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Frameworks are vital for web development. Frameworks are essential to interact with web applications. The complexity of technology raises with time and so does the standards of web applications. Therefore, the framework has been developed by developers to help people interact actively on both backend and frontend with these web applications and approach to a better era of application usage.

In this article, we have listed the top 10 web development frameworks which can inspire you. Let us look at both the frontend and backend frameworks and know how these web applications are better. For that, you have to read the entire article.

Backend Frameworks

Here are the compelling and exciting backend frameworks that may leave you aghast.

Backend Frameworks


Django is a Model-View-Template framework which is commonly used by large companies like Google, Youtube, and Instagram. The framework runs with Python code, and the web application includes several interesting features. Some of these exciting features include its batteries-included feature. It is a collection of features such as authentication and messaging. There are sophisticated tools used to manage the security of the website which is one of the most essential parts. The security used on its framework prevents execution in the template layer. The code is robust and provides a convention over the configuration.


Express is gradually coming in the limelight as strong backend frameworks within web applications. The popularity is trending because of its association with big names like Accenture, IBM, Uber, and many others. All thanks to Node.js, which is trending and making Express a useful framework as well. This framework is also used within other frameworks like Sails, Kraken, Loopback, etc.

The framework of Express is quite fast and organized. Several advanced functionalities and features make it a significant usage of today. It obscured the features of Node.js. It has the power to support all applications and REST API as well. It is quite tricky for beginners to learn and find out things over this framework. So, who are not used to it might find it a little bit complex. Otherwise, Express leverages the commanding performance in the most refined way.


The Rails framework is acknowledged and loved by many developers because of its intelligence behind the curtain. It is another trending framework that is used by many well-known platforms like Hulu, Airbnb, GitHub, and Shopify. It is a Model-View-Controller framework that is most debated. It is a user-friendly framework and quite convenient for beginners as well. There are so many exciting features. If you are interested in web application frameworks, then you can find out about them as they are most debated upon.

Rails help beginners to start with the learning of what all a web application framework should be like and how you should use it. There is a feature which is library-like dependencies. They will help you develop and learn the rest of the things quite faster. The Rails community helps to make more efficient and friendly resources that can benefit all. There are tutorials which will make you an expert in no time. So, you can get started.

The only drawback associated with the framework is that it takes some efforts and time to execute in the production environment. However, you can try your best and make it a better one for a production environment with your skills and knowledge.


Laravel uses PHO environment. It is another Model-View-Controller framework like that of Django. It is quite new to the list. Laravel is a robust framework because of its packages that extend its reach to all sophisticated corner of web application development.  Since PHP is one of the most suitable languages for a web developer, it is familiar on their part to work over the Laravel platform. There are thousands of PHP training videos over Laravel and different technologies that are essential for a web application framework. However, it is not as good as Express or Django in terms of its platform and performance. This is the drawback as it leads to failure when large project needs are developed.

Laravel is one of the best platforms for beginners as it gives you the Model view with its handling instructions. If you are a beginner and looking for a useful web application framework to start working with, Laravel would be our recommendation.



When it comes to Model-View-Controller framework, there are so many frameworks in competition. Spring is on the list as well. The popular language Java is used over its framework. What brings this framework in the top 10 list is its performance. It will let you scale up your website quite fast as compared to other frameworks. There are a lot of associated projects with this framework which boosts the performance to the next level. Additionally, Java is quite familiar and convenient among developers to work upon. Therefore, the functionalities of Spring has reached to another level because of its strongly typed language.

Spring might attract many developers to explore it because it is a pro framework. It is also used by websites like BillGuard, TicketMaster, Wix, etc.

The drawback that may come in your route is if you are not well acquainted with Java language, the process can be steeper for you on this framework.


The Metadata Framework is a robust framework that enables users to enjoy an extensive HR cloud features. If you have your projects, then it will enable you to create your own company-specific objects. Thus, your production will scale up. There is no code needed for this purpose. The metadata backend improvements can lead to seamless UX or user experience.

Metadata, also known as MDF, is an  SAP SuccessFactors Frameworks. You should learn more about its extensive features.

Frontend Javascript Frameworks


React is not well-lined as a framework. It is basically a frontend library. However, many developers yet consider it a frontend framework. React was the first framework to adopt component-based architecture. Afterward, it was adopted by Angular, Vue and other frameworks that you might know today.  We will discuss React here.

React’s virtual dom makes the framework of the dom manipulation much faster. It becomes super easy to access and pick up. The work of JSX syntax is commendable with the fact that it is maintained and nurtured quite well with it.

You cannot use React either on the server side or client side. Facebook developed Facebookit. It is used and maintained today only by Facebook and Instagram. The Excellency and smoothness of this web application framework make it one of the best Frameworks in the list.


Angular is quite trending for the building of rich Single-Page applications. It has a use on the client side. You can dwell on this framework to unveil a lot of magic behind the curtains. There are a lot of specifications to learn in here.

There are so many useful features to learn and operate here that they make this framework a rich one. Angular 1.x was laid upon the Javascript. The subsequent versions of the framework adopted the Typescript. It is the upper version of JavaScript.

There are a few cons to this framework when it is compared to other similar frameworks. The primary concern is its size. Another con associated with it is its SEO. However, by working a little bit on its SEO, it can be well managed and optimized.

Google developed angular. Currently, it is used by large companies like Google, Microsoft, and Paypal. If you are interested in this framework, you can start learning more about it.


Being one of the trending JS frameworks, Vue has several sections that might interest you. If you are a beginner, you can learn a lot about its component architecture.

Vue is the current progressive frameworks which would adopt projects and run them smoothly over it. You can try this framework for your project and see how it works. The component architecture is just amazing. Vue will help you run the portion of the project which you would like to play on it.

The coolest thing about Vue is that it is now coming into the market and companies are taking an interest in it. There are several investments done in it. The component architecture interests many existing projects. With subsequent developments over this framework, it will be just fine and will be adopted by big names like Google or Facebook.



One of the best Javascript frameworks was Ember. It was during the time in 2015 when it was ever expanding. Today it has a vast network. The community of Ember is large and has a humongous number of features that work best for people. There is a two-way data-binding as it is in Angular. Ember which will amaze you by providing several such out of the box features. You can use them extensively to learn and explore. The developers’ productivity and work are immensely helpful and extensive on this framework. Some features eliminate extra time that other web application frameworks consume. Some of the JS practices are used that it boasts about as one of its strong features.

Currently, Ember has a lot of productive features, and therefore, it is adopted by Microsoft, Netflix, Google, Heroku, etc. You might be able to know the massive community of Ember with the names of the associated companies. You can start to learn more about this framework if you are interested in it.


Backbone is also used to build the Single-Page applications as Angular does. It is incredibly convenient and light frontend framework. It uses the MV* pattern and has its Underscore library. The community of Backbone is Rich and imparts a developed client-side application. Websites like Mustache and Marionette adopt this. You can learn more about this exciting frontend framework as it will guide you to explore a lot about the web application framework architecture and features.

Final Word

So, these were a few popular frameworks for a web application. We have provided some details about them briefly. You can throw them and find out your favorite framework. You can choose some of those frameworks mentioned to learn more about. If you are a beginner, then go for the frameworks which we have suggested you above. They will definitely enhance your interaction and experience with web application architecture and working. There are few similarities among those frameworks. However, they are built upon different languages. Choose one framework to explore where you are comfortable with the language.

We hope this article is helpful to you. You should keep learning and trying new features related to technology. It will enhance your knowledge. All the best and get started.


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