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Healthcare mobile app development is the process and technique by virtue of which you can build an app (that is compatible both on mobile and computers) with the intention of helping its users track their medical conditions and concerns and make their insurance claims effectively.

These apps, depending on how they have been developed, can also be used to accomplish specific or broad fitness goals on an individual level and track hospital visits for people who cannot do so on their own. Not only that, but these healthcare apps also include telemedicine, the scheduling of doctor’s appointments, the delivery of medical prescriptions, and updating of medicine prescriptions over time.

However, these features can vary from healthcare app to healthcare app, depending on what stakeholders have developed the app and for what purpose. The apps might have different industry-grade features and specifications depending on the target audience it is catering to, whether this target audience is young teenagers or old centenarians.

Nevertheless, these trends, features, and types of healthcare apps that we have highlighted in this blog will give you a much firmer understanding of how these apps can be the future of inclusive healthcare.

Latest trends in healthcare mobile app development 2021

There are some healthcare app trends that have developed over the years with the boom in the medicine and pharma industry around the world. What this has done is that they have transformed the industry with newer technologies that are incredibly useful to the end-user in the form of convenience and ease. Here are some of the trends that healthcaremobile app developers should look out for in the healthcare app development industry:

Health data that is patient-generated

This trend makes use of the data that is collected from the patient or their family members. This data might include the medical history of the patient in question, the diseases that run in the family or the diseases that the patient is likely to get, the lifestyle of the patient, and the various methods that can and should be applied in a case such a disease is contracted.

The data that is collected in this way gives the application some understanding into the patient’s medical history, which can, in turn, make tracking health easier. There are several diseases around the world that affect humans through generations.

These diseases can be passed on from one generation to another in the same family by means of genes. When the health data of a patient is collected in this form, the tracking of these diseases becomes easier.


There are many segments that can be used to divide the healthcare sector into. However, telemedicine is one of the biggest segments in this case. With a growth rate of more than 100% in the last few years, telemedicine involves the use of sophisticated technology to exchange medical information about the patient wirelessly with related and relevant doctors online.

With this, patients are not only conveniently conveying their problems to their doctors without having to remember them every month, but they are also getting access to better doctors and certified agents around the world. Online consultation also means that patients with serious and terminal conditions don’t have to pay as much as an online visitor to get the same consultation.

The usage of artificial intelligence

The revolution in the healthcare industry is in a major way being caused by artificial intelligence. It is expected by various important stakeholders in the healthcare industry that the usage of artificial intelligence in healthcare mobile app development will make the industry a whopping success. The technology can be used to manage multiple tasks in the healthcare app in the background, save users from doing repetitive tasks over and over again and automate all things over a certain period of time.

Artificial intelligence usage can also schedule timely checkups with doctors, conduct various tests and scans, and other such activities that require human intervention at some point. They have been designed to reduce people’s dependence on other humans and their inevitable faults and get flawless care every single time.

The usage of blockchain

Blockchain is a rising star in the field of computing and technology intelligence. Making its mark on the cryptocurrency front, blockchain is now being used extensively in the healthcare industry in different kinds of ways.

The usage of blockchain can solve three major problems in the healthcare industry: management of records, clinical trials, and drug traceability throughout the world and the medical industry.

While blockchain enables secure sharing and exchanging of data among medical professionals from the same industry, this technology is also adept at tackling counterfeit drugs and their usage by various sections of the population.

Top features in healthcare apps for 2021

Healthcare apps have become the new normal for people who are trying to be a little more proactive about their bodies and their health in general. Hence, there are certain features that have become the norm for every healthcare app out there being developed.

These features are something that has been under constant scrutiny in previous years and should be sought out if you are looking to use one in the near future.

  • Video conferencing features that have telemedicine capabilities with doctors – allow patients to have a certain level of confidence in their prescriptions.
  • Features that allow people to get an e-prescription – this can allow doctors to generate and send prescriptions to their patients with any and all nuances easily and efficiently.
  • A feature that allows you to share your progress with your family, friends, or even your doctor – this allows and motivates patients to keep checking in with what they’re doing and whether it is working out for them. This feature will also help them to keep in touch with their long-term goals and ensure that they always take steps to achieve them in some way or the other.
  • Medicine calculation feature – that allows patients to accurately measure their medicine intake and take just the right amount every single time.
  • Checking and diagnosing the patient using symptoms – If you are into healthcare mobile app development, you must have a feature that allows patients to know what the problem is by entering their symptoms into the app.
  • Communication in the form of chat or messaging with doctors – This feature is important because, in this way, patients can easily communicate with their doctors and vice versa.
  • Customized notification and reminders – this is perhaps the most important feature that you must have on the healthcare app. Here, patients can set their reminders for doctor’s appointments and other medicine schedules to give them exact reminders on your mobile phone. This helps patients keep track of their time and perform their medical rituals accordingly.

Types of healthcare apps in 2021

There are healthcare apps that are being developed every week around the world. However, not all healthcare apps are the same, and they are all made to cater to different kinds of user bases and customers. Hence, in order to gain a proper perspective of the types of healthcare apps, they can be divided into two categories:

Professional apps

  • Clinical assistance and appointment apps
  • Patient medical tracking apps
  • Medical reference and database apps
  • Telehealth mobile apps, also known as doctor-on-demand apps

Healthcare apps for patients

  • Healthy lifestyle apps
  • Reminder apps for people with medical conditions
  • Patient medical education apps
  • Monitoring apps for people with chronic and terminal conditions
  • Apps for people who need immediate medical assistance


Hence, these are some of the top trends and features, and types of healthcare apps that you can get on the market right now. Trends like artificial intelligence and machine learning, along with blockchain, are all the rage right now in the healthcare mobile app development industry. With the coming up of these trends, the healthcare app industry is set to boom for all patients around the world.


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