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Every business person wants to expand his/her business and wants to get access to a larger audience pool, and for that, what they need is a website. In this new era of the internet, everything is now available online, from medicines to groceries from cars to airplane tickets.

So if you have your website, then you are a step ahead of your rivals. This online presence increases your pool of customers. You can get orders from different states, which earlier seemed impossible.

To build your website, you need help from someone who knows React.js as this is the language most used in the development of websites. Many React.js development companies can help you make your website or hire a React.js developer. You must choose the company or individual developer carefully as this will take your business to the next level.

About React.js

React.js was created in 2011. It is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. The maintenance of React.js is done by Facebook and many other companies and individual developers. React.js is widely used in making UI of websites.

React.js is component-based, and this is one of the advantages of using React.js. It allows JavaScript developers to enter new features into your website without going through the pain of rewriting the code. It is because every component in React has its logic and controls.

Features of React.js

There are instances where visualization does not have enough to change the code. This makes websites slow, and sometimes they even crash. React.js has a solution for this problem, and that is Virtual DOM. Virtual DOM creates a copy of the original DOM. After updating the original DOM, it is compared to the copy DOM. This process requires less time and effort. The rendering problems are also solved that arise while writing the code.

In React.js, the flow of information is in one direction. This feature is called one-way data binding. This feature helps in improving control over data. For the data to travel from parent component to child, read requisite is used. The data does not return to the parent component from the child. This is known as unilateral data binding.

React.js consists of different components, and the logic of these components is created in JavaScript. This makes the process of transmitting information through a program simple.

JSX: Components of React.js are made in JSX format. It is designed to extend the syntax of JavaScript. JSX is called a dualistic process of JavaScript and XML. It is easy, so making components is not hard.

There are four methods in React.js. These methods have a lifespan, and they work at a certain stage in the program. The four methods are:

  • componentDidMount
  • componentDidUpdate
  • componentWillUnmount
  • shouldComponentUpdate

Skills that a React.js Developer has

There are some skills that every React.js developer must have, and those are:

  • With the knowledge of only React, a developer cannot make a website. He needs to learn many other languages like HTML and CSS. These are the two main languages that a React.js developer must know. This is the fundamental skill that a developer must-have. An excellent React.js developer knows HTML tags and can also create new ones. The developer must also have the skills to build and work with CSS. Understanding flexbox is also very important for developing the UI of any website.
  • The interaction of the developer is direct with the syntax extension. JSX is also a feature of React, which is similar to HTML. The difference between JSX and HTML is minimal, and any first-time user might not even notice it. If a developer works with HTML and CSS, then he can also work on JSX efficiently.
  • ES6 working skills are:

    1. Variables help in storing data in memory locations and also help in accessing them when needed. There are many types of variables used by a programming language for storing data like string etc.
    2. Arrays and objects are also used very often. Arrays are used to put the data in a defined order. All information is stored that is represented on an object called state.
    3. There are many methods available in JavaScript that a skilled developer must know how to use. To maximize performance, developers often work with maps, filters, and reduce.

  • A developer might need to store his projects on different platforms like Github, Gitlab, and Bitbucket. For this, a developer must know:

    1.  Branching and merging methods
    2.  Elaboration merger problems
    3.  And must have the ability to see changes through functions of pressing, fixing, adding, and pulling.

  • The knowledge of the npm register is also essential. Developers use npm to share software. Npm does not have any charges and can be used by anyone.

These are the skills that a developer must know to develop websites. If your candidate knows all these languages and technical stuff, then you can trust him with your website, although there are some more things that you must consider, and we will discuss them later.

Guide to Hire React.js Developer

There are a lot of things that you must keep in mind before you hire a React.js developer. It would be best if you considered the portfolio of a developer at the beginning. Learn more about the projects on which the candidate has worked. Your candidate’s project tells you all about his skill, and while keeping these in mind, you can shortlist the candidates.

The next thing to look for in your candidates is their experience. The more experienced developer, the better it will be. Going for an experienced developer is better than rookies because an experienced developer has worked on all kinds of projects and understands your needs quickly. Also, an experienced developer will take less time to develop your website. You must look for developers with at least two years of experience.

While having a conversation with your potential employee, you must ask him if he knows about the latest market trends. Customers are always attracted to the latest trends. So it is important to follow the latest trends. A new customer might not know about the quality of your product, but a nice and attractive website can pull your client’s attention. You must make sure that your potential employee knows the latest React features and updates, new designs, and new methods.

During the interview, you must ask the developer about various technical tasks. This is to check the developer’s knowledge and whether they understand the topic being discussed. The developer must have a complete understanding of JavaScript, HTML, JSX, CSS, ES6, Redux, Git, and node+npm. While taking an interview paying attention to the developer’s way of talking is also important. Communication is also important for developers as they work with other people, and it depends on their communication skills how well they explain things.

You must contact the candidate’s previous clients. You can ask for the mail or contact number of the previous employer. With this, you can learn everything about the developer like skills and how their website is working. You must contact at least two past employers because you can negatively respond from one employer because of poor communication.

The rates of a developer must not steer your choice. If a developer is ready to work at a low price, it is not confirmed if the developer will give you the website you are looking for. It would help if you chose your developer based on portfolio, professional experience, and communication skills. Money is an important factor. So choose carefully before you pick your developer.

Some famous domestic and Reactjs development companies are:

  • WillowTree: This company has been working successfully in this field since 2008. The company started with three employees, but now it has 500+ employees and hundreds of successful projects.
  • SRTV: They have been in this field since 2004. Their company motto is the perfect collaboration of code and design. This motto has served the company very well. This company develops mobile and web applications and also offers a solution to business problems.
  • Perpetual: They made it to the list of best react developers in 2020. Their clients are multinational companies and startups from various fields.


Now you have all the information you need before you look for a developer to build your website. Follow these tips to get the best developer for your site. If your website is good-looking and the ease of navigation is also good, then the customer response will also be good. React.js is a powerful language, and it can work wonders if used correctly. Finding an advanced developer can be very difficult, but you need the best to make your website. Now use all this information and get the best React.js developer that you can get within your budget.

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