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There is an upsurge in the automobile industry across the world and the electric vehicle market has seen a rapid evolution over the last decade. Keeping this in consideration, government bodies across the world have increased their sensitivity and have demanded a cleaner environment. This is due to the increasing number of vehicles and hence there is demand for electric vehicles (EV) charging stations app development.

The extensive use of EV is one of the most essential steps towards environmental preservation. These vehicles have become popular in recent years for various reasons such as they emit zero carbon and there is no environmental pollution. Moreover, these vehicles save energy and fuel and are also cost-effective.

What is an EV charging station finder app?

An EV charging station locator app will show the nearby EV charging station around your location. This app will also provide you with information like the kinds of plugs the station will support. You can also get access to the real-time availability, images, ratings, and descriptions of the EV charging stations. Through this app, the user can also add and find EV charging stations. The user can also enable notifications that will send them a notification whenever a station is nearby.   

Functions of an electric vehicle charging finder app?

Below-mentioned are some of the functions about how an EV charging station finder app works- 

  • If you are the owner of the car, then you have to register on the app with your phone number, email ID, and password. Alternatively, you can also sign up quickly with any of your social media accounts.  
  • The next step after signing in you have to enter your GPS (Global Positioning System) to give the app access to find your location. It also helps you to find the nearest charging station.
  • You can also book a slot beforehand to save time, or else you can visit the nearest charging station and get your car charged. 
  • The advance slot booking feature of this app will help you to check the charging level and progress in your app.
  • You can also see the amount you have to pay through the app or at the charging station.  

Reason to invest in an EV charging station locator app?

The market of electric vehicles is exceeding rapidly and hence developing countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, etc. are inspiring the use of electric vehicles to reduce emissions. Many automotive giants such as Tesla, BMW, Volkswagen, Nissan, and BYD have dominated the global market in terms of electric vehicles. 

In many countries, EV stations are scarce and it is difficult to find through apps, so many businesses are investing in the development of an EV charging locator app. It is very fruitful for the car owners to find the nearest charging stations, make payments easily, book an advance slot, and many more by developing a mobile application for electric vehicle charging.  

Features that can be integrated into EV charging station finder app

  • User-Sign up- After the download of the app, the users must register with their phone number, email ID, and password. Alternatively, they can also register using any of any Google accounts or Social media accounts to make the sign-in process more quick and efficient.
  • Profile creation- The user will have the ability to edit and make changes in their profile with the help of excellent UI/UX design. For instance, they can write their name, vehicle number, profile pic, and so on.
  • Nearby charging stations- The mobile app will notify the user about the nearby EV charging station that is closest to the user. The app will find this according to the location set on the GPS by the user. The main motto of showing the stations to the user is to save time and energy instead of visiting the wrong place. 
  • Station details- While the user will browse their nearby charging stations, the app will display relevant information about the specific charging stations, compatible car models, photos, addresses, reviews, and ratings. This information will help the user to charge their vehicle at their preferred location.
  • Slot booking- This is one of the most interesting and essential functions of the EV vehicle finder app. Because, after selecting the charging station via the app, the user can pre-book a slot in order to avoid the rush and save time while charging their electric vehicle. 

Estimated cost to develop an EV station finder app?

In order to build an EV station finder app, you must first analyze your requirements and the features and functionalities that you require in your app. In this way, you can find the estimated cost of your app. The total cost of developing such an app is also determined by several important factors. The region of the app development company you choose, the functionalities you want to integrate, the platform you choose (Android, iOS, or both), and the complexity of the app are all influential factors to look upon. 

Regardless of all the mentioned factors, the average cost of developing an electric vehicle station finder app will cost around $10,000 to $40,0000.


As discussed above, there are great features and functionalities of electric vehicles and they are also good for the environment. So, we can expect a lot more electric vehicles in various places of the world as the automobile industry is booming. The rising demand for electric vehicles also increases the need for their charging stations. So, if you are planning to create an EV charging station finder app, to meet users’ expectations then hire the best and most experienced mobile app development company immediately.

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