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Mobile commerce is one of the eCommerce trends expected to maximize in the coming years. Unquestionably, mobile phones drive web traffic these days with mobile eCommerce applications originating the sales. Mobile e-commerce is evolving for trading /transporting money, online purchasing, bill payments, ticket booking, etc. It is, therefore, appropriate to optimize your website for mobile devices (PWA’s) as it is directly proportionate to sales and possible conversions.

Significance of progressive web apps in eCommerce

Prominent brands continuously making efforts to enrich their eCommerce shopping experiences through progressive web applications (PWA).  Progressive web applications run regardless of the network and make it easy for the end-users to tour the website and take any upcoming proposals with the push notifications on the home screen of the mobile phone.

Why E-Commerce Is Important For You?

New improved data storage, limitless data plans, ease of access, and consumers’ faith in data protection are some of the major reasons that urge users to accept the mobile device as a tool to shop online products more promptly today. As a result, mobile phone users add apps to their devices and convert more often from visitor to customer

eCommerce mobile applications  can be beneficial for your business in the following ways:

Developing a Loyal customer base 

Even though your mobile app is a replica of the existing website, it is highly organized, personalized, and well-designed, which drastically enhances the user experience and promotes the addition of new clients and retention of old ones. Consumers see themselves in a super comfortable online store where they can pick goods and purchase them without any fuss.

Establishing Brand identity

Mobile apps are capable of supporting robust relationships between brands and consumers. For instance, users voluntarily share links to their desired websites, request feedback, and describe their customer experience in social networks. You can integrate popular social media platforms into your application to make customers review your products or services. These are compelling tools to establish your brand’s identity, promoting your service, and get noticed by potential clients. Furthermore, mobile users have the possibility to receive push notifications with special offers, discounts, and giveaways. So from an emotional viewpoint, they are expected to communicate with such apps regularly.

Increased Revenues with Better Performance

As we know mobile applications are more manageable and user-friendly. Even though setting up mobile applications is quite costly, they are apt to swiftly pay off and boost sales. Simply put, an effective app with the correct logic brings more customers and more customers produce more requests, accordingly, your earnings rise.

Additionally, push notifications are a powerful and effective way of boosting sales and maintaining brand value. Via push notifications, one can spontaneously pass the necessary information to their clients and compel them to place orders.

Access to  Detailed Analytics

It is easy to gather and track data in mobile applications. The functionality of mobile enables you to track users’ actions and provides you with useful data about them, such as their interest in specific content and characteristics, feedback, and session duration. This is helpful to make enhancements and updates, produce personalized content, generate a high-level marketing plan and powerful promotional campaigns.

Convenient Payments

Personal smartphones have now replaced cash and credit cards due to the evolution of mobile contactless payments. Payment apps grant comfort, pace, and protection. It has become especially vital during the COVID-19 pandemic when people avoid touching cash and try to reduce the time spent in shops.

Features an Ideal mobile commerce app should have :

Business owners can hone new shopping behavior by not over-complicating the applications. eCommerce app development companies should try keeping apps simple and less time-taking by concentrating on converting the visitor to a customer with the ease of app usage and primary personalization. If they try embedding the app with AR and AI, it generates a more complicated infrastructure requiring additional maintenance. Certain operators who gradually increased the functionality of their apps experienced unmatched progress. Ideal e-commerce mobile app features include :

  • Push Notifications
  • Location Tracking
  • User Profiles
  • Social Media Integration
  • Discounts and Promotions
  • Customer Loyalty Program
  • Lots of Payment Options
  • Speedy Checkout Process
  • Product Search
  • Customer Support
  • Retail Integration
  • Mobile Optimized Product Descriptions
  • Mobile Optimized Product Images
  • Simple Returns
  • App Analytics

When it comes to boosting online sales, the eCommerce development industry is observing the most notable growth of mobile solutions development composed of the need to satisfy customers. These days, users demand the independence to acquire goods and services anytime and from anywhere, even while traveling. Therefore, a huge number of online customers prefer mobile eCommerce applications over websites, as they offer exceptional speed, comfort, and flexibility.

If you are willing to develop a successful selling company and concentrate on pulling customers while boosting sales, the value of having mobile e-Commerce solutions should be clear.

Sara Williams

Sara Williams is a cornerstone of the content marketing and insights team at iWebServices. Known for her strategic vision and meticulous attention to detail, Sara excels in creating content that resonates deeply with our target audience. Her expertise in analyzing market trends and translating them into actionable insights ensures that our content remains relevant and impactful. Sara’s passion for content marketing is evident in her thoughtful blog contributions, where she provides valuable advice and perspectives on industry best practices.


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