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Importance of Web Development

With the advent of new and advanced technology, the internet is essential for all kinds of businesses. Every business wants to have its online presence and hence web development is crucial. Companies hire web developers to create robust and aesthetic web apps for their businesses to reach out to their target audience.

With the evolution of technology, there is a new opportunity for businesses every day. But the website services have changed the way of doing business. In the present era, it is impossible to succeed in a business with a good website. Web development is the full process of developing and maintaining a website. 

Top 10 web development trends to watch out in 2022

The web development trends of 2022 directly depend on the needs of the user and their preference. There has been a drastic transformation in web technologies over the years. Below-mentioned are the top 10 latest trends in web development that we will witness in the year 2022- 

The Dark Mode Experience-

This technology has gained a lot of popularity globally and it will be trending in the upcoming years. The dark mode feature will be more accessible and easy on the eyes. It works in a better way during the daytime in the sunlight. The dark-themed websites do not need brightness and also reduce battery drainage. Those websites also provide a stylish UI design with all appealing features. Some of the tech giants like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, and Reddit were the first few to opt for this technology. 

Voice Search Optimization- 

This is one of the most trending technologies that has taken the centre stage in the latest web development technology. Apple, Amazon, and Google have launched their smart speakers in consideration of this progressing trend. Hence, many web development companies are focussing on developing websites that will work perfectly for people with hearing impairments. There are various AI assistants like Siri and Alexa that have made this Voice Search optimization possible to some extent.

Progressive Web Apps- 

PWA or Progressive Web Apps is one of the advanced web technologies that is used by many organizations because it provides less loading time, smooth working, and a linear user experience. PWA will definitely create an impact on the latest trends of web development in 2022. PWA web application provides a native app-like experience to its users and it can be accessed from any device and anywhere. The user does not have to download a separate mobile app to access it. One of the most important features of PWA is that it offers offline access to its users when there is less internet connectivity or no connection.  

Single Page Application (SPA)-

With the evolution of various technologies in web development, there is a call for an end to outdated approaches. Hence, JavaScript has led to the rise of popularity of SPAs because of the web-app-like experience. Google Page like Google Drive, Gmail, Google Maps, and various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. have adopted the SPA technology. SPA is opted by various developers because it operates fast and also holds users’ attention. SPAs are better equipped and can also work without server-side codes designed with API technology. 

Enhanced user experience with AR and VR-

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) have changed the entire scenario of web development. Many industries such as tourism, architecture, retail industry, etc have adopted Virtual Reality (VR) technology to allow users to get a real-time experience of any product before purchasing it. Various beauty brands such as L’Oreal and Nyx are using VR technology to help their customers to make the right purchases. 


Chatbots are very much trending technology in the web development service. The use of chatbots will replace the 24/7 support manager and hence it will reduce the cost of the company to hire employees. Various tech giants such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype, and Messenger are already using Chatbots. One of the most important features of Chatbots is that they can be easily incorporated with any regular website, PWA, mobile apps, and professional and domestic equipment developed by a professional company. 

Automation Testing-

The main aim of the web development trends is to achieve two things that are better user experience and minimizing the cost later. So, automation testing is generally integrated to reduce the cost. AI/ML has been assisting in building various complex projects with a team of few experts and product automation confirms whether the product is ready for development or not. Test Automation will give you a better product at a significantly lower cost. 

Cyber Security-

Cyberattacks have grown tremendously in this internet era, online applications are at times regarded as a curse rather than a boon. Cyberattack is a great threat and it is rising day by day, so many industries such as retail, health, and financial industries store many sensitive and personal information of customers that must be kept safe. Hence, those companies should invest in security matters and use appropriate SSL (Security Sockets Layer) certificates. They should also conduct security audits quite often.

Abstract Art Compositions-

Abstract Art is the trending technology in web designs and web designers can easily incorporate various Abstract Art such as geometric patterns like squares and circles. These abstract illustrations are getting recognition because they are eye-catching and will surely rule the web design in 2022.   

Blockchain Technology-

Blockchain is one of the most important technologies that was founded mainly for secure digital payment. It is now acting as a distributed ledger, which is completely safe, decentralized, and will surely dominate the web development sector in the coming years.


Pavendra is a project manager with over seven years of experience in the tech field. He is into managing teams and creating compelling content that helps software developers get a deeper understanding of various technical concepts. Always passionate about leveraging technology that drives innovation, he is a tech geek by almost birth. Currently working with iWebServices, he is a go-to person for delivering on-time software projects and ensuring their success in the long run.


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