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In today’s scenario, the education sector has experienced rapid growth by introducing various E-Learning applications. We can install such learning applications on our mobile phones, laptops, or computers and can learn things according to our choice at any time from any place. They are called online learning applications; however, most of them offer features that work smoothly offline. If you don’t have a proper internet connection in your place, the best part is still you can access the courses by downloading them previously.

However, online education industries are expecting to reach around $350 Billion in profit by 2025. The education sector has been changing drastically as more resources are getting available on the internet and making it more prosperous. Among these learning resources, e-learning applications come at the top of the list. The overall scenario of the teaching method and the entire education system has been changing forever since the arrival of these learning applications. The E-learning method has already accumulated praise from teachers, students, and their parents worldwide.

E-learning application development facilitates an advanced platform where students can enhance their skills whenever they want and still learn if any teaching faculty is not available. It has provided multiple promising opportunities for both teachers and students even before today’s pandemic situation. The academic year has started, and schools in around 33 countries are closed. While some are planning to re-open schools partially, most countries have shifted to remote teaching methods to keep classes running online due to the Covid-19 pandemic. So, it feels like there is enough scope for expanding the online educational market through e-learning applications and courses.

So, are you looking for an online learning marketplace? Or planning for developing an e-learning application? Then, don’t go with the flow only. Understand the perception of E-learning application development like features of the application, monetization steps, and the industry outlook at first.

Advanced Features of E-learning Applications:

Features for Student Panel:

  • Signup / Login
  • Profile management options – personal settings, data processing options, day/night mode options
  • Browse for available courses and several subscription plans
  • Smart search filter options
  • View and select tutors
  • The comment section for users for posting questions and doubts
  • Connect with the tutor via live text chat or video call
  • Subscribe for quizzes and test regarding selected courses
  • Provide digital certificates after completion of the courses or after qualifying the tests
  • Rating options to review the available courses and teachers

Features for Teacher Panel:

  • Easy registration
  • Profile enhancement options – Create, Manage, and various personal setting options
  • Push Notifications for consultations
  • Answer the questions posted by students
  • Earn points and credits on every reply to the queries asked by the users
  • Interact with students through audio, video, or text chat
  • Schedule online live classes
  • View their reviews and ratings given by students

Features for Guardian/Parent panel:

  • Registration by social media account or email or phone no.
  • Monitor attendance of the students
  • Observe the course progress
  • Track student’s performance
  • Check student’s assignments and their test results
  • Consult with tutors via live video chat or audio call, or text messages
  • View courses and manage subscription
  • Push notifications by admins and teachers
  • View the leaderboard of students

Features for Admin panel:

  • User management – Signup / Login
  • Profile management – various personal setting options
  • Communication management – Audio, Video, Text Chat
  • Content management
  • Teacher-Student information database management
  • Subscription plan and price management
  • Statistics and marketing reports
  • Analyze reports for earning more and enhancing user engagement

Understand the General features of a mobile e-learning application

Sign up/Log in

Users need to complete this step first before using the application. A new user will be asked to sign up by entering their few personal details and setting a user id and password. After signing up, users have to create and complete their profile by entering their details, preferable choices regarding subjects or courses, and some apps may ask them to set their profile pictures. If an individual has an account in the application, he/she needs to log in to their account by entering the authenticate user id and the correct password.

AI-based Advanced Voice Command

By using this helpful feature, users can browse their desired courses or subjects. For this, users are required to provide a voice command to the system. AI matches the voice query with the available database to give in the desired information in output.

Push notifications

If users enable the notification option, the application will alert them regarding the availability of new study materials or course videos, upcoming scheduled classes, and other crucial purposes by sending notifications.

Real-time analytics tools

This feature will help the student and parents to track the learning, assessment score, progress, and development. It is like a measuring tool that helps to monitor user behavior and app performance simultaneously.

Multiple languages support

If your application provides learning sources in multiple languages, it can engage users from across the globe. So, the integration of a multiple language support system is mandatory for such learning applications.

CRM Integration

The customer relationship management feature plays a vital role in the mobile e-learning application as it allows the application to maintain a great relationship with its customers. It monitors the learner’s preference, customizes their browsing results as per their need, and makes the app more convenient and easy to use.

CMS Integration

Content Management System monitors and maintains the entire content.

Discussion board

This functionality helps marketers to increase user engagement as it makes the interaction process among the admin and app users relatively simple and easy. Moreover, users can create a new discussion topic and post it in the discussion forum of the application; other users, including those who posted the topic, can add a comment about this topic or other existing topics. Sometimes, users can enhance their knowledge by following the ongoing or previous discussion.


The leader board declares the name of the highest scorer to increase the competition among the learners. It also motivates the learners to learn more, increase practice, and takes the tests more often.

Quizzes and test assessments

Such e-learning apps usually offer practice tests on particular subjects or courses and provide assessment reports to help students attain knowledge and grasp essential concepts.

Lesson download option

This feature proves helpful for those students who fail to attend their live online classes due to other engagements. The lesson download option in these e-learning apps allows their learners to download their online courses for watching later during free time.

Creating chat room during live classes

This feature allows the students to ask their queries regarding the lessons via text messages in the chat room even when the class is going on. Thus, the teacher will stop teaching further, clear their doubts at first then proceed.


With this feature, users can purchase any PDF books, video lectures, or other study materials through multiple payment options like credit or debit cards, NEFT, UPI id, or payment apps such as Paypal, GooglePay, PhonePay, etc.

These are the basic but most wanted features of an e-learning application. If you want to develop a dynamic online learning application, take care of feature listing along with the easy-to-use user interface.

Develop an E-learning application

The online learning industry has already come in the trend from the last 4 to 5 years. A study has shown that more than 50% of smartphone users prefer online learning. Therefore, most of them have e-learning apps downloaded on their mobile phones and have already started learning from such applications. That’s why people are getting more interested in investing in the online education industry. So, you can also have the best chance to earn a high profit by developing an up-to-date e-learning application. Here is a shortlist of activities that you need to do for a good start –

  • Your app should be extraordinary, exclusive, and relevant to your target audience. That’s why you need to do proper marketing research.
  • Follow the competitor’s applications; monitor, what performs well and what gets failed, and keep an eye on their app’s feedback.
  • Think about the apps’ logic, design, features, and define the wireframe for your e-learning application.
  • Create relevant and reliable digital learning content. Your content should be precise, concise, easy to understand, simple but creative, and engaging.
  • Hire a highly skilled professional team from an E-learning app development company and thoroughly discuss your app’s features.


Every day the technology world is emerging with various advanced features or technologies that started the digital evolution of each industry. Smartphones, smart TV is becoming an indispensable part of our lives and have taken the online marketing industry, entertainment industry even the education industry to a new height with many mobile applications. Furthermore, the covid-19 pandemic situation has affected all industries while the government emphasizes maintaining social distance more, then E-learning becomes even more popular. Such types of e-learning applications have become the only central point of education. You can expand monetization opportunities with this application by endorsing the in-app advertisements, selling courses to the students or earning commission, selling study materials to schools or colleges, making a certification, and featuring other e-commerce integration.

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