you’ve got to create a NameDrop profile.

Fill out stuff like your name, email address, phone number, and other deets. When you’ve finished setting up your profile, simply tap the “NameDrop” button in the Share sheet to share it.

  1. Journal


Journal- again a new app that we will get with the iOS 17 release. You can use Journal to write down your thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

Your iPhone can help you come up with personalized journaling suggestions just for you. It uses machine learning right on your device to analyze your music, photos, workouts, etc. and then suggests special moments that you can write about.

  1. Maps Feature

Maps Feature

Apple Maps has just dropped an interesting update for all you explorers out there: offline mode is finally coming.  Yes, with iOS 17, you have the flexibility to download maps of any specific area straight to your iPhone. No more worrying about losing signal or venturing into remote places. 

  1. Visual Look Up

Visual Look Up

You can now access Visual Look-Up information by tapping and holding on an object in a photo, as well as by swiping up on a photo. This makes it easier to get information about the objects in your photos.  It uses machine learning to identify the objects.

There are more- 

  • Background Removal Magic – iOS 17 Remove Subject From Background feature lets you easily remove any person or object from a picture. And guess what? You can look it up right from there too!
  • Video Visualizer – Pause any video frame and tap on the info button. Boom! You can now search for anything, whether it’s a funky plant or a cute little critter. It’s like having your own personal nature guide.
  • Car Dashboard Detective – Visual Look Up can even detect those mysterious symbols on your car dashboard. From hazard warnings to ventilation controls.
  • Laundry Symbol Decoder – Confused by those weird laundry symbols on your clothes? Not anymore! Visual Look Up can now help you decipher them. 
  • Zoom and Crop in a Snap – Want to focus on a specific spot in an image? With iOS 17 one-tap crop feature, you can zoom in and instantly crop without even opening the editing interface. 

Given the magnitude of this upcoming iOS update, businesses can’t afford to lag behind. Yes, it’s crucial to take this opportunity and tap into the massive user base that iOS 17 will undoubtedly attract. 

With the ever-increasing popularity and impact of iOS devices, developing an iOS app should be a top consideration for any savvy business. 

Want to know why? Continue reading!

What Are The Benefits of Developing An iOS App For Your Business?

Initially, Apple’s products were more likely to be purchased by the wealthy elite. Yeah, those were the days. But things have changed.

Now, even we regular folks in the middle class can get our hands on an iPhone. The Apple market is booming. As of August 2023, Apple is worth a whopping $3.076 trillion!

Benefits of Developing An iOS App

With such a growing market, developing an iOS app for your business can offer several benefits. To take advantage of these rewards, it is necessary to hire iOS app developers who possess proficiency in Swift, Xcode, Objective-C, and other relevant technologies.

Now, let’s put some spotlight on the benefits of having iOS app development for your business.

Benefit #1: Better App Revenue

Better App Revenue


iOS apps are typically more revenue-generating compared to Android apps. Due to iOS users’ willingness to spend more on premium apps, this is the case. 

Furthermore, iOS users frequently use the apps installed on their devices for prolonged periods of time. This means businesses with iOS apps have a higher chance of raking in bigger bucks.

Benefit #2: High-Quality Standards

Whether you hire iOS developers or dedicated Swift developers, one thing that is really crucial for business growth is the quality of your app.

Apple’s App Store has rigorous review processes to ensure only quality apps are approved. Developing iOS apps that are user-friendly, visually appealing, and perform seamlessly is encouraged by Apple’s guidelines. 

Thus, a developed iOS app for your business is more likely to meet high-quality standards and provide a superior user experience. These business security practices give them peace of mind in knowing that their and their client’s information is protected.

Benefit #3: Security of Enterprise Data

Businesses choose iOS app development primarily because Apple places a strong emphasis on data security. As one example, iOS includes encryption features to protect enterprise data from unauthorized access and attacks, and to provide privacy for transactions and communications between apps and the company’s servers.

Furthermore, the data inside Apple’s secure enclave, a separate chip that stores fingerprint and face information and data in such a way that it is insulated from attacks that may otherwise compromise enterprise data.

As well as this, iOS offers advanced app sandboxing techniques that restrict an app’s access to the enterprise’s data, preventing unauthorized access. As a result, even a malicious app cannot access sensitive information from other apps or devices.

With iOS apps, businesses can feel confident that their sensitive customer data and confidential information are secure. Any industry needs trust and credibility to succeed in the long run.

Benefit #4: Established Customer Base

Globally, iPhone users will number 1.46 billion in 2023, equivalent to 21.67% of smartphone users worldwide.

Established Customer Base

In comparison with other mobile operating systems, Apple’s USP is its established user base. Hiring skilled iOS app developers will allow you to tap into the massive user base of millions of iPhone users worldwide. 

iOS apps allow you to reach a larger and more engaged audience, enhancing your chances of success. 

Benefit #5: Apps for all business needs

On a daily basis, the Apple App Store releases around 1,182 new applications. During the last three months (May 2023-July 2023), a total of 31,643 apps were published.

Apps for all business needs

The Apple App Store features an expansive selection of applications, with an indeterminable number of them being created daily to suit the various demands of businesses. This broad range of offerings is well-organized into categories, allowing entrepreneurs to easily find an app suitable for their business.

For example, retail stores can develop an iOS app that facilitates product browsing, purchases, and order tracking. Such an app gives them a competitive edge in an ever-digitizing landscape, allowing them to establish themselves as modern, customer-centric organizations.

Benefit #6: Less Development Time

Thanks to the easy-to-use development tools of the iOS operating system, creating a simple business app has been drastically expedited. Apple provides developers with clear guidelines, in addition to pre-built UI components and templates to generate visually attractive and user-friendly apps.

Consequently, this allows them to save time on basic visual and engineering tasks and spend it instead on individual business-specific functions. Furthermore, the streamlined development process allows for-

  • Quick debugging
  • Fast Deployment
  • Provides increased app performance on iOS devices

In this way, not only does the production time of apps lessen, but their quality is enhanced.

Benefit #7: High Market Penetration

By creating an iOS app for your business, you can enjoy high penetration into the market. iPhones and other Apple devices are prominent players in the mobile market, and millions of iPhone users are located around the world.

As of March 2023, Apple’s iOS dominates the smartphone operating system market in the United States, claiming over half of the market share.

High Market Penetration

This provides a vast and engaged target audience for your iOS app. Plus, the organized categories make it simple for customers to find and download your business app.

Capitalizing on the high market penetration of iOS devices offers the chance to bring in more downloads, better visibility, and additional sales for your business. Utilizing the broad usage of iOS products, you can create an environment of success within the competitive mobile app market.

What Next?

Hope, now you have an overview of the advantages of developing an iOS application for your business; it is time to develop one. Find iOS developers and hire them to make a new app for your business.

You know, we’re all waiting on iOS 17 to get fully released, but we can also be sure that the iPhone company’s tried and true platform has some great potential for brands to market their business and get a great return on investment. 

If you are looking for a world-class iOS app, we have iOS app developers for hiring at iWebServices. From an hourly basis to full-time dedicated iOS app developers, we have them all.

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