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Mobile apps have revolutionized our lives significantly over the past few years, especially since the rise of the usage of smartphones. It is because of their tremendous usefulness and versatility; that they are providing a great opportunity for growth, especially to entrepreneurs. These mobile apps are supposed to generate $189 billion US dollars in revenues.

Statistics even say that this is the fastest growing industry, and the mobile app development industry will take up the entire industry by storm. There are absolutely no signs of slowing down as well. There have been the latest technological advancements that have taken up the mobile app industry by a revolution already, and it would be accurate to predict that 2019 is definitely the year of mobile apps and associated development. This means a lot of entrepreneurs will chart their growth with these apps and bring more revenues to this industry.

These are the mobile app development trends that will take the country by storm:

AR/VR Kingdom

In the year 2019, the applications of AR and VR will not be limited to only gaming and the like. Google and Apple, the tech giants will be releasing new AR demos for their latest devices. The usage of these apps will definitely expand, and the horizons of the future will be here soon. This is going to be a massive game-changer for us. A lot of people are also using this for targeting potential customers, hence this technology is being used for branding and advertisement. People are giving Beyond the screen trailers to their valued customers, which is a massive development in this direction already.

Connected Smart Objects

Smart objects or the internet of things is a physical network of objects with sensors. This is how all electronics and software are interconnected with each other, making a large grid of connected objects. Big brands have already started manufacturing devices that can be controlled with just one device. IoT app development has been significant, in terms of Smart Lock, Nest Smart Home, Google Home, etc. This is yet another massive game-changer that is expected to draw a total revenue of $1.335 trillion US dollars by the year 2020. The future will soon see self-driving cars, smart homes, and smart healthcare moves.

Connected Smart Objects

AI & Machine Learning

AI already has entered mainstream into the app world. We have seen chatbots spring up overnight and dominate the e-commerce industry. Siri is a combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence and is already being used widespread in all gadgets that belong to Apple. This is one a type of innovation that cannot be separated into entities now.

This year, it is expected that this will move far beyond the horizon, and will not be limited to only Siri and chatbots. A lot of people in business organizations have already employed AI apps to increase efficiency and cut down on costs. A lot of people are leveraging the utility of these apps in their workplace. We are soon expecting AI-enabled chips, automated machine learning, and more.

Beacons are the Way to Get Millions

These aren’t really as new as you think they are – they are already being used everywhere. Museums, hotels, and healthcare, of them, utilize beacons technology for their applications. Now, further development in this aspect will see a combination of beacons and IoT in the retail business.

Cloud – future for Mobile Apps

Cloud might seem like a luxury now, but it is expected that 2019 will burst that bubble. The world is waking up to the exquisite benefits that the cloud offers. Reduced costs in hosting, and extremely streamlined business operations, are some of the benefits that cloud subscribers get. Cloud development will also help mobile applications become more secure, which is why they shall play an extremely important role. Dropbox technology, AWS, Slide Rocket are some of the, etc will develop massively. It will be possible that the apps will all work on the cloud directly. The expected trends in this field are Quantum computing, hybrid cloud solutions, and cloud services and solutions.

Mobile Wallets – The Future Banks

Security is a top concern for mobile wallets, and 2019 will see the cashless world boom further. Payment gateways will see further progress, with higher levels of encryption. Contactless payment and more secure wallets will now dominate the market.

Blockchain -bitcoin and smart contracts

Blockchain has opened a new vista of opportunities that includes bitcoin encryption and smart contracts. Blockchain in 2018 was mostly used in cryptocurrencies, but now it will be used for decentralized mobile applications too. Decentralized mobile apps are not owned by anyone, they also cannot be shut down by anyone. We are expecting great development in BAAS, crypto space and gaming, and asset tokenization.


Wearables – the future accessory:

The wearables industry also has massively progressed – this industry is expected to reach about $33 million by the end of 2019. Wearable devices will take over the market, and today the main control panel for it is the smartphone, but in the near future, smartphones will no longer be the hub. Wearable devices will have direct control from the web or maybe even our bodies.

On Demand Development Apps

This was a business model that was once called the inevitable bubble – and today this is the future. There is no evidence that this sector will diminish, in fact at least 42% of the adult population will be utilizing this for their on-demand services. There will be a huge focus on the B2B sector, and more industries will be absorbing this concept.

Staying updated on all the recent trends can be the only way by which an industry can cope with the changes of the tide. Significant changes in different parts of the world, usually create a ripple, until it all magnifies and forms a tide that brings about drastic changes to the technology scenario. Overall, these can be the summarized trends from this year, in the mobile app development sector.


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