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With the popularity of iOS and Android operating systems, businesses are often unaware and are in a dilemma as to which platform they need to choose in terms of user experience and short development cycle. Quite naturally, they are more likely to compromise one of the aspects of mobile app development. React Native comes to help and hundreds of businesses are using this for app development as they usually look forward to reduced development cycles of mobile app and enhance the performance. If you check React Native app development, it can prove its worth across several platforms.

Before you know if React Native is the future of hybrid app development, here is what you need to know about it.

React Native is a native and hybrid app development network, which includes the performance of a native app and minimize the development of web app. With the help React Native, you can create apps for mobile devices using JavaScript. Usually, React Native amalgamates the elements of Swift, Objective-C, and Java. The following provides a snapshot of React Native apps.

  • Integration with the third-party apps and compatibility with the apps.
  • Effective mobile development process.
  • Single base code that can be utilized again.
  • Mobile app development process is highly effective.
  • Helps in creating great user-interface and highly portable.

Why use React Native

Some of the popular aspects of React Native app are using it in ads manager and Facebook. One of the primary benefits of hybrid apps is to allow companies to develop the app just like web app and get a performance similar to the native apps. Given below are a few reasons why you need to choose React Native apps.

  • Covering Android and iOS

Whether it is for iOS or Android, companies hardly need to have concerns about creating apps for different platforms as they can use the same code for several operating systems.

  • Addition of components

You can quickly add nay native UI component to the code of the existing app without any need of rewriting.

  • Reusable components

The components of React Native can be created in a way so that it can be reused for the native platform. Moreover, the developers can create the same look and feel as the entire elements have similar assistants in React Native.

  • Compatibility of third-party plugin

The third-party plugins resonate with the framework of React Native, which implies that the developers need not depend on WebView for specific functions. Moreover, it uses loss memory and has faster loading speed.

Features that make React Native popular

Here are a few features that make React Native popular.

  • Open-source

Being open-source, React Native has a backing of a huge community of people who can work to make the project better. The community is also active towards rectifying the errors and improvement of features.

Various advantages can be utilized in an environment comprising the community, which brings you closer to the aspiring JS and the native developers who can share their expertise and skills.

  • Includes Android and iOS

React Native incorporates Android and iOS. Usually, development of native apps for Android and iOS separately is a daunting task. While the iOS application requires an understanding of Swift and Objective C, Android requires extensive knowledge of Java and Android SDK. Therefore, if you want to stay updated with the advanced features, you must hire React Native developers.

  • Responsive platform

React Native deals with UI design, which makes it responsive and loaded with the best features. Therefore, it goes a long way in reducing the loading time of websites and makes the navigation smooth. The apps created with React Native include a responsive user interface which lend them powerful performance and make them compatible with various mobile devices.

  • Using programming language

The programming language of React Native platform also influences the web developers as it uses JavaScript, one of the commonest programming languages. The developers with little bit of knowledge and no experience of web development know how to use JavaScript. Apart from React Native, several other frameworks also use the same programming language.

  • Live Reload

React Native focuses on specific ideas that lead to the development of strong mobile applications. However, it comes with an additional feature called live reload that is hard to locate in other native frameworks. With the help of the live reload feature, you can view the changes immediately once you alter the code. If you open two windows, with code in one and mobile screen and on the other. You can view the effects of the change in the other window.

  • Short development cycles

One of the reasons why React Native is popular is the short development cycle, which is an outstanding option for businesses. If you are looking forward to an opportunity to enhance the environment of development and minimize the rebuilding task, you are at the right place. React Native focuses on the layout engines for varied platforms and reduces the time of development.

The developers can use different components with the framework of React Native and need to find out at least one layout engine for the development of apps for Android and iOS.

  • Makes UI responsive

Although React Native is a cross-platform app, it offers the functionality of a native app. It is the use of JavaScript in a native environment that makes the UI more responsive. No wonder, the complex apps run smoothly when the developers use the robust framework called React Native.

  • Varied choices for businesses 

Even though React Native needs to integrate with iOS platform, it can perform equally well with Android due to the demands of users. The features of React Native are ideal for developing cross-platform apps.

The mobile app developers can now develop apps for Android and iOS with the help of a single code. Moreover, React Native also offers compatibility Windows and others, making it one of the ideal choices for businesses.

Know the limitations

Despite providing a flurry of benefits, React Native also comes with certain limitations.

  • Connection and support of native APIs

One of the greatest disadvantages of using React Native is its dearth of connection with the native components, such as recorder and camera. Even though developers can choose alternatives, it is tough to compete with the powerful features of the native apps.

  • Minimal support from native APIs

React Native is fast gaining popularity but fails to get the support of native APIs, which does not allow the developers to utilize comprehensive features of the native apps. However, when it comes to dealing with cross-platform apps, React Native is one of the best platforms to use as it comes with different functionalities. Even if it lacks certain features, React Native is one of the best frameworks from different aspects.

Hybrid or Native Apps

Both native and hybrid apps have their pros and cons. Therefore, the companies need to analyze the option that suits their requirements. If you are looking forward to the stability and performance of the app, the native apps are a suitable choice. The native apps can coordinate with several other features of a mobile phone, such as calendar, GPS, and camera. However, the businesses today look forward to quick app development and require good performance across different platforms.

When the priority of businesses is to captivate the marketing opportunities in one go before the entry of other competitors, React Native is among the best in the world of hybrid apps. If you need an app that delivers a similar experience like native apps without compromising g the performance, React Native has a bright future.


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