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As we are living in the era of Smartphone’s, it is one of the necessities to have a mobile app for your business in order to get better traction for your business. Now the question which comes in everyone’s mind is how much does it cost to make a mobile app?

Well, answer to that is pretty simple; it all depends upon your requirements.

Following are the vital factors which determine the cost of app development:

1. Platforms to target


The cost of building an app may vary depending on the platforms you want to support.

2. Requirement

Before starting the Development process, you first need to determine your business goals and the solutions you need – what your app will do. Start by creating a technical specifications document that lists the features of your app. Simpler the app lesser will be the cost. It’s like going to a restaurant – the more you eat, the more you pay.

3. Design

App design (both UI and UX) distinguishes between great and amazing apps.
If you are a designer, you can save money by using tools like Xiffe or Invision to share your app’s flow and ideas with your developers.

4. Native vs Cross Platform (Hybrid) -based development


Most of the platforms have a fixed set of features that you can add to your app. In general, there is very little customization you can do if you don’t own the code.

The development cost of Native application is much higher than creating a cross-platform application. However, a unique feature set along with a customized UI can only be obtained through custom development. Ownership of the source code is emphasized by many startups and companies.

5. App Features

The most dynamic and important pricing factor, as the number of features in your app grows, it increases the complexity along with the cost of development.

If your app requires offline accessibility features, that also increases the cost. You also need to take into consideration the server setup for the web services, storage requirements, data encryption & security, communication with the app, user management amongst the other things.

Mobile App Development Cost = App Features x Number of Development Hours
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Dalina Scott
Dalina Scott

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