• Build Flexible Web Applications Using Laravel

    Our promise to build complex yet high performing enterprise Laravel application empowers business of any kind & size. Our skilled Laravel programmers develop apps that are highly scalable & most secured while still catering to the dynamic spike in traffic.

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    Our Laravel Development Services

    • Enterprise Web Apps

      We design & develop Laravel based enterprise Web Apps neatly customised to your business needs.

    • Restful API Development

      We are well-adept in building Laravel based RESTful API/ Web Services for your application to connect with other apps/systems.

    • Laravel Based Business Solution

      We know Laravel and can talk you through the best options suited for your business.

    • Laravel Web Development

      Our skilled Laravel engineers build professional-grade & reliable Laravel  Web Apps.

    • Existing Laravel App Review

      Let us analyze your Laravel based Web-app for robustness, scalability, availability & code quality.

    • Maintenance & Support

      We have a service for ensuring your business continuity at an affordable price. Regardless of the maintenance size, we are always happy to help you.

    A Global Leader In Web & Mobile Development Services

    At iWEB, we have a commitment towards a long-term relationship. Though a lot of good can come from a carefully planted idea, more yet can come from one that is nourished and maintained.

    • 7+ Years
      Transforming Business Since 2011
    • 1000+ Projects
      Successfully Delivered
    • 5* Rated
      Full Service Web / App Development Agency
    • 100+ Team
      Domain Experts
    • 30+ Countries
      Proven Upwork’s 100% Job Success Agency Since 2012

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Laravel provides an extremely powerful ORM for rapid data modeling (Eloquent), an intuitive and easy to use templating system (Blade) and real-time event broadcasting (Echo). The combination of these features makes developing enterprise-grade platforms a relatively fast, intuitive and, dare we say, fun, experience.

    • How does Templating work in Laravel?

      Laravel has many lightweight templates using which one can create amazing layouts with dynamic content seeding. Laravel has many JS and CSS widgets with solid structures.

    • How does Laravel compare with Other PHP Frameworks?

      According to Google trends, Laravel is the most popular PHP framework among the developers. Technology companies have adopted Laravel due to its dynamic capabilities to handle big web development projects.

    • Does Laravel support MVC pattern?

      It follows the MVC pattern, ensuring transparency between logic and presentation.

    • How well does Laravel handle Migrations?

      Migration in Laravel allows you to maintain database structure of application without having to re-create it. Instead of using SQL, migration feature of Laravel allows one to write php code to control Database. It also allows one to rollback most recent changes you made to Database

    • How much will it cost to engage an Experienced Laravel Engineer?

      At iWebServices, We ensure 100%-ROI and so we conduct a needs analysis session before finalizing the engagement period and commercials. While the pricing & engagement structure varies across projects, the standard costs per month typically stand between USD 1600 to USD 2000 per resource.

    On-time, value-driven Laravel solutions!

    iWEBSERVICES’ promise to build simple, as well as complex enterprise Laravel application, empowers business of any kind & size. Our skilled Laravel programmers develop apps that are highly scalable & most secured while still catering to the dynamic spike in traffic.

    Advantage of Laravel framework

    • Lightweight built-in templates to create layouts with dynamic content.
    • Laravel is an open-source, rapid development framework for creating web-based platforms that was designed for flexibility and speed-of-development.
    • Usage of Artisan to create skeleton code, database structure & migration making the database management easy.
    • Pre-installed libraries with many advanced features.
    • Modular & MVC architecture compliant.
    • High security features enabled through salts & hashed passwords using BCrypt.
    • Ability to expand DB structure without having to re-create it.

    Why Choose Us for Laravel Development?

    Having built & managed 100+ Laravel projects, We guarantee highly reliable web apps with on-time delivery & 99% error-free production set up. Plus, there is a 180-days FREE LARAVEL support from us post deployment.

    • 100% Money-back guarantee.
    • Non-Disclosure agreement.
    • 24*7 Customer support
    • Rich experience in developing & maintaining large ERP graded Laravel projects.
    • 12+ Certified Laravel Professionals

    We Complete every step carefully

    Every successful business sprouts out of an idea, but not every idea sprouts into a successful business. We hold the capability to execute an idea from scratch and provide 360-degree digital transformation. We can be trusted because we have done it for ourselves as well as for hundred others.

    • Planning
    • Design
    • Development & Testing
    • Launch
    • Maintenance

    A Few Of Our Latest Creations

    • MOES

      Web & Mobile Apps based solution that allows users to make their utility payments such as Mobile recharge, Post-Paid bills, Air tickets, Hotel bookings & Money-transfer etc. through a single interface.

      Client Name
      Utility & Bill Payment
      4 Dec 2016
    • Negoshe

      A revolutionizing app that connects vehicle owners & workshops to connect in the shortest span of time.

      Client Name
      USA Automotive
      30 March 2018
    • SnagPad

      SnagPad is a learning and management job search platform that motivates individuals to look for work as well as help manage job leads throughout the process.

      Client Name
      Career Development
      15 March 2017
    • 60 In 60

      The 60 in 60 Challenge App encourages a user to train in various career development strategies, helping the person getting closer to finding a job.

      Client Name
      Job Search Board, Inc
      22 Jan 2018
    • Farah’s Fashion

      A complete eCommerce transformation to Farah’s Fashion- one of Australia’s best-known company in Islamic Clothing.

      Client Name
      Fashion & Apparel
      13 June, 2017

    What people say about us

    • John

      I’ve worked with iWebServices on a number of projects and wouldn’t take my business anywhere else. They’re efficient, effective and innovative on how they approach things. The culture of the team is customer first and they get things done. I started with a website and graduated to an app. The depth of their talent is unquestionably the best in the business.

    • Daniel

      Highly recommended team to work with.

    • Rensley, NicoBeacon

      In a few words very professional and accurate. I would recommend people to work with them. Very satisfied with their jobs.

    • Carolyn, Empowered Achiever

      We’ve been working with IWebServices for 5 years or so now working on a wide range of tools… from websites, to assessment tools, a learning management system and more recently development of an App.

      Always professional and we’ve developed a close relationship over time.

    • Mark Crowther, Scrifterly

      From start to finish the engagement with the team was professional, cooperative and supportive. The project manager quickly got in touch, set up access to a project management tool for myself and the team and connected on Skype. Checking in each day via Skype and responding to queries I was able to monitor the progress of the steps being worked on and give feedback, that was responded to in every case.

    • Alexander Jones

      The team delivered good work and provided useful suggestions throughout the project. Communication was great. They took the project seriously by using project management tool. They were also being flexible with my schedule and took time to hop on Skype at times that were convenient for me. Besides, they brought up any concerns they had that came up while developing the site and we discussed about it to move the project forward. I would recommend iWebServices to others and I plan on working with them again in the future

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