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The pace at which the world is digitizing is phenomenal. People are more inclined towards online platforms for all kinds of service.  Whether it’s booking a cab or ordering food, scheduling a salon service or buying goods, online portals have streamlined the way users interact.  The fact that online business has hit the world by storm, more and more entrepreneurs are now switching to starting their business online. If you are one among them and has been debating on the ideas to set up an E-commerce store,  the cost of developing one night have hinged your mind every now and then!

Helping you on this,  we enlist the entire blueprint of an app like Amazon estimating the total cost of developing the same.  As of now, apps like Amazon, Etsy, eBay are the pioneers of their domain. It, not just the popularity but also the ease each offers for seamless user engagement and experience.  While deciding to deploy an app like Amazon, it is desirable to keep a check on the list of features your app provides.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App Like Amazon?

Enriching apps with trending features aid better user engagement

Core Features

Before we head towards the factors that influence the cost of developing an app like Amazon,  let’s have a quick look at the features, basic and advanced to be deployed in your app.

  • User-friendly Interface enabling hassle-free search operation.  
  • Listicles that outline all the products available in the online store.  
  • A section that notifies users about the latest offers,  deals and discounts, the orders placed and the status of delivery.  
  • A cart where users can add products either for prompt purchase or for later reference.
  • Recently, e-commerce apps are employing options for image searching.  So adding this might help outcast other apps.
  • Register and login option to ease the purchase process.  
  • Secured payment system ensuring the privacy of crucial data.  
  • Options to invite friends,  use referrals and earn in-app money.  

So,  these were fee basic features you can add in your app to get started.  

Factors That Affect The Cost Of App Development

Though apps like Amazon or Flipkart sound similar to other E-commerce apps, there are predominantly the database category of apps and differ with the simple or the non database apps both in quality and cost.  

While we estimate the total cost infused to develop an app like Amazon, we segment all the factors and sum up the cost incurred for each element.  

A Platform on Which the App Would be Deployed

Apps could either be Android specific,  iOS oriented or hybrid. It goes without saying that developing a cross-platform app would incur higher costs. When considering either of the platforms, Android apps are no doubt cheaper than apps at iOS portal. However,  while developing the app, costs incurred for Android apps are higher as compared to the iOS apps. The fact that Android apps need to be tested multiple times and also the emulators for Android is slower than iOS ones boil down to the higher development cost for Android apps. However, inducing effective development practices can cut down on the cost required to develop an Android app though it still would be slightly higher than the iOS apps.

Design Of The App

The look and feel of an app are crucial when it comes to determining app engagement. An appealing design accounts for better interface and higher user interaction. So when designing the app,  it is desirable to use better and advanced technologies to influence the users. And employing modern technologies adds to the cost of app development.

Design Of The App

Size Of The App

The total app size is calculated on the basis of features and functionalities embedded in the app. More the number of features or functions,  higher is the cost of developing an app like Amazon. If you desire to reduce the app development cost, you can cut down on the not so important features and keep the basic and the important ones. Later,  if you find a feature necessary, you can update the app and likewise proportionalize the total cost.

Freelancer or a Development Team

When designing and developing an app,  the most important aspect is the individual or the team involved in developing an app.  Where as a freelancer would charge you less, a development team is more likely to have greater rates and this increases proportionally based on the experience and expertise the development team holds. However,  when developing an app like Amazon, it is expected that you employ someone who has both experience and expertise and hence you need to pay slightly more. To get the best app developed, try opting for an app development company.

Adding a Mobile Wallet

One of the most trending features seen in apps is in-app wallets.  They eliminate the issues related to online payment and ease the entire purchase process. Where an app wallet is beneficial both for the user and the app owner,  it would definitely cost high and increase the total development cost.

So,  when you are estimating the cost of developing an app like Amazon,  you need to consider all the above factors. Additional features like social media login, in-app calling, otp login add to the total development cost.

If you are looking for one such company that would help you design and deploy an app like Amazon,  you are at the right place. We are a team of software nerds who cater to all the requirements of our clients and help deploy an app at the budget suitable to both. We ensure optimal app performance enriched with features necessary to thrive in the competitive world.

Feel free to reach out to us for NO- OBLIGATION Consultation , write to us [email protected]  

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