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Mobile Apps have become part of our daily life. We use them for almost everything like online shopping, booking a cab, ordering food, tracking health, making an appointment with doctors, or bringing medicine. As a result, the Android mobile application market is growing rapidly.

Enterprises are utilizing android applications with advanced features and attractive UI/UX to boost sales and revenue as well as to gain new customers. However, hiring a skilled mobile app developer with suitable experience is a crucial step in this regard to get value-per-cost service.

In this article, we aim to provide you with a complete guide on the cost component to hire an android developer.

Cost Components

Usually, the developers or mobile app development company will charge you considering their depth of knowledge, experience, and location. Excluding these parameters, hiring cost most of the time depends on the length of the work and the application features. Let’s look into some of the most important factors –

Login or Logout Feature:

With this feature, consumers enroll themselves into your mobile application. If you want to hire a dedicated android developer based on expertise and experience, it will cost you around $30-$50 US dollars for an hour.


If your application consists of multiple screens, pages, and user interfaces, you should insert a navigation menu on your mobile app to make it easy to use. Usually, developers charge approximately $25-$50 US dollars per hour.

Media Content:

Developers use Java and C++ programming language to build a mobile app that is featured with all types of media content like photographs, short videos, blogs, and inter-connected backend links. They may charge you around 50 US dollars per hour.

GPS location:

Usually, cab booking apps, food and eatery services apps, online shopping apps, online dating apps need this type of feature. Here, the cost to hire an android programmer depends on the precision of geolocation tool integration and varies between $25 to $50 US dollars.


A feature like messaging chatbot may cost you extra as it is very difficult to build and time taking too. Generally, the cost may vary between $25 to $50 US dollars for an hour.


Marketers would like to have online ads with all types of customization for more revenue generations which will cost them approx $50-$80 US dollars for an hour.

Offline Apps:

There are several gaming apps, service-providing apps that can run without an internet connection. Developers may charge approximately $25-$50 US dollars per hour to develop these types of applications.

In-app purchases:

Some applications offer paid versions for use, a premium version for advanced episodes, or add free episodes or music. It will cost you approx $750-$1500 US dollars for the entire application package.

We have already told you that the rate of android developers may vary according to their expertise, their location, and from country to country. You need to fix a minimum budget of around $10,000 for a basic app development project which may increase from $50,000 to $60,000 according to your choice of features.


There is another fact that 1 out of 5 mobile app users abandons the applications after using them only once. The figure is frustrating to the markers and app developers. That’s why you need to hire an android app developer or android app development company for developing your next mobile application project. You can find a huge number of android and iOS application developers around you, who either work under reputed software development companies or work as a freelancer. But, you need to hire the best one who will provide the utmost outcome for your project.


Pavendra is a project manager with over seven years of experience in the tech field. He is into managing teams and creating compelling content that helps software developers get a deeper understanding of various technical concepts. Always passionate about leveraging technology that drives innovation, he is a tech geek by almost birth. Currently working with iWebServices, he is a go-to person for delivering on-time software projects and ensuring their success in the long run.


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