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Google My Business (GMB) is a local SEO listing platform and recently it has changed its name to Google Business Profile (GBP). The new name has been kept by Google to keep things simple for the small businesses so that they can directly manage their profile on Google Search or Map app. Google has also decided to retire the GMB in the upcoming year 2022 so that more merchants can take the favor of the updated features of Google Search and Maps.

New features in Google Business Profile (GBP)

The direct search options in the GBP have been the best feature for various entrepreneurs to update their business profile and verify it directly and also resolve other issues. In order to verify their profile, the business owner can directly do a search on Google’s search option by directly typing their company’s name or else on the Google Map app.

In the Google Map, the business owner will get the option to verify their Business profile or solve other issues such as suspension. From the Google Maps or search option, you can edit the information of your business profile such as your address, business timings, making posts, answering the reviews of the customers, etc.

Through this new search and map app, many upcoming or startup businesses can create their business profile on Google and can set up their business profile directly on Google Search and Maps. They can also be able to see whether their profile is publicly visible or not.

How Google Business Profiles can be used for local SEO

If you have any local business, then you have to optimize your Google Business Profile. One of the most important Local SEO strategies is to rank higher on the Google Page and get local clients. Hence, if you only claim your Google Business Profile, then this is only the first step, you have to frequently optimize and check your Business profile and update it with recent and new information.

It is one of the most important tasks to keep your business profile updated. According to various studies and research, it has been derived that an updated business profile is-

  • 70% more likely to attract the location visit
  • Gets 7 times more clicks
  • Gets 50% more leads
  • 2.7 times more reputable

Hence, it is quintessential for every business organization to keep their profile updated and check it on a regular basis so that no mistakes were made in their profile. You can also contact iWebServices for Local SEO of your business.

How to Manage your Google Business Profile

It is very easy to manage your business profile even if you own a single location business or a multi-location business. Both of the criteria are mentioned below-

Single Location Business

If you have a local business with only one location, the best and easy way to maintain your business profile is to open your computer all day long from the same place in the Google Search options. You can also maintain your business profile directly from Google search or  Maps. So, if you log in to your Gmail account that you have used to manage your business profile, you can directly type your business name in the search bar, and your knowledge panel then you can see the Google Business Profile edit panel will appear. Alternatively, you can also edit the words “My business” and your edit panel and knowledge Panel will appear. Whereas, this feature will not work on Google Map.

Multi-Location Business

If you have multiple business locations, then the best way to manage your profile is to log in to the Business Profile Manager dashboard. In this way, you can also manage multiple client locations. With the help of a Business profile  Manager, you can easily operate multiple location businesses in a single dashboard.

Why is it important to follow Google’s Guidelines?

If you are managing your business profile on Google, then it is very important and mandatory to follow its guidelines. If you do not follow their guidelines then your business profile might get suspended. You should always keep into consideration that your Business profile is public and not only yours. So, you should manage and optimize it properly so that you can easily rank higher on the Google Page.

Google always encourages user-generated content such as Q&As, reviews, photos, videos, and many more. So, someone who is virtually online can easily contribute to your GBP.  But while using any one of these contents in your profile, you must make sure that those are legal and do not hold any kind of copyright issues.


Towards the end, it can be concluded that Google Business profile (GBP) is one of the best platforms for improving your search visibility in Google’s search engine for local terms. It is one of the best chosen local SEO strategies for enhancing your business.  GBP is a free tool that is easy to use for your business and manage your online presence on Google including Search and maps.

Sara Williams


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