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In this digital era, education is no longer limited to only classrooms and private tuition. Nowadays, everyone who wants to learn and gain knowledge in preliminary or any other kind of technical knowledge can get it anytime and anywhere.

Technology has gained much importance and is revolutionizing the way students are getting an education. Mobile app development is the best example of technological development and it gives aid to the teachers and students to get in touch with each other anytime and students can engage themselves in their studies.

After the outbreak of Covid-19, the education system is showing more interest in learning app development to cater the real-time classes to their students. Nowadays most educational institutions including startups are giving more importance to investing in mobile app development to attract more students.

The spread of Covid-19 across the world has forced educational institutions to make their online presence and built a customized app for their aspiring students. The sudden upsurge of Covid-19 has created a spur among the educational institutions to make themselves digitalized.

App Ideas that Ed-Tech startups should follow

If you are a novice in the field of the education industry, then you can surely look at the following ideas which will be fruitful for your startup and help you to grow your business-

AR-based education apps

AR or Augmented Reality are gaining a lot of importance nowadays in the education sector. Through this kind of app, students can learn their topics more intensely.

They will get a 3D effect of the images and text while learning. This will make them more enthusiastic about their subjects. Teachers will get a new way to teach their students mostly with the Science lessons such as solar system, Universe, and science-based experiments in a more detailed way.

Private tutor Apps

Most education app development companies are busy making one of the best education apps which is the Private tutor app. Through this app, the students can easily choose their desired private tutor from the various options of teachers available online.

In this way, the students can clear their doubts in that particular subject by asking their queries to that experienced teacher. They can easily hire a teacher at their convenience.

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Question-Answer-based apps

The app development companies have developed various question-answer-based apps according to the textbook the students. Hence, these apps will surely help the students to find their desired answers easily.

Through this QA app, the students can cover all their questions and modules or chapters and prepare themselves in a better way for the upcoming exam. These QA apps also have many test series to help students to complete their self-assessment.

eBook learning apps

Nowadays eLearning is highly demanded because the students need not have to buy any books, they can easily learn on the digital platform. Kindle is an example of an eLearning app, which has free as well as premium plans.

Some of the eBooks also have the option of audio reading which is very interesting. Hence, students can easily access their books anytime and anywhere via eBook learning apps.

eDictionary App

These are commonly used apps that are used by people of every age group to find the perfect meaning of any unknown word. It is useful for students, teachers, or any other professionals.

Earlier people used to carry dictionary book in their bag or pocket which was not only heavy to carry but was also time-consuming to find a word inside it. On the other hand, the eDictionary allows its users to type a word and find out the answers within few seconds. There are also a few offline eDictionary apps to ease the work of their users.

Grammar and Vocabulary apps

These apps are very useful for the students to enhance their vocabulary knowledge. Because improving grammar and vocabulary will boost the self-confidence of any student. This app will also improve the pronunciation, phrases and also teach the students the way to write correct sentences. The students can also track the growth of their self-study and also do some self-assessment.

Pr-school Apps

These apps are built for the students who have just joined their school or will join, mostly for the age group of 2-5 years kids. These apps help them to learn alphabets, numbers, fruits, flowers, colors, etc. and help them to clear their entrance interviews of any school easily.

Exam Apps

These are some of the best EDU apps which are very much useful for the students to revise, learn and study easily during their exam time. This app covers all the chapters to be studied by the students and has a to-do list for the students before their examination.

These apps also have a feature of live or video chat through which the students can easily connect with the Subject  Matter experts online.

Language learning Apps

These apps are also very much trending among people who want to learn and explore many languages. It is a blessing for those people, these apps not only help the people to learn new languages but also help them to improve their vocabulary. There are also bi-lingual apps where people can learn from their native language to another language or from English to another language.

Career Guidance apps

These are the best online education apps that provide complete career guidance to the students to follow the best path.  Most of the students do not get proper guidance and they often fail to choose the right path. But these career guidance apps nowadays help them to choose and build a successful career.

Some of these apps also have a feature of specialized experts who can also guide the students online to choose the right path and build their dream careers.

Programming Language apps

Students who are keen to learn various programming languages such as C, C++, Java, Python, and more can easily learn them online using programming apps. These apps provide the best learning solutions for these various programming languages and excel in web technologies. These apps are popular among students and IT professionals to access these topics anywhere and anytime.

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