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Entrepreneurship can be a tough and uphill task. And especially if you are starting a mobile app, it is even tougher. There are so many questions and doubts that you, in your role as an entrepreneur, have to answer and find answers to. And when it comes to software, not only do you need to create a good product, but also to check whether it can be updated and supported more with regular updates.

Although things do get a lot easier once you get the support of a partner-like sound mobile app development company, there are a number of factors that you still have to get a grasp on your end for android vs ios. And this knowledge is crucial before you begin to go for a start-up.

While we have curated a mobile app development for startups guide to help you get started with the complete A to Z process of getting your idea on mobile, in this article, we will help you get an answer to the question that worries every entrepreneur who is new to the app industry – android vs ios for startups.

But before we get on to that, let us remind you why going mobile by joining either Android development or iOS development.

Let’s start looking at the smartphone (iPhone or Android) and app market scenario by first looking into the basics of each  – number of users, downloads, revenue, and user retention scenario.

Graphs indicating each of the pointers will help give a clear idea of how both the app stores are performing on an individual level – something which will help businesses take a sound decision.

iPhone or Android? Smartphone Users Graph

Total Number of Mobile Phone UsersThese numbers are a clear indication of how big the smartphone industry has been and how it is only going to grow both android and ios in demand and acquisition numbers in the coming time. With the number of projected mobile users about to reach 5.7 Billion in a matter of two years, it is beyond time for startups to make a decision related to iOS versus Android and a presence on mobile and reach these billions and then some more users.

iPhone or Android

Android vs iOS: Market Share

Worldwide Smartphone OS Market Share

The market share division factor when making a choice of iOS vs Android for a startup is calculated in terms of the total number of users on both platforms. While the graph above shows the obvious – Android development has a greater market share than iOS development, let us still throw some light on it. With the number of Android devices being 10X more than Apple flagship devices, the number of users is by default inclined towards Android as compared to iOS app development.

This difference in market share makes Android a preferable choice for Startups that are keeping visibility above any other business factor.

Android vs iOS: Market Revenue

Worldwide Gross App Revenue – Google Play vs Apple App Store

One of the biggest deciding factors when it comes to Android vs iOS for businesses is the revenue that each of the avenues is able to generate for the startup. As a startup that is about to make an entry into the mobile domain for the first time, it is almost a necessity to base the platform choice on the basis of the potential revenue they would be able to generate.

While iOS has over time positioned itself as the platform that businesses head to generate revenue, Android developers are soon catching up with their monetized apps. But overall, the Play Store will still take up more time to come up to the App Store level.

Android vs iOS: User Retention

Android vs iOS User Retention

For an entrepreneur struggling to find the answer to iOS vs Android for a startup like yours, it is very important to maintain a good user retention number as it will be the only sign to judge whether or not your app is performing good and is liked by the millions of users across the world.

There are a number of factors that contribute to the soaring app uninstall rate. Reasons which mostly revolve around the kind of experience you are able to offer through your mobile app.

But in spite of what reasons there are behind growing app uninstall rates in the industry, the fact that users behave differently between one platform to another remains. While Android users are more loyal, Apple users are less forgiving and tend to leave the app very soon after a bad experience – something startups need to plan in their app design and development strategy in much detail.

Now that we have looked into the market scenario of both the platforms, it is time to attend to the question that every startup willing to make a presence on mobile is seeking the answer to – Android vs iOS development for startups.

Kumar A
Kumar A


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