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These days, most businesses need to be conducted online. Gone are the days when marketing meant just the door to door approach and one random ad in television would be e enough. For people to access your products, you need to provide your services on the most accessible product of all time- the internet. And for that, you need to have a great app. Meanwhile, the idea to hire the best mobile app developer in the town may sound intriguing, however, it is no less than a daunting task and it may disturb the business entrepreneur, in case they are not familiar about the process involved.

The development of an app requires immense knowledge and along with the professional resources. Thus, even if you have a business concept, you might be concerned regarding where to find or hire mobile app developers from. Then the call to choose local app marker, offshore development partner, or a freelancer may confuse you further.

The age of the internet has boomed with almost everybody being capable of getting access to the world wide web.

It means that popularity of smartphones is growing, and considering the fact that over 80% of the time is spent within various apps,  we can safely say that any business could benefit from a mobile application that would represent them.

However, there are two things that scare many business owners and boards of directors:  mobile app development cost and inability to choose the right mobile app development company. While the financial aspect might vary depending on the initial requirements, needs of the business and expected result, we would like to help you in the process of choosing the company that will help you bring the business to the next level.

Best Practices of Mobile App Development that You Should Keep in Mind

There are several things you need to keep in mind before making a decision- how to choose mobile app development company. Yes, a lot of companies offer their services in mobile app development, but you need to know what you are looking for i.e. computer programmers for hire. And in order to do that, let us share some important information explained in simple terms.


Proper Choice of the Platform

There are three types of applications that are now popular in app development. They incorporate different approaches and serve various purposes.

The native application, built using Swift or Java, have the best-optimized performance. Typically designed for a specific device and its OS, they utilize opportunities provided by each device. Some of the benefits of the native app include:

  • Rich user experience, as apps are built to use the full potential of the device;
  • Broader functionality and easier user flow;
  • Quality assurance and feedback via rating application stores of each OS.

Among the downsides, the cross-platform mobile app development is long and expensive, as it requires multiple teams to be hired to support apps for iOS and Android.

Web-based app (also known as PVA (progressive web application)), it is developed as a mix of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, which allows the app to be cross-platform and universal for all major browsers. Generally, web apps are meant to serve a narrow and specific purpose. Among its disadvantages, are integration (not all OS features can be used) and performance (application uses web view for rendering)

Hybrid mobile app development is less expensive in both development and support.  The main idea is to have a framework which will integrate with the mobile operating system so that developers can write an application regardless of the device an end-user will have.

Smart Design

With the recent tendencies of ‘zero design’, it might seem like a good idea to cut some corners and reduce development cost by not hiring a UI/UX designer. If you believe that there is no need to improve user experience, let us ask you one question. Are you sure there is no way to make the user’s life easier?

The design is now about beautiful images or cute emoticons, it’s about creating a journey that will fascinate yet won’t be a puzzle. It means that:

Reduce the amount of information per screen;

Minimize the number of questions users have to ask from the beginning (instead, offer ‘customization via questions’;

Navigate the process and help users find mistakes faster (we all hate when after filling in the long form, you are told something was wrong in the 3d line);

company would say that they are either ‘leaders of the market’ or ‘rousing stars of the industry’. And while we all know trusting self-advertising is not a good idea, you need something solid to rely on. So here are simple steps to take if you want to learn how to hire a mobile app developer.

Conduct a Preliminary Research

Conduct a Preliminary Research

Before development begins, a solid business focus should be determined. Research can provide data to set a proper place on the market and find a unique niche. Plan for the market you can cover, the number of users that might use your app and probable profits.

Establish the Expenses

Once you learn what do you need and what revenue you might end up with, you will be able to calculate the expenses your company can handle and thus, how much does it cost to build an app?  There is no point in getting a pricey app with half the features missing. This might help you decide whether you can afford an in-house team or need to outsource.

Look Thoroughly

In the preliminary stages of your search, pay attention to various development companies both in your country and abroad. You have to find the company that:

  • Has relevant experience and examples of work done;
  • Shares your approach and can be flexible in negotiations;
  • Obtains relevant and honest feedback from other clients;
  • Provides a pool of specialists to choose from.

Define the Project

Know your target audience. You need to know your market in order to make the right choice. If you expect users from Europe, you need to pay specific attention to security, as mobile apps use a lot of sensitive data. In order to define the technical details for your project, you developers need to know where and how the data is supposed to store, are there any additional requirements (GDPR), etc. A security breach can become a great problem and data loss can provide some legal issues.

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Choose the platform. Native apps that run on iOS and Android will require a dedicated professional with specific skills and knowledge, while the hybrid app can be designed by a single team. On this stage, think if there will be the need for offline mode for your app.

Think of the content. Different types of content (both produced and stored within the app) will require a different approach. So make sure to describe the content your app will exploit. Try to plan ahead and predict what content might be used in the nearest 12 to 18 month.

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Be honest and realistic. While describing your dream app, you need to be critical. Are all of those features necessary? What sections or services are vital for the launch of the application? What features can be deployed later or eliminated from the mobile app?

Think Long-Term

Despite all the best efforts from all the parties involved, app development is always long-term cooperation. So choose the company that is open about their project management methodologies, performance evaluation, and lines of communication.

Modern companies, regardless of their size, might have in-house developers who take care of their website. However, if you are looking for expansion, a simple website is not enough. So in order to find the best company to hire for app development, a business should have a clear vision of what needs to be done, realistic expectations about the cost and time of development, and be ready for long-term cooperation with the chosen team of professionals.

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