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Healthcare apps have emerged as a necessity in the technology-driven society and the medical field is continuously evolving in terms of IT. This could be attributed to the fact that technology not only eases the patient-doctor engagement but also streamlines the entire process of diagnosis and treatment. Given the opportunity to deploy an app, nearly every medical expert now strives to go digital.

True that the term mhealth has become dramatically popular, there arises the need to abide by the digital transformations in the healthcare sector. App development is a long term process that needs to be executed carefully and comprehensively. So while you are planning to have an app, drafting the app development cost becomes important.

App Statistics

App Statistic

  • As evident from a report, the total number of healthcare apps existing in 2016 we’re 259000 and of these 59000 were health apps.
  • It is expected that the rate at which mhealth is growing sums up to 32.5%.
  • Another research suggests that health apps market would cross a hundred billion Euros by the end of 2022.

So, the numbers here speak for themselves. Considering this, the healthcare organizations are inclined towards deploying an app that could help both the patients as well as the clinical experts fostering enhanced healthcare services. So while you are thinking to develop an app for medical services, you would be detrimental to the total cost to be incurred.

Well, determining the cost is not a number to guess. You need to consider multiple factors important throughout the development phase to end up giving an estimate of the cost of app development. To shed light, the features to be added, the type of app developed, the total manpower hours, and the platform for which the app is being developed emerge as the most important ones. Here, we would pick each one separately and see how they trigger the app development cost.

Type Of App

When talking about the healthcare industry, there are multiple types of apps that could promote the same. Some are focused on patient-doctor engagement, some are static with emphasizing or generalizing relevant information and some include fitness apps. Let’s stop guessing and see exactly what the types are.

Fitness Tracking Apps

These are the most popular ones. Given the fact that people are way too concerned about their health and the general concept of calorie-in and calorie-out, health freaks definitely opt for health rather than calorie tracking app. They are feature-rich too, right from your food intake to calories burned, water consumption and the steps walked, these apps track all. Every day more and more people are getting engaged with this kind of app, so venturing into this would not be a bad idea.

Medication Tracking Apps

Yet another wonderful app designed for the ones on medicine but yes the work keeps them so busy that they forget to keep track of their medicine timings. Medicine tracking apps are fed with reminders that pop up every time you miss having your dose.No doubt, it is important to take medicines regularly, and hence missing the right time might cost the overall recovery timing. To rule this out, tracking apps come in handy and are the need of the hour.

Medication Tracking Apps

Chronic Care

Diseases that are fatal to human lives need to be tracked regularly. Chronicity adds to the risk associated with disease and hence there are apps that allow patients to monitor their health and stay informed as well as updated. These apps notify patients of unusual behavior preventing the situation to turn worse.

Emergency Apps

A seriously I’ll patient needs to be taken to the hospital as early as possible. Emergency care apps are designed to provide vital information on the nearby hospital, the doctor list, traveling time, the wait time, and the availability of doctors. Prior information is always helpful as the patient need not move between hospitals to find one with the required treatment.

Pregnancy Apps

One of the most useful and the one that is highly popular pregnancy apps. Mothers especially the pioneers are very much concerned about their health followed by the child. They have a bundle of questions running in mind for which they seek answers and they definitely end up asking google. However, these question the credibility of the information. One wrong piece of advice might cost her a child’s life. So, to ease this, there are pregnancy apps that have been preferred for the necessary information. Also, the app enables them be soon mothers to track their doctor’s appointments and never miss one.

Pregnancy Apps

Additionally, there could be database management apps where the doctors could track all the information related to a patient.

Features To Be Added

No matter which kind of app you choose to build, there are features basic to be embedded in the app. The most common ones are:

Social media login:

Nearly all apps today have social media integration. So, your app must have the feature to allow users to log in using their social media ids.
Dashboard: As the user log in to the app, the first thing user would see is the dashboard. The same would have indicators on the recent activity, that get updated. The dashboard would also enlist recent events and notifications.

  • User Profile: Next, users would have a profile where all the basic information about the same is fed. The patient’s name, age, weight, blood pressure, and other relevant information can be written.
  • Booking Section: Here, the doctor can either look for a doctor, book appointments, track the booked ones and also write on the recent events.
  • Video Calls: Here, the patient can place video calls to the doctor in case of they same needs personal assistance with the disease.
  • Notifications: Live notifications are the need of the era. It is necessary to keep patients notified of the next event or appointment.
  • Payment System: When a patient seeks medical advice, he/she is entitled to pay for the same. So, for seamless payment, it is desirable to have a hassle-free portal to initiate the same. An excellent option is to integrate with Google Pay or Apple Pay.

So, these were the features you need to add to the app. In addition to the above, the total manpower hours are taken to add to the cost of app development. Depending on all, the amounts sum up to $40,000. However, this does add to the designing and the server development cost. Also, this is just an estimated figure and can either increase or decrease depending on the app complexity.

No doubt, healthcare apps have a great future ahead.

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