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To succeed in a fiercely competitive digital market, businesses with existing mobile apps and those intending to develop new ones must conduct extensive research, develop thorough strategies, and analyze the current mobile market.

Moreover, it is a common misconception that Android app development takes longer than iOS whenever the two operating systems get compared. Well, it could appear to be the case if you don’t consider a framework to build an app. But it is not the case as several mobile application development frameworks allow you to create apps quickly – even without having coding knowledge.

Besides, a mobile app development company can offer you the fastest services. However, you must know the right framework for developing an app with up-to-date features. Thus to help you with this, here is a list of the top 10 mobile app development frameworks you should opt for in 2022.

List of top 10 frameworks for mobile app development

Finding the appropriate framework, platform, development process, and project requirements is crucial. Let’s look at the top ten prominent mobile app development frameworks highly suggested for developers in 2022.

1. Flutter

Facilitating you to create native Android and iOS applications through a simple codebase, Futter is the best mobile app framework. Its top-notch SDK for cross-platform app development lets you build native-like applications. Also, it contains debugging and integrating APIs, widgets, a rendering engine, and resources to assist flutter developers in building top-level mobile applications. This open-source UI software development kit is popular for frontend development while maintaining a consistent user experience. 


  • Cross-platform mobile apps
  • Faster development
  • Creative visuals 
  • Native level performance

2. React Native

This framework, built and supported by Facebook, enables you to develop a cross-platform mobile application. Popular among mobile app developers worldwide, it fosters the development of both Android and iOS mobile apps. Some exemplary apps built on React Native are Tesla, Skype, Airbnb, and Amazon Prime. 

It enables rapid development with reusable elements and interaction with third-party extensions. Component-based GUI creation is easy with React Native for frontend apps. 


  • Reusable components
  • Third-party extension compatibility
  • Outstanding performance

3. Ionic

It doesn’t matter which platform you want to create an application on; iOS, Android, and Windows; Ionic is the best option for your need. A mobile app developer can quickly develop an application using Angular and Apache Cordova. With minimal use of DOM to enhance performance and efficiency, this framework also minimizes the usage of native APIs like Ionic Native and Cordova. 

Many mobile app development companies prefer to use the Ionic framework to build high-quality mobile applications. It also helps create robust desktop and progressive web apps from a single codebase. Indeed, it is the best-suited framework for developing hybrid and interactive mobile apps.


  • Consistent user interface
  • The user’s adaptability
  • App creation for multiple platforms
  • Improved performance

4. Xamarin

Android and iOS use C# programming language; Xamarin is the perfect mobile app framework to develop an application. As it requires less code, it enables a quicker development process. 

Xamarin facilitates to sharing of codes across different platforms like macOS and Windows without compromising the design and performance of the applications. 

As Microsoft has acquired Xamarin, it benefits while integrating with Microsoft Visual Studio for in-app development control, improving efficiency like native app performance. 


  • Compatible with various platforms
  • Native appearance and feel
  • Quick development

5. PhoneGap

It is one of the most user-friendly and open-source android app development frameworks. PhoneGap helps you build cross-platform applications. This framework lets you create an app within a few minutes using web development technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 

Also, it has a cloud service named “Build” that enables app compilations without any SDK installed on the system. Since the comparison to get the best framework for your application will go on to choose the best framework for your next Android app. Hiring the right mobile app development company can help you to have better results. 


  • Code reusability
  • Strong back end 
  • Simple-to-use plugins
  • Apache-backed, Apache Cordova-powered

6. jQuery Mobile

It is an HTML5-based user interface system to develop different responsive websites and applications accessible on all platforms; smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Based on the jQuery and jQuery UI foundation, this framework allows Ajax navigation through touch events, page transitions, and various widgets while maintaining a single code base. 

The jQuery Mobile makes it easy to run code on required platforms like Windows phones, Symbian, and Blackberry. Providing many futuristic features for developing user-friendliness and interactive web pages, it is the preferable hybrid app development framework. 


  • Based on the JQuery Core framework
  • Automatic initialization
  • Robust theming framework
  • Lightweight size
  • HTML5 configuration
  • Simple API

7. Mobile Angular UI

The Mobile Angular UI is an open-source framework incorporating Bootstrap, HTML5, and Angular JS to build hybrid mobile applications. Creating a mobile app will be a piece of cake for those familiar with Twitter Bootstrap and Angular JS. This easy-to-access framework has all the essential components missing from Bootstrap 3, like switches, overlays, scrollable areas, sidebars, and other elements. Moreover, fastclick.js and overthrow.js are the main libraries of Mobile Angular UI. 


  • No jQUery dependencies
  • Fully responsive interfaces with a single CSS file
  • HTML5 hybrid desktop and mobile apps

8. Framework7

It facilitates the construction of progressive web apps (PWA), mobile applications, and web apps for iOS and Android with a native appearance and feels. This open-source HTML framework is the best suited for mobile app development. 

Framework7 offers the most stylish animations and components, helping you build a native-like application. Also, it doesn’t require external dependencies such as React and Angular. This framework makes it easy for everyone to create apps based on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Still, on finding any issue while developing a mobile app, contacting a mobile app development company is a great option. 


  • Aids in developing native applications without using React or AngularJS’s external dependencies
  • Simple to customize
  • Plenty of UI widgets and features to build feature-rich mobile applications

9. NativeScript

Famous for creating truly native applications from a single codebase with JavaScript, NativeScript is a framework for frontend, cross-platform development. Many mobile app development companies use this framework to build applications. It uses Angular, JS, SML, CSS, Vue.js, and other frameworks to integrate native APIs using all iOS and Android APIs to create flawless native-like app performance.


  • Utilization of native UI components
  • Availability of native APIs
  • Robust back-end support
  • Cross-platform development

10. VuForia

Finally, yet importantly, VuForia is one of the revolutionary frameworks for augmented reality apps. One of the widely-used and well-known toolkits for developing AR applications, this toolkit includes computer vision technology to identify and analyze images and three-dimensional objects. 

VuForia lets you experience reliability and is stable in various settings allowing seamless cross-checking of functionality. 


  • Recognize and track a wide range of objects
  • Support high-end portable devices
  • Create a simple AR experience accessible on all major devices
  • Video playback support
  • Create virtual buttons which the application can see and respond to
  • 3-dimensional experience

Which Framework is the Best Fit for Developing Mobile Apps?

Here are the top mobile application frameworks that will be in demand to match the expanding need for mobile apps, which brings our search for the framework to a close. However, it is entirely up to you to select an option that best fits the demands of your project. 

Still, if you have more queries or concerns about the ideal partner for your app development project? Get in touch with the team of the mobile app development company that understands your requirements and offers the most acceptable recommendation based on your budget.


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