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Native applications are of course the right options for business for delivering impeccable performance. These apps are also blessed with cutting-edge features, advanced functionalities, intuitive user interface, etc. to cater to multiple needs of businesses and thus help them in achieving their goal.

But, it’s also true that these applications are highly expensive. Therefore, every business, especially those of startups or newly ventured businesses can’t afford to go with native app development.

So, what options are left for them?

Well, they can opt for hybrid app development. These applications are not only affordable but also behave and render similar to native apps. The credit goes to cross-platform app development frameworks that redefined the hybrid app in terms of its appearance, performance, features, etc.

5 Reasons Why Ionic is the Right Choice for Hybrid App Development

While choosing the right frameworks for hybrid app development, one will come across a plethora of options that transformed the way hybrid apps are developed. Ionic is one of those that earned a huge acceptance among entrepreneurs for their hybrid app development.

Besides, Ionic also became the most preferred choice among several developers. Before we discuss here why businesses prefer to hire Ionic app developer, it’s important to throw a spotlight on some basics.

What is Ionic?

Ionic is an open-source app development framework. It is a complete SDK that lets developers build scalable, high-performing, and quality-based hybrid applications. Also described as a UI toolkit, Ionic also uses web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS for building desktop and mobile applications.

As mentioned already, Ionic is an open-source UI toolkit. It reflects that the framework highly emphasizes the user interface. And apps developed on this framework like this are bestowed with native alike user interface and thus highly interactive.

Reasons Why Ionic is Considered to be the Right Choice for Hybrid Applications

Let’s discuss here several reasons why Ionic has become a top choice for hybrid application development. And also why a large number of enterprises seeking to hire an Ionic app developer.

Reusability of Same Code Base


Hybrid App Development

Building a native application on iOS and Android involves a lot of coding work as both of these platforms are completely different from each other. They use different coding languages, environments, etc. to create applications.

So, developing a separate app on these platforms is a time-consuming process and thus also requires a heavy investment.

Ionic, on the other hand, makes the job of developers quite easier by letting them use a single codebase for building apps on both iOS and Android platforms. It reduces the efforts of developers as they don’t need to write a separate codebase for creating apps on different platforms.

It not only makes the app development process less time-consuming but also minimizes its overall cost.

Easy to Test

Though testing is the last step of the mobile app development process, it is equally important. The majority of the time a mobile app development company fails to match the deadlines because of a lengthy testing process.

Leveraging the Ionic framework in this arena comes with a lot of advantages. Apps developed using this framework are easy to test. A QA professional finds it quite convenient to conduct testing for mobile apps on those of desktop browsers. Besides, it can also make the testing process convenient with the use of Cordova commands for both Android and iOS applications.

Apart from this, testing on Safari and various other mobile browsers is also quite easier and hassle-free.

Fantastic User Interface

As mentioned above, Ionic focuses on UI, which is the most important characteristic of native applications. It is blessed with a graceful user interface and also all the elements that the framework contains are blessed with predefined styles.

It’s quite helpful in letting all elements have a look and feel like native elements. And thus mobile apps developed leveraging this framework get a similar user interface to native apps.


It’s the most important aspect of the Ionic framework, which makes mobile app development cost-efficient. And this is, of course, a prompting factor for businesses to hire an Ionic developer. Apart from being free, it is also highly reliable, quick, and stable.

Growing Community Support

Another great advantage of choosing the Ionic framework for hybrid application development is its by-leaps and bounds growing community. Joining its vast community easily lets you meet the experts, get the latest updates, etc. to solve your queries.


After going through the above information about the Ionic framework, you may now have a clear understanding of why this framework is becoming the right choice for hybrid apps. So, if you are also looking for the best option in this arena, you can hire Ionic app development company to give a kick start to your app development project.

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