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The present-day situation of every business sector across the world has been affected due to the pandemic situation or the outbreak of the coronavirus. Lockdown in various parts of the countries has created an adverse situation for every business and everyone is hesitating before jumping into any new business. But there are still some sectors in India that have to withstand the present situation and are still booming.

In India, some business sectors are really showing healthy and promising growth potential in many industries. It is a thrilling experience for the people as it increases the job opportunity and has a welcome effect on the economy.

Below mentioned are a few industries that are on the verge of rapid growth and development-


The robotic industry is all set to shape the future of India, it is slowly and gradually adopted by the Government as well as the private sector. Hence this technology is swiftly carving a niche across all the segments.

A robot can assist us, communicate with us, and also replace us if needed. If it is paired with Artificial learning, machine learning, and correct software implementation, then robotic technology can create a customized machine that can do anything.

Robotics technology in India is extensively used in various fields such as atomic energy, astronomy, textile, metallurgy, automotive, manufacturing industry, etc.

The use of Robotics in these sectors will improve their productivity, ensure security and add to the end product quality while enabling human employees to take up other value-added activities.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are creating a huge shift in the field of technology as well the lives of citizens across the world and India also. The emergence of AI and ML has successfully created a spur in productivity and increased customer engagement in this cut-throat competitive market.

AI has been adopted by many organizations to give freedom to their employees from monotonous tasks through various automated services. Though there are various challenges in bringing the AI and ML projects effectively and efficiently in India, still some of the companies have taken several initiatives to overcome these hurdles.

AI and ML have a bright future in India and hence many IT companies and tech startups must initially update technologies and create AI/ML capabilities at the enterprise level.


Nanotechnology is a very wide concept as it revolves around making manipulations in the matter of atoms and molecular scale. Nanotechnology is used in our daily utility things such as anti-aging cosmetics, clothing, sunscreen, and other consumer products.

The future of nanotechnology can be seen brighter in using wearable fitness technology, on flexible plastic rolls, it has been found essential in healing the cracks that have surfaced on the material. This technology has been used by many pharmaceutical companies and other nuclear power companies.


IoT or the Internet of Things is paving the way to the next big revolution in India. It is a system of interconnected computing devices, digital and mechanical machines, objects, animals, and people that are given unique identifiers (UIDs) and have the ability to transfer data over a network without the need for human-to-computer or human-to-human interaction.

IoT is a booming technology and it mainly focuses on efficiency, convenience and enables business models to have vast potential for customers as well as business organizations. The increased use of affordable devices that are combined with cloud computing, analytics, and increasing customer expectations is driving the rapid growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) market.

Autonomous and Electric Vehicle Infrastructure-

The Electric vehicle (EVs) will help to transform the automobile industry and help to decarbonize the planet. The importance of Electric vehicles (EVs) is that they emit less carbon-di-oxide and save the environment from being polluted. The global-automakers are struggling every new day to find solutions for sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels for many years.

The emergence of Electric Vehicles (EVs) in the last few years has been a great environment-friendly alternative. All the countries across the globe have joined hands together and taken a pledge to convert the world into a carbon-free Earth, and one among them is India. Hence, the EV industry will turn out to be more exciting, necessary, and significant in future India.


5G represents the next-generation wireless communication, connecting devices, machines, people, and many businesses. 5G is yet to arrive in India but still, the future will be very bright within a couple of years.

It will be a life-changing technology for the people of India, they will have robust Internet connectivity. Many companies are gearing themselves to welcome the 5G network and launching testbeds for 5G in India.

3D Printing-

3D printing is growing at a faster pace across the world, but in India, 3d printing is still in its nascent stage. However, it will have a huge opportunity in the coming years. With various initiatives like Make in India, the domestic manufacturing sector is getting inspired and they will surely play a crucial role in the growth of the local 3D printing industry.

3D printing technology in India will have a strong effect on various industries such as Electronics, Automotive, Medical, Architecture, and Education.

Sara Williams


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