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We can’t believe that it’s been almost a decade since we opened shop. Over time, we’ve had so much growth, and we’ve been fortunate enough to work with amazing people and clients throughout our journey. An end-to-end service provider, iWebServices has been delivering high-quality development solutions to our partners.

We make sure that the overall experience for their customers is top-notch. Thus, we’ve been recognized by The Manifest, a platform that features industry leaders. As a Most Reviewed company, we’re proud to have received an overwhelming number of positive feedback from our customers.

Here’s the timeline of the events at iWebServices leading up to this moment:

In 2011

Our CEO and Founder, Mahabir P., started his venture to help businesses build outstanding web and mobile apps. Driven by his passion for the technology space, he led his clients as well as his team toward remarkable success and progress.

In 2013

The iWebServices team has grown to a group of 20+ members. We’ve also onboarded our 50th customer, signifying our advancement as a dedicated app development company.

In 2014

CTDCLearning, a community development organization, partnered with iWebServices in efforts to improve their team’s abilities, allowing them to build technologies to augment their solutions. The main goal was to develop a website that can be easily modified and customized.

The iWebServices team has since delivered multiple solutions that exceed the client’s overall standards. Since then, the partnership between both parties has strengthened. CTDCLearning is now one of our long-term clients that have given our services heartening, positive feedback.

In 2021

The Manifest, a company listing resource, names iWebServices as a top reviewed vendor on its platform. The Manifest features the highest-performing companies by industry and location. To be recognized as a Manifest leader means a lot to us as it proves our dedication to customer satisfaction.

We’re proud of this achievement, and it’s all thanks to our amazing clients. Ready to partner with us? Send us your inquiry today, and we’ll get back to you right away!

Arpana K
Arpana K

Arpana is an integral member of the iWebServices team, bringing her expertise and dedication to our content marketing and insights efforts. With a talent for creating engaging and informative content, Arpana plays a vital role in ensuring our messaging resonates with our audience. Her keen understanding of market trends and her ability to translate data into actionable strategies make her a valuable asset to our team. Arpana's contributions to our blog are filled with insightful perspectives and practical advice, helping our readers navigate the dynamic landscape of digital marketing.


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