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Ensuring early footprints in the desired marketplace could be potentially effortless for startups leveraging Fintech apps. Undoubtedly, Fintech apps have remained the more secure & sustainable domain in the past years wherein every other industry had been struggling to even thrive due to Covid-19. So, let’s explore how Fintech app development could be a proven worthwhile deal for your startup business.

In today’s digital age, Fintech is reserving one of the largest market shares due to customer adoption in terms of flexible yet quick payment solutions with convenience and real-time. If we peep into recent years, pandemic situations affected almost all the industry.

On the contrary, Fintech apps could take a lope due to timely requirements when people were compelled to make online payments, ensure day-to-day transactions, and even transfer money to their dear ones.

Considering this whole, Fintech application development can affect the startups’ production line and can ensure scalability further in their preferred marketplace. Before we move ahead, let’s perceive the term Fintech app first.

What is the Fintech Application?

Fintech is the term that refers to financial technologies. Fintech apps help to simplify financial services with the amalgamation of technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning), Blockchain, etc.

Fintech is not denying the traditional financing or banking system but yes, offering an improved deal to the users/customers in terms of convenience, flexibility, and scalability.

Today, we make use of Fintech solutions in our day-to-day life. For instance, when you pay by scanning the QR code in a grocery/medical store, you use a Fintech solution. Not just the large to mid-market players, but even modern startups are taking recourse to Fintech mobile app development to drive efficient results and grow at scale.

Market Overview of Fintech App Development

Contemplating the rising user adoption of mobility solutions, Fintech apps are ensuring their continuous demand in the worldwide market. From wallet transactions to online banking to making seamless online payments, Fintech apps are bringing revolutionary transformation across the global marketplace.

While concluding the research of Market Data Forest, the global financial market is expected to grow approximately $324 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 25.18 %(Compound Annual Growth Rate).

Another published research by Statista – There were 10,755 Fintech startups alone in the American region by Nov 2021. All these startups were encouraged by the steadily increasing online and mobile payments among modern users.

Fintech App Development Ideas for Different Businesses Domains

  • Banking
  • Investment
  • Insurance
  • Payment
  • Virtual Currency

Must-have Features to Be Imbibed for Your Fintech Application Development

Depending on your industry or business model, your feature list may vary. However, here we are going to reveal the most generic features that are used by almost all the Fintech business contexts:

Secure/Reliable Authentication

Enabling secure authorization is the key considerable feature to include in your Fintech application development. Make sure that your app user login is secured by multi-factor authentication such as email or phone number verification, OTP-based account login, biometric authentications, and more.

Payment Facilitation

Another vital yet commonly used feature term is payment, and enabling secure & real-time payments is a crucial deal during any Fintech app development. Depending on your business domain, you may be required to process through a secured QR code, bank-to-bank transfer, in-app wallet transfer, OTP-based transactions, and more. This helps to rescue from fraudulent transactions.

Dedicated Dashboard

Tracking the information and demonstrating the same on a single screen or system helps to access & manage things seamlessly, make timely decisions, and more. Facilitating your Fintech app with a dedicated dashboard enables you to access all the data including expenses, outcomes, market updates, pending or upcoming transactions, and more.

Integration Requirements

Often Fintech apps require integration with third-party apps (depending on your specific business), payment gateways, market/news updates, notification systems, and more. An efficient Fintech app should be configured in a way whereby a user can securely log in to their account, fetch all of their bank account balances, and can find the nearest bank/financial institution’s location.

Real-time Notifications

Real-time notifications help users to remain aware of any sort of transactions made, payment/investment updates, loan application status/EMI updates, and more. Sending real-time updates helps to generate customer trust and encourage loyalty which ensures productivity at scale for the long run.

Potential Technology to Integrate for Your Fintech App Development

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain
  • Machine Learning
  • Internet Of Things
  • Cloud Computing

Steps Involved in Fintech App Development

Every Fintech project is developed considering distinct requirement analysis, project goal, targeted marketplace, competitor analysis, customized functional needs, integration scope, and more. Here we are unfolding the usual steps involved while ensuring Fintech app development.

Requirement Gathering & Analysis

This is the very initial step wherein you have to come up with your app development needs including your app objective, desired marketplace, customized functional navigation, and budget.

Once you share this initial information with the Fintech app development company you hire, they can reveal your project scope and the time required to complete your project.

Design Specification

The next step is all about UI/UX development of your app that defines how your app will look like, and how feasible it is for your end-users. Here selecting the right Fintech mobile app development partner matters a lot. Hence, make a strategic decision while choosing a worthwhile partner to build a highly intuitive yet useful app for your business.

Custom Development

When it comes to the functionality part, going with industry expert Fintech app developers can help to build feature-enriched and productive Fintech apps to streamline your finance, banking, insurance, or lending services. At iWebServices, we comprise highly skilled and yearly experienced Fintech app developers to confidently undertake your project.

We value your time, efforts, and investment, hence rather than going to develop and launch the entire functionality, we implement and launch the MVP(Minimum Viable Product) to test and ensure whether the app is developed as anticipated and how it is performing in the targeted market. Based on this, the final application navigated with full of functionalities can be launched. This helps you to save your time, investment, and energy.

App Deployment/Launching

In this phase, your app is being deployed or launched on your desired app’s platform(s). Now, this is the time when you need to review your app performance in terms of user downloads, user adoption, potential lacks, and more.

A right Fintech app development company like iWebServices provides app performance feedback and suggests possible inputs to be added along with lacks to be removed from the deployed app. Considering the market analysis and your overall app performance on the app store or play store, we upgrade your app’s functional capabilities to that MVP version.

App Maintenance

Once your app is finally launched on your desired app marketplace, the next step is app maintenance & support. This ensures the smoother running of your app, new feature enhancement or version upgrade, and more. We suggest you ask your provider at the beginning whether they will provide your app maintenance & support services or not. However, this will require you to pay additionally.

When it comes to iWebServices – a Fintech mobile app development company, we take care of the end-to-end development of our clients from the requirement gathering phase to UI designing, MVP development, final launching, and app promotion to app maintenance/support.

Why Choose iWebServices for Your Proven Fintech App Development?

Expert Fintech Development Team

iWebServices incorporates a pool of expert Fintech app developers holding years of development expertise with plenty of multi-industry exposure to develop specific feature-enriched apps demonstrating the project scope in a timely adherence.

End-To-End Development

We ensure end-to-end development from the requirement analysis phase to the final app launching to even the support & maintenance part. We believe in providing everything under a single roof. If you wish to grab app promotion services, we provide that too ensuring hassle-free, convenient, and efficient solutions.

Goal-Driven Solution

Understanding your project goals, budget, and customized functional navigation, we design, develop, and deploy your Fintech app solution that drives innovation and productivity. To ensure goal-driven development, we follow an agile working methodology wherein we work on your frequent inputs.

Moreover, developing MVP (Minimum Viable Product) helps our clients to get what they want in actuality to get implemented and this saves their cost, time, and energy while ensuring opportunity for market scalability.

Flexible Time-Zone

We understand your preferred time zone and working flexibility. Thereby, we work as per your flexible working hours. Our Fintech app developers can connect and interact with you in real time to ensure the seamless and efficient flow of your app development project.

Quality Assured Deployment

We are committed to providing quality-assured Fintech mobile app development solutions. Contemplating all of your core concerns, project goals, future considerations, and scaling opportunity, we deliver standard code equipped with security layers preventing potential system downtime.

Moreover, we work on an agile-based working methodology that ensures your project navigation as per your customized requirements.

Cost-Effective Deal 

When it comes to app development costing, we help our clients to save upto 60% of their overall investment. We offer 3-different engaging models wherein you can select as per your budget and suitability. Our engagement models include Dedicated Team, Fixed Price, Time & Material. To understand each in an in-depth manner, connect with our Techno experts.

Post-Launching Maintenance & Support

Post launching of your app, we also provide dedicated maintenance and support services to ensure smoother and more reliable performance of your app on your deployed platform. We fully take care of your app/version upgrade in terms of introducing new features or existing feature upgrades, and more.

How Much Does It Cost to Build Fintech Apps?

Before going through the requirement analysis phase for your Fintech app development project, no development partner can reveal your exact cost. We will appreciate it if you discuss your project requirements with us. Based on this, we can suggest you the best quote for your project while keeping transparency in every aspect.

So, you need to do your own analysis and evaluation first, and you must have the answers to the following questions during the requirement analysis phase:

  • What is the objective of your Fintech app development project?
  • What functional requirements are you looking for?
  • What is your targeted marketplace?
  • What is your budget limitation for your Fintech application development?

Once you provide all the required information, we will reveal the final cost for your Fintech app development. So, ensure your connectivity with us first, and we will do the rest.

Summing Up

To implement your Fintech app development idea successfully, you need to join hands with a Fintech app development company holding years of development experience and industry exposure like iWebServices. We are a team of proficient developers to understand, analyze, and develop your Fintech app satisfying the core business objective.

To know more or discuss your Fintech project with us, connect with us, and we will help you navigate through your dream project successfully.


Tanya is a technical project manager with more than 7 years of experience in web and mobile app development. Her experience includes planning, organizing, directing, and controlling projects in order to ensure that the goals and objectives are met. Her experience in the IT industry, as well as her proficiency in various emerging technologies, make her a valuable asset for anyone seeking a tech expert.


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