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If you have to develop a mobile app idea, solely basing it upon your own idealization and not looking into the market for needs and gaps can be dangerous. It would in fact be a matter of huge risk when you would make this move – and it is no less of a gamble. You might also need to consult on what the market and the potential audience also needs. If you do not do this bare minimum, you might be in to lose money, and you might also suffer huge losses to your reputation also.

It is obviously better if you start with building a mobile app, you should first think of validating it. You could even get a clear vision of the app, it’s future vision, prospects and more. You can even figure out if the app in the first place is worth of developing and putting in efforts in the first place or not. The most important reason why you should validate your app is to find out who your current audience is, which would of course ultimately save a lot of dimes. Here are detailed ways by which you can validate your mobile app idea:

Interview Potential Users

Your app ultimately will be used by your users. You will develop it and leave it to your audience to consume the app. If your audience doesn’t need your app in the first place, the idea of creating the app will be absolutely rejected. There is an absolute need to verify if your mobile app is of great use to the audience, or if people will disapprove of it.

For your users, the market research part is of extreme importance – you will need to figure out if all your users are identifying with the need that you have identified. And if the audience will pay for that need – and also how much would they pay for it.

You could use methods of online surveys, ask people in focused groups, or even create topics of discussion in niche forums – reach out to as many people you can and ask them if your app idea sits with them. Also, send them the proposal of a preliminary purchase deal, and the amount that you are planning to charge, and ask them if they are okay to pay that. If they say so, then you are most probably good to go. In very simple terms the user should confirm that he is willing to pay the price for the application.

Estimate The Potential Demand Of The Idea Using Keyword Research Tools

There should be adequate knowledge of SEO and online marketing when one has made up his mind to release his own app. There are often other tools for beginners which might help them with this.

Estimate The Potential Demand Of The Idea Using Keyword Research Tools

Ubersuggest: This is a powerful tool that basically uses Google autocomplete and produces great keyword ideas. It is absolutely an effective tool to determine the search query – this tool will help you to figure out the specific region that interests you, the immense competition levels in that region, and other supporting data.

Keyword tool: this is yet another effective tool that has a free version that generates up to 750+ long-tail keyword suggestions for every single term. One can easily use the Google Suggest tool for a great user interface. However, the free version is almost limited, and incomplete information is available.

Google Trends: this is yet another outstanding tool, this is a website by Google that analyses the top search queries, and then uses graphs to produce results over different queries over a period of time.

There are no absolute numbers that are produced, but it gives a clear understanding of the volume of people interested in a particular field, in gross numbers.

Studying the App Store for Competitive Analysis

This is the simplest technique that any expert would advise you to do. Look for apps that are in your domain, and that is closely related to the future project that you will build. You could do this by entering the search information that your prospect users would look for. Do not keep your search limited to one platform, remember to extend your search to both iOS and Android platforms. You might accidentally discover some new app ideas also.

This way you can analyze the competitor’s apps too. Study their apps thoroughly, discover the pitfalls that they have, and bring out those improvements in your version. Check out all the pros and cons that the apps have, and work on them well. This will help you not make developmental mistakes.

Post your app idea on Product Hunt

Create The Basic Landing Page For Your App And Drive Traffic Into It

There is a slight investment in this venture.

  • Create a proper landing page about the app that you are building. Describe your app idea clearly, and add in as many screenshots as you can, just to connect to your audience.
  • Add in a lead generation form, where you can ask people for their names and their contact information. That way you would come to know how many people are truly interested in the app. That way you could send your future users the notifications when the app goes live.
  • Launch a paid advertising campaign too for the same, use Google Ads and take it ahead to social media platforms.
  • After the campaigns are over, analyze the number of users who have signed up for the app. Work with these sales leads later when you launch your app.
  • Estimate the expenses that will be involved in all of these – marketing, advertising, etc.

Post your app idea on Product Hunt

This is a website that would let the existing users share and find new products. It is a brilliant platform that allows all entrepreneurs to showcase their unique products. People can vote for their favorite product and encourage entrepreneurs. This is one important site that gives constant information about the new products that have hit the market.

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