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E-Commerce Mobile Apps are the new age media to expand your business and outreach potential customers at a faster pace.  Benefits of marketplace apps are unending and hence the need to develop one to back your business is more of a necessity than an option. On the other hand,  seeing such a tremendous rise in the popularity of mobile apps, developers worldwide have opted for ways to excel in development methodologies and so finding one to build an app for your would not be difficult.

Having said that, it is not just the idea of developing an app that entices all but also the cost associated with it. Needles to state that competition is high and so prices vary.  Often,  the marketers get influenced by cheap rates and end up losing all of what they own. Sure,  a wonderful website at affordable rates definitely lures all but while choosing a developer or a team,  you should be very cautious on what your business actually wants. Comprising on the quality due to lessee rates can cost you your entire business. Slowly and gradually, so be sure on what you do and who you assign the task of e-Commerce mobile app development

How Cheap Rates Affect Business?

What takes to develop an app and estimating the overall development cost can only be done developers and the business owners aren’t aware of the same. So,  when a company offers them app development as lesser prices,  they are compromising on something.  While this might appear smaller at the start but later it could engross your entire business.

e-Commerce app development

Wondering what?

Work Assigned To Less Educated Developers

Software development companies are the pioneer in app development and they know where to strike the rod hot.  Which area would allow them to cut down on the higher development cost is always a secret.  Hence, when they provide you e-Commerce app development at cheaper prices,  then they might allow the task to developers that hold less experience and aren’t well versed in developing high-quality app development. This might be a little triggering for you as you are going to rest your entire business on that app and it has several bugs,  then you might lose your customers’ trust. So, do you think it is worth?

Junior Developers Form The Team Of Specialist

So,  we are done with the developers and now it’s time for the special project leaders.  Your cheaper app development company has cut down prices here too. The specialist team has junior developers who lack experience and aren’t justified for the position. This on a while renders poor quality project completion

Junior Developers Form The Team Of Specialist

Using Ready-Made Solutions

What is the best way to cut down the total cost of e-Commerce app development?  Base the project on ready-made software designs and dummies. Though this is the, easiest way to design an e-Commerce app,  yet the scope of the developed software is limited and you might need to comprise on a plethora of functionalities. Here, the developers aren’t doing any sort of manual coding instead just mugging up existing codes and assembling it to stack up to the process of development. True that this cuts down on the cost,  development time along with quality and uniqueness.  So,  if you are convinced with such a solution,  you can go forward.

Developers Working On Different Projects Concurrently

When the company is budget specific, then they will make their developers overwork. Working on multiple projects would definitely be called multitasking and appears efficient yet it might lead to a lack of interest and likewise compromise on the quality of the app developed.

And this is not the end there are much more additional loses you need to incur while cutting a few bucks from the total cost of e-Commerce app development.

  • The project has higher chances to be delivered after the scheduled date. Missing your launch date might cost you user trust.
  • The final project would have several issues and bugs left unattended due to the low cost. When working with an experienced team of developers, having issues and errors are oblivious.
  • The project has poor scalability. And the credit goes to basing the app on readymade dummies. Every feature has to be written from the start and changes meddled likewise. The built-in structures aren’t able to abide by the changes and hence it turns difficult to develop the app on a whole.

Impact Of Poor Quality On Customers

Well, till now it was just the effect laid on you and your business,  but what about your end customers?  How are they affected if your app is not up to the mark and does not map their expectations?  Users judge on what you give them. They are not aware of the pain you took to have a developed and finally launch it.  Their decision solely rests on the experience they gain after using the app.  And so having a poor quality app might risk your business sustainability.

  • In today’s competitive world standing out and offering unique features is important. When you rely on the cheaply priced app development companies, they would base your app on the pre-built solutions and this would turn the uniqueness factor to somewhere near zero.
  • Software crashes and your customer is less likely to visit again. Users seek hassle free browsing and if the app stops every now and then, the user would show less or no interest in your app.
  • Cheap technologies do not meet user expectations. Every day, a plethora of apps find paper in the app world and hence you need to have something better, you need to pack your app with trending technologies to abide by the market standard.  However, a cheap e-commerce app would my have such technologies.

So, you see there is a bundle of loopholes when you opt for a cheap marketplace app development.  In case, you are still planning to go for this, make sure you have done a pre-run on the functionalities and features, the technology to be used while developing an app, so as to deter quality restriction.

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