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Top 8 Mobile Apps Developed on Ionic

  • Tuesday, February 4, 2020
  • 3 Min Read
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When it comes to mobile application development, one has to either opt for iOS or Android platforms. If you are seeking for Android app development, then developers leverage Java for creating your desired business app.

For iOS apps, developers leverage Objective-C or Swift for developing a range of mobile applications based on the preferences of their clients.

Well, these are the tools that help you in building mobile apps on a particular platform or native apps and harness its various important advantages. In other words, these are the best tools to develop native mobile applications.

So, what about hybrid mobile app development tools? Well, there are plenty of tools available for creating top-notch hybrid apps – Ionic is one of those.

As one of the most popular cross-platform app development tools, Ionic witnessed its growing usage in mobile app development. And it tantalized the senses of businesses seeking a better option for mobile app development. This prompted many companies to hire an Ionic mobile app development company that can create the best application based on their needs and expectations.

Some Popular Mobile Applications Developed on Ionic

In this blog, we are going to outline some of the most popular Ionic mobile applications that witnessed their growing popularity in the market. You can go through the following mobile applications to explore everything about Ionic app development before you hire an Ionic developer.


Download: iOS & Android

While talking about some popular Ionic mobile apps, it’s important to start from none other than Pacifica. It is one of the most popular mental health applications that lets you get rid of stress in multiple ways. It boasts of numbers of tools to serve users in multiple ways like letting them listen to audio exercises, analyze users’ mood throughout the day, though recording verbally, etc.


Download: iOS & Android

It’s another tool built on the Ionic framework. Sworkit easily draws attention of everyone looking for the best mobile application offering them complete fitness solutions. As developed on the cross-platform mobile app development tool, Sworkit runs flawlessly on every device and delivers a seamless user experience.

Sworkit includes a range of exercise plans and lets users choose the right one matching their fitness needs and goals. Apart from choosing the exercise plan, users can also choose the length of their workout from 5 minutes to an hour.


Download: iOS & Android

Those who are looking for market data and non-chargeable news applications available for both iOS and Android platforms can consider MarketWatch. The mobile app delivers outstanding performances, with a little difference in terms of layout and sizes, managed through CSS.


Download: iOS & Android

Diesel earned a huge popularity among people, and also introduced its Ionic-powered application in the market, after witnessing the unmatched potential of this platform. The app helps brands discover a better way of presentation of themselves.

Thanks to the Ionic framework, which makes the app perfect with a high-quality user interface and top-notch performance. It gives a complete experience similar to native apps.


Download: iOS & Android

JustWatch is another popular Ionic application that witnesses a higher user engagement. The app is popular as the streaming search engine application, which is developed with the main purpose to find some legally available content from some of the most popular services.

Users can easily find a wide range of videos and interesting shows from various resources that include Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, HBO NOW, etc.


Download: iOS & Android

If you are in search of the best beer-centric social networking application, you should consider Untappd that already witnessed higher user engagement and thus huge market success.

The app lets users find new beers and also to find out what everyone is consuming, including Untappd Groupie or Beer Connoisseur. Untappd is highly popular among those who are a social drinker.


Download: iOS & Android

ChefSteps, as the name suggests, is the most sought-after cooking company that aims to change the way people cook. The app is also famous for being one of the first applications that leveraged the Ionic framework.

The app enables users to access a range of recipes, video tutorial, various useful tools, that are quite helpful in assisting them in cooking.


Download: iOS & Android

It’s another popular application based on the Ionic framework. Users get the liberty to download the application for free. The app is quite helpful for those couples seeking to manage their money together in the easiest way.


Above are the much-talked Ionic apps that are available to serve different purposes and enjoy their great reputation among users. So, if you are desiring to develop your business app based on this framework, you can hire a reputed Ionic mobile app development company.                          



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